Romance scam letter(s) from Nadezhda to Dave (USA)
Letter 1

Hello again my dear friend Dave! As you know my name is Nadezhda.
I live in Russia in the city of Astrahan'. This city is situated in the South of Russia on the Volga river. I think you have heard about it. It is the biggest river in Europe. I want to sorry at first if anything wrong. I use internet to meet somebody special for the first time and I do not know how it is going. I am not good in it. I hope we will be able to know each other and there will not barriers between us. What do you think? As for me I want to find the man who will be the reliable support for me, who will make me feel happy every second of my life. Who will love me, will care about me and perceive me such as I am. I think you want to know about me. I am sending you the photo with this letter. So you can see I look like. My height is 168 cm or 5'6''. My weight is 54 kg and I do not know how much it is in your system. As you know I am 28 years old but I will be 29 on the 13th of February. It is not long to wait. I want to sorry for my mistakes in writing in English. My native language is Russian, you know. I study English in the school and university. Then I study it myself. I can not estimate my skills myself. So sorry again for the mistakes. I think you want to know about my family. I am the only child in the family. My father died when I was 5 years. I even do not remember a lot about him. But my mother told me that he was a good man. My mother brought me up alone. I want to thank her for this. She did everything for me and I had everything I wanted. She is very strong woman and she is an ideal for me. As for me I am single and never married. I do not have children but I love them very much. I want to create the most wonderful family with loving husband and happy children in the future. So I am looking for the person who will be a reliable husband, friend, lover for me, who loves children. I have a lot of interests and it is very hard to tell about all of them in the one letter. But I will try. I like reading very much. I like to read deferent books from classical to modern literature. From Russian classic I have read Tolstoy, Karamzin, Lermontov and other writers. I also like poetry. I like Pushkin. He is the greatest poet of Russian poetry. Maybe you have heard about him. I want to write you one poem of this poet in English translation. It is about love. I hope you will like it.
"I loved you, and that love, to die refusing,
May still - who knows! - be smouldering in my breast
Pray be not pained - believe me, of my choosing
I'd never have you troubled or distressed.
I loved you mutely, hopelessly and truly,
With shy yet fervent tenderness aglow;
Mine was a jealous passion and unruly...
May God grant that another'll love you so!"
But sometimes I do not have enough time to read. I also like music and like dancing. . I like different kinds of music from modern dance music to slow classical. It is depends on my mood. When I am sad I like to listen to slow musical compositions. And when I have good mood I like cheerful music. I also like light rock such as Nickelback. I like nature very much. You know we have beautiful nature here. I like to go camping with my friends when I have free time for it. I like to watch nature. I like to walk in the forest or along the river. I also like sports. I like to be active in the life and try to keep good shape. I try to go to the sport hall as often as I can. I do aerobics and gym. I like playing games such as basketball and volleyball. Maybe it seems strange but I also like football, I mean soccer. I know that there is American football popular in your country but I have never seen this game, but I think I will like it. I like to meet my friends but I do not have a lot of them. I am sure that any person can have only few friends which will help him in different situations. I have such friend. It is my girlfriend. We know each other for a long time and she always helps me in hard times and I do everything I can when she needs my help. I try to meet my friends as often as I can when I have free time. We like to gather together and have fun. We like to go to the theatre and cinema and as I wrote we like to go on the nature for picnics or camping. I like romantic evenings with the candles, night walks under the stars and moon. Sometimes I just like to listen to silence. Maybe it is not unusual, but it is me, such as I am. I hope that one day I will share all I have with my beloved person. It is dream now, but I am sure that it will happen. I think you have understood that I am sincere and romantic person. I hope you will like it. I like honesty in relationships. I do not like to play with the feelings of other people and do not like when somebody plays with my feelings. Well I do not want to bore you with the talks about me. I will close here for today. I will wait for your reply with big impatience. I will not ask you any questions, because I do not want to be hard for you with it. I think you tell me everything you want about yourself. I also understand that I answered not all the questions you may have to me but I think you will be able to know more about me from my next letters. Am I right? I have very serious intentions about it. Take care and have a good day! Looking forward to hearing from you. Sincere your Nadezhda.
Letter 2

Hello dear Dave!!! I want to wish you Merry Christmas! It is the greatest holiday in you country. We do not celebrate it with big scope in Russia but I want to congratulate you with it. I do not have a lot of time to write you right now because internet cafe will be closed now. It will be closed tomorrow also. You see I do not have my own computer at home and I do not have phone. So I have to use internet cafe to write you. The situation with computerization is rather hard in Russia but I promise that there will not be barrier between us because of it. I understand that you have a lot of questions to me but I really do not have time to write you now. I will write you later more when internet cafe is open, ok. I wish you Merry Christmas again. Hope you will have good time. I have to go now but I will wait for your letters. Sincere your Nadezhda.
Letter 3

Hello my dear Dave!!! I am very happy to hear from you. I hoped that you will write me back and I am happy now that my hope became true. You know that it is not usual for me to meet in the internet, because I am new in it but I think that it is delightful. I understand that we must know each other much better with every letter. So I will go on to tell you about me. I was born in the Astrakhan' as you know. I finished school here and then graduated the Astrakhan' state university. As you know I have the diploma of the teacher. I am a teacher of elementary grades in the state secondary school. I like my job in spite of the fact that it is badly paid in our country, because I love children very much. You know that I was brought up only with mother. Now I want to give everything I have to the children, for their future. I want to find the man who will understand me in everything. We will share all happy and sad moments of the life. It is my dream now and I hope that it will come true one day. You maybe would like to know why I do not have boyfriend here. I had one boyfriend here a couple years ago. I failed in love with him but he left me. He made me cry and I was in depression for some time and I did not know what to do. But now I have forgotten about it and I do not what to remember that time. It was the hardest period of my life. I think you will understand why I do not want to find the man here. I think that all Russian men are rough and egoistic. Maybe it seems strange for you that I share this theme with you, but I want to be frank with you. I hope you will appreciate it. Alright enough about it. As you know we have not good times here in our country but we have got used already. It is much better to live in our country now then several years ago. We have president who worries about his citizens. You know that he has good relationships with your president too. I think it is very good for our countries. I have already written that my city Astrakhan' is on the Volga river not far from Caspian sea. It is 1300 km to the South from the capital of our country, Moscow. I have already written that the nature is very beautiful here and I like to watch the charm of it. We have different weather in different seasons of the year here. It is rather hot in summer but we have snow during the winter. I like both these seasons. I like to swim on the river on summer and like lay under the sun. And I like skating and snow skiing during the winter. I like my country in spite of all facts. But I do not have experience of traveling to compare. I have never been out of my country but I hope to see the other countries one day. Maybe it will seem strange for you but I thought about you. I meet the man for the first time in such way. I do not know exactly what make me write you. I think I had some feeling inside me which told me that you are very good man. I do not know what exactly you think about me, but you always can tell me about it. You can tell me also something interesting about you as I told you. Alright I think I should send the letter and go home. You know that I do not have my own computer and phone at home and I have to use the services of Internet cafe to write you and read your letters. The Internet cafe is rather far from my home but it is on my way from work. It takes some time to get to home from here, but I think the thoughts about you will help me pass away the time. Alright I will go. I will write you soon and I will wait for your letters with big impatience. Sincere your Nadezhda. P.s. I send you the photo where I am in full height. It was taken this summer.
Letter 4

Hello dear Dave!!! I am writing you in New Year Eve. Soon will be New Year holiday here. It is the greatest holiday in our country. I want to congratulate you with this holiday and wish all troubles and hardships go away from you in coming year. Hope the new year will be the happiest year of your life. I want it very much. I want to warn you that I will not be able to write you for several days because it will be holidays here and all services will not work in our country. So I hope on your understanding. Do not worry. I will write more as soon as I have opportunity for it, ok. But I will think about you these days. Now I need to go. The Internet cafe will be closed in a moment. I will wait for your letters. Yours Nadezhda.
Letter 5

Hello my dearest Dave!!! I really happy to read your words. I waited for this moment. I do not have anything special in my life. As any person I go to work at 8:00 and my work day finish at 17:00. I have lunch time at 12:00. The best part of my day now is when I can go to the internet cafe and read your words and write you. I really wait for these moments. I have told you about me a lot and I think you have known me much better. But I am sure that you want to know more about me as I want to know more about you. You know that I think that any person can have only few friends who will help in hard times. I have written about it. You also know that I have such friend. Her name is Mariya. We know each other for a long time already. I often visit her in her place and I like to spend free time with her. She has rather hard life. She grows without parents. They died in the accident when she was young. And the only relative who was able to look after her was her grandmother. Then we have met and my mom and me did everything to do her life better. But she has grown and I think that she has become very strong woman. I also have some friends from my work but we spend a lot of time together only during the work and do not see each other when we have free time. But sometimes we gather together and go to the theatre or cinema. I have already written about it. Also we like to go camping, but it happens not very often, because we all are busy on the work and do not have a lot of free time. I want to tell you more about my interests. I do not remember if I wrote that I like cooking. I like to cook something delicious and then invite my friends to taste. They like my cooking. I think that you would like my cooking too. I like traditional Russian food and my favorite dish is Shchi. It is traditional Russian soup. It is very delicious. You know I will not describe the recipe of it. Maybe I will be able to cook it for you one day and you will be able to taste it yourself. What else I can tell you about me. You have already understood that I very romantic person. I like romantic things. I like flowers. My favorite flowers are roses. My favorite color is white. I have already written that I have never been out of my country, but hope to travel over the world sometimes. I am very sociable person and I like to communicate with other people. I think that one of the best things in the life is communication with nice and interesting people. You know that I want to have my own family. I live with my mom now but I want to have close person who will understand me. I want to share all moments of the life with him. I want to have beloved man who will love me and will care about me. I dream about having a family and to have close friends, to gather together and to spend vacations, to have picnics, to go out together. It is dreams again. I hope that they will come true one day. Well, I need to close here. I need to go but I will think about you. I already think about you all the time. Take care. Yours Nadezhda.
P. s. I do not have opportunity to send you photo right now but I will send it later, ok.
Letter 6

Hello my sunshine Dave!!! I want to congratulate you with the birthday. I hope you had good day. I am really happy to read all of your words. It is the best part of my life when I can read your words and write some words to you. It is the date with you. I can not find the words to describe my feelings when I am internet cafe and when I read your letters. I begin to miss you when I can not write you. We are going to visit my grandparents tomorrow. You know I have grandmother and grandfather. They live in the country side. Their home is 3 hours by bus from my city. We often visit them, because they are rather old and they need our help. Moreover my grandmother has some problems with health and often ill. She loves me very much and I try to do everything I can for her. Today I cooked breakfast and thought about you. I would like you to be near me and try my breakfast. But dreams again. You know that I like cooking. I do not eat in different cafes a lot, because I like home food. After breakfast I had typical day. I went for work and was there until the evening. After work I went to the internet cafe and now I am here. You know that it is the best part of my day now. I do not have anything special in my life here, except you. I usually have a rest at home on the weekend. Sometimes I go to the nature with my friends. You know I like camping and fishing. Sometimes I go to my grandparents and help them. By the way yesterday I decided to tell my mom about you. I was a little bit afraid to do it. The reason is that she loves me very much and of course, like every mother she worries about me. But I am sure that with you I will feel safe and that I have nothing to be afraid of. I told this to my Mom and read some words from your letter. She told me that she trusts me. And if I am happy, she is happy too. She thinks that you are a good, reliable, honest, kind and caring person. And she wishes us only happiness and good luck. But of course, only the meeting will show us if we really were made for each other. I am sure already that you are my second half . We really have much in common and I admire and respect you. I think we should not afraid of anything. Time will show us everything we want to know I think. Am I right? I have the feelings that we will have a lot of wonderful moments. But enough about it. Sorry dear but I do not have opportunity to write you a lot. I can't write you long letters because the services of the internet-cafe are very expensive, but it does not have matter. Take care dear. You are always with me in my heart and my thoughts. Yours, Nadezhda.
P.s. I send you the photo with my girlfriend. It was taken on the 1st September here. The flowers were brought by children in my class.
Letter 7

Hello dear Dave!!! You know that I think about you a lot. Maybe you even can feel my thoughts. You know you have become the part of my life. I really need to talk to you. I look forward every moment when I can talk to you. I wish you to be near me but I know that you are far away and it makes me feel a little bit sad. But I know that everything will be alright with us. I know that our feelings become stronger with every day. I have the feelings that I know you for a long time already. I am afraid to lose you and I hope that it will never happen. Am I right? You know I dream a lot about you. I dream that you I near me and I can feel your care. I want to share every happy and sad moment with you and I am sure that you are always will be able to help me. I hope that my dreams will come true one day. By the way I have already answered the most of your questions. I have not answered only couple of your questions. My address is Russia, Astrakhan, Sverdlova street 67, apartment 28. And Astrakhan is approximately 1300 km from Moscow. Other answers you should look for in my letters. You know that I went to my grandparents. My visit was not good because I have one bad news. They are rather old. I have written that my grandmother have some problems with her health. She is ill now. She has hypertension. She has head ache and high pressure. We do everything to help her. You know that I have small salary, but I try to do everything I can and I do not regret that I spend all my money just for her recovering. The medicine is very expensive here but I do not care and I try to buy all medicine she need for the recovering. In such moments I hate my country for hard life some people have here. Food, medicine, everything costs rather expensive but sometimes people do not get their salaries for several months. But I am not complaining, do not think so. I just want to share it with you as I wrote. You know that you are very close person for me and when I talk to you I feel much better. And it does not have matter how much it costs to use Internet cafe services. I do not care about it. The only thing which has matter is that I can read your words and write some words to you. I love my mom, my grandparents. They are my family and I want you to be the part of my family too, though you are already the part of it. I mean that I think about you with warm and kind thoughts as I think about my family. I hope you are not against such thoughts. I want to thank the Lord that he gave me the opportunity to find you in this big-big world. I want us to be together. I want to touch you, to hold you, to enjoy the time we spend together, to watch movies, to cook together, to listen to music, to go to the nature, to go for a walk and to do a lot of other things which man and woman in love can do! Well, I will better stop here, because I don't want you to think that I am weird. But I am really crazy about you. There is no minute when I don't think about you. I stop my dreams. I need to close here and to go to home. Sorry I do not have opportunity to send you the photo right now with this letter. I hope I will be able to send you it with my next letter. Take care dear! Remember I think about you. Bye! Forever yours Nadezhda.
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