Scam letter(s) from Kristina Gataullina to Dameon (USA)

Letter 1

My Franco!!!
Oh, I am very glad to hear it. I am glad that you have not pushed away me in this situation.
I need only 440 $. If you will help us for a meeting today that I shall arrive to you tomorrow.
I wait your answer.
With love,
Yours Kristina
Letter 2

My Lovely Franco!!!
I am filled with emotions now. I am very glad. We shall have a meeting.
We the happy family together will have. Thanks, LOVELY.
I'm happiest woman in the world. I am glad that the god has given me you.
Franco, to me have told that the best way for transfer of money it Western Union.
You heard about it?
To transfer money you should know: - My full name: Kristina Gataullina
- My adders: Russia, Elabuga That I could receive your money I should know: - Yours full name
- Yours full address
- MTCN - it's confirmation code Franco, if you will make transfer today in the morning, that I shall receive money today, I think.
Now in Russia 15.00. It is 7.00 in USA, I think. I can receive money today till 19.00 my time.
We have 4 hours. You can do it so quickly?
If yes, I shall buy the ticket today and tomorrow we shall be together.
Franco, thanks. You have made our happiness real.
I love you.
Yours Kristina
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