Letter(s) from Neonila Menzelintseva to Nelson (USA)

Letter 1

Nelson, I miss you every second of my life. I am so sad when I can not talk to you, read your wonderful words. I love you and I want to say this to you until the end of times. I live like in a fog now you know. All my thoughts only about you and about our meeting. I know that soon we will be together. Excuse me that I could not write you earlier. I have caught a cold and should receive necessary treatment as soon as possible because they have very serious conditions for us about illness, because of we working with children. I wrote really not much recently and it's very unpleasant for me. But now I feel better and I hope that nothing will prevent me to write much more often now. I hope that you do not angry with me for my silence. You know they have found the best airflight to Baltimore Washington Intl. for the beginning of July. And that is for 873$ for the ticket. But you know, they have told me, that I should be insured for the period of flight. Not my luggage but myself. And they have told that it will cost about 3,000 Russian roubles that is about 106 $. It is because of danger of terrorism in the world. So finally I'll need $979 for all my expenses. You can send it by the same way to Svetlana. If you have forgotten her information, here it is: SVETLANA PODMARYOVA, zip code 170000, Russian Federation, Tver, Serova street, 3, apt 6. You know, my visa will be good for 6 months, but I'll not be able to stay there longer than 6 weeks because of my work. I can take my vacation almost at any time, but I do not want to spend any time not for to be with you, therefore I will take my vacation as soon as there will be only about 4 days before my airflight. You know, my girlfriends are very happy about me you know. They see that I am in love. I am as little girl who falls in love for the first time. It is such wonderful feeling to love. You know this too. I always imagine our life together. We will be very happy. When we meet we will never leave each other. I will cook for you and will bring breakfast to the bed. Or you will do it for me. We will do everything we like together. We will walk, talk, make love, do different interesting things and just be silent. Only one thing will have matter that we will be together and every moment will be like forever for us. Alright I stop here. It is better to do everything I said. Soon we will be able to feel all these. I have to go. You must know that I love you and will love you always. I feel every your thought. Your love is the best for me in this life. I will miss you. I will write you soon. I know that you miss me too. Your loving little girl Neonila.