Scam letter(s) from Oksana Zhukova to Charles (UK)

Letter 1

Hello, Charles! I`m already getting ready for the wedding !!!!!!!! It`d be great to be your witness!!!:)))
Letter 2

Hello, dear,
How beautiful are the flowers you`ve sent me...
I`d like to wash the garden and flowers every day if I lived in a house near which there are a lot of them...:))) And I also like room lowers too. What is your favorite flower?
Dear, thanks also for the money. I guess, I have spent some more on correspondence with you, but you mean more then the money, of course! I have never asked to pay, but you have covered a part, thank you. I`m sending you some old pics: with step brother, with mom, me at school and the last one was again made by my girlfriend for you... I do not want to make ***** pic in photo saloon as it can be used by photographer for sth. I don`t want it.
Ok, I guess, I need to tell a lot in this letter. Ok, it`s important for our future- you and me... Family is a serious thing. I`m not small not to understand it.
One is lonely without a couple, two is great, a family is true happiness. Of course it takes work.
please, in next your letter, answer the same questions, ok? I`m very very curious!!!!:))))
About my family you know already- it consists of my mother and granny. I was born in Dresden, but after fathers death we returned to Ukraine. My mother is a great woman- she supports me a lot and help me in all the life situations. As well I do. I like different kinds of music, but of good quality. Sometimes pop, sometimes a little soul.. sometimes classical. Rock... no, I don`t like Rock. Do you?
Movies... of good quality again. Have you seen "Life is beautiful" or "Life is a wonderful thing" (sth like that)??? It won Oscar some years ago. This movie has a deep sense. I also like comedies (depending on my mood). But not very much ****** thrillers which are made for money only...
I like different kind of food: starting from salads and soups (which i like to do myself), I prefer valuable healthy food first of all, but like tasty things very much. Fruits and vegetables is ok. I don`t smoke!!!!!!!!! What I drink ... juice and milk!!! Sometimes I like to have some wine. (we`ll have with you) I DO plan to learn English.
How I imagine life in the West will be for me... I`ll find a job, will spend a lot of time learning English.
How do you imagine life with me will be? With you I`ll be very happy!!!!!!!!
I ususally sleep in nightdress, but with you I`ll not have time to put it on:)) The left or the right side of the bed???? You are crazy, dear:))) I like your questions, but there are so much of them!!!:))))) O`KEY. Side doesn`t matter for me a lot- that`s why you`ll choose. What side do you prefer?
For breakfast - better tea (green or black with a lemon). When you get to Lugansk, you can stay in a hotel which I mentioned already.
Do you remember? I`d like to be with you there. I need you... As for career- for the first time it`ll be difficult to do what I WANT. Maybe for the first time- some hard work, then everything depends on me. If I`ll work good, maybe I`ll find more interesting job... Let`s talk about it when you come, ok? It seems I have answered your questions. They were very interesting, by the way! Really! It was sth, what I haven`t expected to hear form you. But these trifles are very important. Any way if we are going to understand each other- we`ll get used to each other soon, Love and soft kisses to you too,
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