Letter(s) from Daria Pustovalova to Khalid (USA)

Letter 1

Greetings, my dear Khalid! I am very happy to receive your letter! For me your reciprocity to me much means! I am glad, that you too want to meet me! I am sure, that this meeting is necessary for us! We can learn better each other! We can understand, we approach each other whether or not! For me it is important to be near to the person that it is better to understand it. We can write each other one million letters! But we cannot understand each other well while we shall not meet. I think, that the meeting is a transition to a new level in attitudes! I want to do this step forward! You will do to me a step on a meeting? I think of you and our meeting much. I understand, that we not so long ago are familiar! But it seems to me, that I know you many years! It is very unusual to me! But it is very pleasant! I would like, that our meeting was as soon as possible! I think, that we can lead very good time together! It will help to develop our attitudes. I could take holiday from my work and arrive to you! I learned in a travel company about the visa and all necessary documents. For me there will be no problems with an input in your country. I shall be glad to arrive to you! But there is some question about which we did not speak with you. It is very inconvenient for me to speak about it. But our future depends on it. My travel to you will be costs the big money for me. It about 1059 euros! I do not know as far as this money big for you. I receive the small salary. For me to pay for my travel, it is necessary to work half-year. Thus I should not eat and pay for an apartment. I cannot pay for my travel to you! I very much want to meet you! You can help me? Our future depends on it! Probably we shall create family in the future! But for this purpose all over again it is necessary to learn well each other! What do you think of it? You can send me of money for my travel to you? I was possible to do it through system of remittances Western Union. learned about it. It is reliable and simple. My data will be necessary for you. A name: Dariya. Surname: Pustovalova. The country: Russia. Republic: Chuvashia. City: Novocheboksarsk. Street: Sverdlova. The house: 23, apartment: 5. Number of the passport: 8547041258. Your full data will be necessary for reception of your translation for me. These are those data which you will fill in Western Union! I can arrive to you in 1,5 weeks after I pay for my travel. So all depends on you! Write to me soon! I with impatience shall wait for your answer! I hope, that all will be good! I very much want to meet you! Gentle kisses, only for you, my dear Khalid!