Scam letter(s) from Neonila Menzelintseva to Jeremy (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my love Jeremy!!! Your words calm me every time I read your letters. I am sure that soon we will be together. I see that you want it very much and do everything for it. I am also do everything I can to meet you as soon as possible. But I have some bad news. You know that I have made an application for visa. People in the Consulate want to know when I will pay the money for the paperwork. They said that they would not wait for a long time. They asked me to hurry up. They can block my application and I will not be able to get the visa. So dear try to send the money as quick as possible and let me know, ok. I will ask them to wait for a couple of weeks but I do not know if they will do it. I love you and you feel it as I feel your love and care. I'll try to keep good mood. When we meet nothing can prevent us to feel happy. I want to dream about you and about our meeting until we will meet. These dreams really help me to live now. But when we meet it will be the best day of my life and I know that your life too. I love you so much. I want to say this all the time. Soon we will be together. I am very happy about it. I am really ready to go to you and share my life with you. I want to be your second half. Do you mind? I know you do not mind. You know that I miss you very much. You know that I am always with you. Now we are a single whole. I really need to read your letters. While I can not meet you it is the reason which makes me feel crazy. I do not write a lot because I do not have time. I need to go now. I think about you all the time. I know that you think about me too. I love you. I need you. Your little Russian girl Neonila.
Letter 2

My beloved Jeremy!!! I have very good news for you! I love you so much!!! I went to the Consulate and my visa is done today. I am so happy! At last I will be able to come to you and to hug you. There were no problems there. They asked me some questions and I told them that I am going to meet the man I love most of all in the world. But I do not have visa in my hands yet, because they must see my ticket to you first, only then I can pick up my visa in my hands and my ticket and fly to you!!! So everything I need now is to buy ticket for my trip to you. I need to ask you to help me with it. I will have to go to Moscow because the most comfortable for me international airport in Moscow. May be I will need to stay in Moscow for some time. They promised me to book not very expensive ticket. They will be waiting for me for several days and I need to go to Moscow as soon as possible to pay for them and then I will be able to come to you. So, dear, hope you understand my situation now and you will do your best to make our dream come true. By the way I want to say you one thing. I do not have my passport in my hands yet because I gave it to the Consulate as you know. So I will not be able to get the money on my name but I have found one way in this situation. You will be able to send the money to Svetlana Podmareva name as earlier and we with her will be able to get the money. We will need control number to get the money. You know about it. I will get them and then I will buy ticket and will pick my things and will be ready to leave for you. I will need for about $900 US for all expenses. I hope for your understanding. Imagine only several days separate us from hugging each other. I want to hug you, to kiss you and to feel you by my side so much. I love you so much. You are my joy and my happiness. I will find the way to write you from Moscow and to let you know that everything is fine. Everything would be so easy after I buy the tickets. Nothing will prevent us from being together. So, please, try to send the money within some days and let me know about it, Ok. My sunshine, I know that you understand me and you love me. Tell me that you love me and that everything will be alright. I am waiting impatiently for your reply. I love you very much, darling! Your Neonila.
Letter 3

Hello my dear Jeremy!
Hello my dear Jeremy!!! I am so happy to hear from you. Oh, I am so excited now dear. I do not have words to describe what I feel inside. Really soon we will be together. It is the greatest happiness for me. I have waited for it for all my love. Soon I will be with the man whom I love more than anything. We are the happiest people on the planet. Do you think so? I have ordered the ticket to Waterloo. I have ordered the ticket on the earliest flight. The earliest flight with free places on the board will be on the 10th of July. I will arrive in Waterloo at 20:23. The flight is NW 2931 of Northwest Airlines company. I even can not believe that soon we will be together dear. I am so happy about it. I will let you go for now. I do not have much time to write you a lot now. I must run for work but I will write you later, ok. I love you dear and count the days till our meeting. I will wait for your letters. Forever your Neonila.
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