Scam letter(s) from Natalia Zykova to Christiaan (South Africa)


Greetings. I am very pleased, so soon receive the letter from you. I am much similar to your structure, but I should
Like to receive photos from you. I am much similar to this you I understand my not so good English language. I want to
You speak, that I taught at school, but subsequently university. I have growing 172 centimeters and weight 51 kg, I have formation of the doctor, I the physiologist. I work in a kindergarten and the review for behaviour a
Children. My name is Elena. I am 30 years old and I live in Russia. City of Moscow I want to
You speak that I much similarly to children. I never married, and I have no any children. I had experience
Contact about itself in Russia the person, but them was not, are adjusted (are adapted) seriously, and we happen with
Part, and they much frequently drink alcohol and in good delivery, but this loves me not much. I think that you
Has no any such habit. I want to not speak that me any smoking and not liquors of a stub. But sometimes I like to absorb
The good company is not a lot of grapevine though it may be very rare. I want to speak that I wit well to play a piano,
I have finished school of music in which I have learned(found out) 6 years. I want to speak, that I live with mine ma.
I have the grandmother, grandparent regrettably died, 2 years back. I want, that you spoke, which I love
Various music, but basically classical. I want to have serious attitudes(relations) with you to find with you
His(its) love also creates successful family. I shall like, if you it will want in the same way. I want to speak
That I write you from the computer company and sometimes from my good woman of an attribute (signature). About me regrettably is not present
The computer and the phone of a house. I think, what it will not be a problem for us? I want to study about you more,
About your family. I think, that you are capable me soon to answer, will be
1) Yours a full NAME?
2) Your full the SURNAME?
3) Your full and exact home address of residing?
4) Your home telephone number?
5) Yours of the countries where you live?
6) Your city where you live?
Letter 2

Hi!!! How are you? My name is Elena. I am 30 years old. I live in Russia, city Moscow. I am cheerful woman, and like to do many things as sport, camping, go to the cinema, theatre etc. In a word I like to do all what like all people. I work in marketing structure on sale of cosmetics. My dream this travel abroad. I know the english language well enough.. I began to study english language approximately one year ago. I wish tell to you history which have pushed me write to you. 8 months ago I have got acquainted with the man from other country by name Patrick. During this time we had good relations. We have understood that our relations become serious and we have decided to meet in his country. I wrote the application for reception the visa. I waited reception of the visa approximately half of year. All time I kept in touch with Patrick through the internet and often called to each other. I and Patrick waited reception of the visa to our meeting.
I have received the invitation from the ambassador for reception of the visa. My director has given me long-term holiday from work and I have gone to Moscow to receive the visa. I informed good news to Patrick, but he has answered, that does not want our meeting. He played with me. He has informed that has the wife with two children and at all has no plans to meet me. I was not ready to such turn of events. I could not think what even after 8 months of acquaintance he can so unscrupulously act with me. Now I am in Moscow trip to Moscow and reception of visa. I do not want that all was gone for nothing and will be glad if my visa will be useful to our meeting. I could arrive already through 4-5 days, but a problem in that that now I have no man which would like my arrival. Probable it will silly sound but if you will be interested in a meeting with the good woman I shall like to meet you sometime soon! As Patrick was dishonest with me I have decided to find the man which is interested to meet the woman from Russia. I do not know your ideas about my letter, but it would be fine if we could meet and have some weeks or months together. On my trip I want to receive rest from my work and a life in Russia. Also the basic purpose for the future it is search good men for serious attitudes which go to a marriage. I have no children, but I want to have children in the future. I am the mature woman and ready to creation of family with good man. I do not know what you really search in the future but if we could meet I shall be happy to discuss with you more about our meeting. What are you going to do this time? It would be fine if we could meet, do friendship or more than simply friendship. I shall be happy if you also have a free time and we could meet soon. I do not know your interests, but anyhow write to me back and I shall tell to you more about myself. Write to me all that you want. Maybe we have similar plans and it will be interesting to us together. You can write all that you want. Ask any questions which interest you.
Write to me back and I shall tell more about myself and send more my photos. Please, write to me back on my regular e-mail:
Have a good day, Elena
Letter 3

Good afternoon my prince Chris !!!!!!
I only have come from the airport and to book a ticket up to
On Wednesday this weeks
Prince mine I shall call to you today from the airport
But the question now is
When I today have come in the Moscow embassy and to give your coordinates, to be exact your address and to tell, that I to fly to you and that you to meet me in airport
Now remember closely(attentively)
1) To you should call from the Moscow embassy and make sure, that you the real person
2) With you will talk and carry out(and spend) the psychological test
That they you will check on the computer what you the person
I should go today again in embassy and receive from embassy the answer
And now the most important!!!!!!!!! To me to tell in embassy that I should have cash at a rate of 1300 dollars
I now shall explain all to you, under the Russian law of persons which drive off in other country or city which to be outside the Russian Federation Should to have 1300 dollars
If at passage of the Moscow customs house I will not have 1300 dollars me simply will not pass(miss) on landing(planting)
Such at us in Russia the law
It is very a shame to me to ask you money, but will come
As I already to spend the money for the visa on the ticket and on the passport for travel abroad
I at all did not know such Russian law
And now I ask you
You are ready to send me money??????
I wait for your answer
Yours Princess Elena
Letter 4

The angel Chris as I to write mine to you, that I shall call to you from the airport and you am fast to hear my voice
I today to go since the morning to embassy
And to me to tell, that you the good person and that to me allow to fly to you
To you from embassy will not call, as in embassy know the information on you and on that than you are engaged
Now one more question
As you know, that money you should me send today as at me tomorrow a start to you
You already know as you may send money
Through western the union for my name and a surname
Send to me a code of 10 figures
My Moscow address!!!
Street: Pushkin 20
Apartment: _ 15
I today shall look forward to hearing from you to lines
And if that is possible remittance send today as I already tomorrow take off to you
Your princess Elena
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