Romance scam letter(s) from Marina Kazlouskaya to Reggie (USA)
Letter 1

Thanks for the message. If to tell the truth - I am very glad. I am glad, that each time when I receive the letter from you, I learn about you more and you like me more. I like your ideas about the future, about family. It is pleasant to me, that you want to be lucky enough from family. I Too want to have happy family. And I think, that the main thing is not money, and the person, with which you beside.. I want to be lucky enough that near to me I shall have the person who will want to care of me, to love me, TO UNDERSTAND me. I THINK is a HAPPINESS FOR EACH PERSON. I had friends to men. But these men do not appreciate love and family. For them on the first place other favorite. But I know, that I want to have in a life, that to me brings happiness. Now to me of 25 years. On July, 7 my Birthday. And I already want to create family. I want to have in 2,5 years the child.
Please, tell to me. If you had the wife Russian and you in it were disappointed, why you want to have again the wife Russian? Really in your city you have no beautiful, kind and good girls? You can set this question and me. I shall answer. Russian men are not able to love how me to like. And in Europe men know it.
When I had a rest in Europe, I saw, how along the sea the man and the woman walked. They had for 65-70 years. They kept for hands. Sent each other a kiss. And then I have thought, that I want, when to me 50 years to have the same happiness. At us in the country of it is not present. I think, you understand me. I was many times disappointed in men. And I think, that the God should present me the big happiness. And it is not important, how many years to the man. Òâîé the son very beautiful boy. I spoke you in the last message, that I very much love children. And I always understood men who have children without mum. But I think, if at us with you all will develop - your son becomes for me and my child whom I shall love.
you write to me what kitchen you love. If it is interesting to you - I like to eat well and well I prepare. If we shall have chance - I shall prepare for you for a dish from our kitchen. I love a fish, sea products. (very much I love salad from an octopus and an avocado) Favourite color - white, blue, black.
Music I love different. It depends on my mood.
I very much love animals. When I lived with my parents I had a cat and a dog. But now I live one and I do not want to have animals because I think, that him one will be lonely. Because I spend a lot of time on work.
Fashions I love stylish, sexual which draws attention. I have long legs therefore I love short skirts and long boots. But I want to tell, that I want to look beautifully and sexually only for the 1 lovely person.
I hope today you has learned even more about me.
Unfortunately I can send you the message only to Monday because on Saturday and Sunday I have the day off.
I shall give you number of my mobile phone.
+375 296025 815
If you will miss, I shall be glad to hear you.
With hope.
Your Marina
Letter 2

I have very much become bored. Now I have some free minutes and I can drop a line. I hope you it is glad.
I am glad, that at you all has turned out how you wanted it. In fact I spoke you, that the God helps correct and good people. At me as always it is a lot of work, and as I have holiday, much all needs to have time to be made. Now I am engaged also in official registration of papers for departure. On it too it is necessary to give many forces. Sometimes it seems to me that I am very tired also anything any more I do not want to do. But at this time I recollect about you and that soon I will have an opportunity to see you, I want, that at me all has turned out.
I would like, that have told to me the hotel not so expensive. We at once can meet together in any place, and then we shall look, as it will consider me. How you think?
This information is necessary for me urgently because I want to submit documents on the visa in a week. Today I think, that I can arrive on May, 28 both depart back and depart on June, 4 or 8. These terms normally for you? For a week I think I shall not have time to make so that you are tired from me. (I smile) dear, try to learn it more likely, official registration of papers will give me joyful mood. Well?
I miss and I tender kiss you.
Your expensive girl Marina.
Dear, forgive, but I cannot write very long. Tomorrow I shall try to answer your questions.
Letter 3

Hello my loved and gentle. Here and I. And as always it is happy, because always in ideas I with you. I live ideas that I meet you shortly. I am happy that I can nestle on you and embrace you. That I can long and tenderly kiss you. It has quite impressed me. Now I even do not have time even to descend in the mobile center and remake a card of phone, again to hear your sexual voice.
I hope, that you do not take offence at me because I do not write frequently. In fact you should understand me. I try to make all to speed up our meeting with you. I am very glad, that have met you and already have almost grown fond of you and your son. I spoke you that you for me as family from which I have left for a while.
In embassy I have already attributed documents with inquiry, I shall take away on Tuesday. Also I shall be very happy that less days remains up to a meeting with you, loved. I hope for our meeting and I want to speak you many-many about myself and to tell, instead of on the Internet. To sit with you and to look at stars, after employment of love. I dream of it. Now at us warmly also I send to you a photo, where I at parents near a house. Yes, has absolutely forgotten, if I shall live in hotel RED ROOF INN
it it will be convenient for us?
I tender kiss you.
Letter 4

Hi, my loved and road.
How you live with the son? I hope at you all well. At me too while all is normal. Now only also I think that I shall soon meet you. You know, I cannot believe the happiness, that I at last have met the dream - you. I long waited for the happiness and here at last the God has presented me you. I hope, that at us with you all will be good.Also there can be we become happy family, I very much would want it. Such at me was not earlier. It seems to me, that I feel you on distance. And my love every day increases more and more, in hope that I shall soon meet you. I want to be happy with you and I want, that you were lucky enough with me. In fact you too deserve happiness. I know it. For the first time to you has not carried with the wife, but I want, that all has changed. And we shall find ñ÷àñëèâóþ family.Tomorrow I should take away the visa. You know, there are many nuances on my arrival. The matter is that I have reserved tickets on airline Luftgansa from Moscow because from Moscow the variant of the ticket is cheaper. From Minsk is more dear. It delivers to me the big inconveniences, but anything, all this for us with you. I should pay for hotel and tickets in a travel company in Minsk which organizes to me trip. But there is one more problem to fly from Moscow, tourists should have with themselves 1500 or 1000 US dollars, it that there were no questions, that they can think, if I do not have money and I go to Atlanta, I can remain to work. They do by it safety for themselves and for me.
Now a question with hotel. I choose the cheapest variant because I should and so to spend many money. You should understand me. If you could help me in part with an accommodation fee, I think, that I could choose the best variant and live there where it is more convenient for you. Because I should pay 878 dollars for the air ticket, 90 dollars for road to Moscow by train, for the visa of 80 dollars, hotel - 200-300 dollars and self it is necessary to have 1000 dollars. For me it is very expensive. Understand itself, not everyone the man could make such step, as I. But I do it, because I am sure, that you my destiny. Therefore you think, whether you could send me of money for hotel. I would be grateful to you. Because payment for hotel in Minsk gives me calmness and at passage of customs house. When at you all is is 100 there are no problems.
Yes, from Moscow on May, 28 at 7.00 an arrival the plane takes off for Atlanta - 14.00 Flight through Frankfurt. From Atlanta the plane takes off on June, 4 at 16.00 Dear, write to me please. I know, that the best gift for you is I (I smile) But I that something remained for memory would like. Well?
Letter 5

Till Friday I still have time to approach with documents repeatedly in embassy. Also believe me as other girls I do not act. 200 dollars and 1000 which I spend it the big difference.
My nameplate data
You can send money on WesternUnion it fast a way because time at me is not present. I to you want to tell, that it depends on your desire. If you love me and want to see and everything, that you spoke it the truth. What is the feelings sincere to me and you want to help me - then ïîìîãè and send me of money. If everything, that you wrote to me earlier not the truth - do not help me. I very much to a regret, that last days when I want to arrive to you at us have developed not so good conversation.
But I all the same love you and very much I want to see.
If you will send money, you should inform me a code and the surname as she is written.
I tender kiss and want.
Letter 6

Hi loved
I am very much afflicted. At me a problem with opening the visa. I do not know, that to me to do further. Now you probably have thought of me poorly. It is not necessary so. At me fair and sincere feelings.
That you did not think, that I as I shall send all to you of money. I know, that they are now very necessary for you. And I shall do it that you did not think bad ideas about me. Well? I shall try other opportunity. And all the same I shall come and I shall be with you.
I love you also whole.
And you still want to see me?
Letter 7

Hello my dear Well, here and I, my dear and loved. Still I work. I am glad, that you me have not forgotten me. And now I can write to you. I you strong and many times send a kiss kiss a kiss :0))))
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