Letter(s) from Neonila Menzelintseva to Larry (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my dear Larry!!! I live in the fog now. I love you most of all in this world and I am very happy that I can love again. I am crazy about you and I know that you are too. I miss you and it is very difficult for me to be apart from you. The idea that you are there and I am here makes me feel pain. You are my life now and you know it. I want to look into your deep eyes full of emotions, to touch you, to kiss you. I know that everything will work for us and we will be happy together. I often imagine our wonderful life together. I can feel you even on such big distance we have between each other. But I want to delete this distance. I want to be with you so much and I thought about the ways for us to be together. I wanted to do something for us and our happiness and I went to the Consulate as I wrote to check what I need to come to you. I had talk with the people there and I have known that I need to do some paperwork and get visa to come to you. The visa I can get in easiest way is a tourist visa. It will be ready in about 2 weeks since I will pay it. And I'll be able to visit you as a tourist only at first. I was told that I will be able to get it without any problems. It will take some time and I need to pick up many documents from my side. But I will do everything what depends on me. But I have one problem which upsets me very much. It is not convenient for me to ask you for help but I will not be able to do it without your help. You know, I need to pay for getting visa and doing all paperwork I need to come to you. And you know that my salary is too small for it. I have the great desire to come to you, to see you at last, but I will not be able to do it without your help. I do not want to complain but I do not want to lose you. I love you very much and I will not be able to go through it if I lose you. I do not know whom I can ask for help except you. You know that I am always honest and sincere with you. I hope that you will understand me and will help me to do this step. When I was in the Consulate I gave them some documents and they made a file for me. Now I need to pay them and they will begin my visa process. They gave me quotations for paperwork I need to do. So it will be 100$US for the visa and 30$ for registration. I also need to pay 80$ for foreign passport, 45$ for medical exam and 40 for interview and for some other expenses I can have. In general I will need about 300$US to cover all expenses. You know that I do not have such money and I can hope only on your help. Also I have known that there is Western Union office in our city and you can send the money using this bank system. I was told that it is the quickest and safest way of sending money. But I have a problem. You know, I can not receive you money because I can't have free time when the banks work besides I still havent my russian passport. It make me really sad. I understand that it is an idiotic situation, besides Marina has left for holiday, and Natalia works at the same time as banks work. Therefore she cannot help me too. I do not know what to do. I need to pay my papers as soon as possible. Therefore I asked my former schoolmate to help me, certainly, if you do not object to send the money to her name. That would be really great help for us in this hard situation. And here is her information: name is SVETLANA PODMARYOVA, zip code 170000, Russian Federation, Tver, Serova street, 3, apt 6. She is a good girl, and I can trust her. She would receive the money during a lunch break, and then I would take it in the evening after work. That will be really the most convenient way now. I hope on your understanding. After you send the money you will need to send me your full name, exact home address, amount of money and Money Transfer Control Number(MTCN). I was told about it in the bank. Svetlana will not be able to get the money without it. Honey, I will need to pay them during 10 days, so, please, try to send it as soon as possible. I really hope that you will understand my situation. I want to see you very much but I will not be able to do it without your help just because I don't have such money. I will understand if you do not want to help me but it will make me feel terrible pain that I will not be able to be with you. Sorry, dear, if it upsets you. I just think that we need to trust each other, to be honest and to share everything. I hope you are agree with me. I imagine that we can meet soon and I have tears of happiness on my eyes. I do not want that there were problems which can prevent us. But I can hope only on your help, dear. It will be the happiest moment of my life when I meet you, hold you. I love you so much. You are the best what I have in my life. I want to be with you more than anything. I miss you, dear and wait for your reply with big impatience. Your Neonila.