Romance scam letter(s) from Elena Dikaya to Ilhamy (Egypt)
Letter 1

Hello my dear Ilhamy,
Thank you for your letter and for the sweet words. Believe me, it's also a serious step in my life to meet you.
I'm very serious about making a family with my beloved. I hope that we'll be together very soon. You know that I miss you very much and I felt it especially strong this night. I was alone at home and it was so empty. I felt very bad, and I was alone in this world. I couldn't fall asleep, I was thinking of you. I was very happy when the sunrise came and it brings me some calm. Yesterday I watched the film. It called "Meet Joe Black". It's an American movie, have you ever seen it? It's beautiful, and it's about the love. I'd like you to watch this film very much, so I won't write you what it is about. But I want to say that the love doesn't know limltation and even the death is weak in fornt of true love. I want to find my real love and I hope I have already found it. And I'll do everything possible to bring a lot of beautiful moments to my beloved. And I hope he will do the same for me, only in this case we'll be happy. Darling, as I promised, I went to the travel agency to find out everything I need to come to you. I found out at the travel agency that first of all I'll need an international passport as I have never been abroad. As for the international passport, I've learned about it everything. It can be made from one week to one month. It costs from $200 to $250. Darling, I didn't think that it is so expensive to make it. I think I'll need your help to do it. After that I'll go to the Embassy in Kiev for the Interview. Only then I'll be able to come to you. The sooner we start making passport the cheaper and more reliable it will be for us. Please, tell me what you think about it. But I know that if to want something strongly, it will happen. I want our communication grow to that feeling that we didn't have enough in our lives. And I want to meet you very much. I believe that our meeting will help us in that and will change our lives. Darling, please, write to me soon
I'll be waiting for your reply
With love and kisses
Your Helen
Letter 2

Hello my dear Ilhamy,
Thank you for your letter. I was so happy to get it.
You know, I believe that this is very important, for a person to express, his or her deepest thoughts and idea's.
So very true, that there are no perfect people, in this world. We all have some faults. For one to find a true and precious stone, they must first, go out into this world, and search the world over, to discover where they could, possibly, be able to find the grandest stone, this also is in a marriage, for either person to really be happy in a totally committed relationship. They must continue to search and look to find their most precious and best stone (a friend). Precious and best friends, are like diamonds, they are hard to find. False friends, are like autumn leafs, lying all around. I hope that you and I can become best and precious friends.
For this we both would know, that this would be the greatest thing, that could happen, in both our lives.
Knowing this, we both, would be able to spend the rest of our life's together in harmony and marriage. You always let your best friend know, what is on your mind, your heart, your feelings, hurts, troubles, etc.... They (precious and best friend) are always there to help you, to listen, and encourage you, no matter what the situation is. They will never turn their back on you.
They will always be there, to help you, find, a solution and resolution, to that particular problem and or situation.
I truly would love for us to share all our thoughts and feelings, no matter what they are. I want us to laugh and cry together. In our weakness, we will become strong, Through the support of one another, and in our sorrows, we shall comfort one another. I truly hope that this also is what you are in search of.
Darling, as I promised, I found out how you could help me with the passport. The easiest and the most reliable way to transfer the money is Western Union. To use it you'll need my full name and my adress.
91000 Ukraine,
Mirnay 2.
Dikaya Helena.
With all my most and deepest feelings, I wait patiently for your next letter.
Yours truly, and forever.
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