Romance scam letter(s) from Julia Yavorskaya to Thomas (Canada)
Letter 1

Hello Thomas,
I'm very glad to receive your letter.
I want to tell you a story about one little Ukrainian girl. Her name is Yulya, she is 21 years old. Three years ago she moved to the big town called Lugansk. In this town she decided to begin her independent life. Since her childhood she dreamed to make this world a little bit better. That is why she entered the Medicinal University where she is the fourth-year student now. After graduating from the University she hopes her dreams will become a reality.
When she left her relatives she felt herself very unhappy. You see, her parents, her sister and her brother and all her friends stayed there. She misses very much mothers care until now.
During this time she found a lot of new friends. But they can hardly give to her something that only the man who loves her can give. She decided to go in a far travel to look for her prince. A prince whom she dreams about.
A prince who will be able to keep up the fire in her unbounded opened heart. A prince who will enchant her for all her life and she will be able to say "My soul isn't with me, my soul is with you. My soul can't be without you, my soul begs you to do something that can make her happy with you.
My soul will feel good herself with you if you give her your love". Tell me what do you think about yourself? Will you be able to give such love?
I'll be waiting for your letter and I hope for your true reply.
Letter 2

Hello dear Thomas,
Thank you for your nice letter!
I have been waiting for this moment such long time:) My tale goes on. My dream comes true. I am going to tell one more story about your little princess. It is sad story. This story made the little princess to go to internet. When little princess become a beautiful girl she met her Prince. The were together 1 year and 3 months. They were very happy. One day their happiness began to break down. Prince's "friend" began to tell princess unpleasant things. He slandered his friend. And Princess believed him. And they parted. She was very unhappy, she moved to another town. Some time later she found out that malicious friend loved princess and wanted to be with her. And in this way he tried to gain princess. He chose the wrong way. Princess decided to find her lover, to back him. But it was appeared that her boy had got married but still love her. He was ready to come back. But Princess didn't want to break down his family. She had a hard time. She could forget the past time and she started new life. Her heart suggests to her that she has met a man with whom she will be together in the world of love. Tell me please why are you here. Why do you try to find your second half through the Internet? Tell me more about your family, friends, hobbies... You see I'm very curious:) I want you to know I don't want to play games. I want only a real love to the end of my days.
Your Yulya
Letter 3

My dear Thomas!
Can I call you so? I think that I was lucky enough you find such a special and intelligent person as you.
I was be out of town till Wednesday as my granny got worse because of her diabetes and she asked me to nurse her, I am really sad that I couldn't write you. You know I was thinking of you the other day. My affection to you is growing day by day.
It seems to me that we have much in common. I want to tell you so many things.
But it seems to me the translator can hardly express my feelings. I'm going to tell you about the house of my dream. Above all I want to live in my own house. I live in the hostel. I live with other two girls in a small room. Conditions of life are horrible!
We don't have warm water and we have problems with central heating. But I know my life will change soon. After all I've meet you, I've meet a man whom I'm ready to know better. May be I too young and I know the too little about the life and I'd like to meet a person that would know something about life and have the experience of life and everything.
After all we know each other only few days.
But I'd like to share my secret dreams with you because I feel that you are person that would be able to understand my soul.
You know I frequently imagine my life with my sweetheart.
What a wonderful couple we are - I'm gushing young
woman, dreamy and feminine and he is a self-confident, wise, generous. He looks at me with light smile because I'm so naive. It is very easy to hurt me. But he will not let anyone to do this. I see our house. It is not big but rooms are spacious and very light. I like the yellow color. And what about you? After all it is very warm and sunny it gives a hope. When I start to imagine the stile of our house - I am utterly at a loss. I'm so inconstant in such questions:) At first I wanted that our house would be designed in modern stile. The walls are white, not much furniture. The sofa looks like a woman's figure... There are a lot of mirrors and metal things... But then I understood that it was not our house. This design is for single man or business woman. Our house is different. There are a lot of pictures on the walls, it is a soft carpet on the floor. There is an antique furniture, a fireplace, some candles, a lot of flowers. Love lives here! Our love! There is a large yard and a garden, many flowers. Behind the building there is a place where we cook barbecue on the weekend. We have a dog and a cat. They live together very peacefully. They adore our children. It seems to me I have been carried away. May be my fantasies have no limits:)
I want to say that I am very touched by your letter and I appreciate your honesty and kind heart. I think I am very lucky person to meet such a guy as you.
With tenderness,
Letter 4

Hello, my dear Thomas,
Since I have found you I can not stop thinking of you everyday. My soul sings. Many of my problems are nothing when I think of our meeting some day.
Everybody has noticed that I'm happy. After all a happy woman is a special woman. I was waked by a warden of a hostel. My mother was calling me and I had to go downstairs in order to talk with her. After all there is no telephone in my room. My mother asked me to come home because my cousin was going to get married. Beforehand I had the dream. I was walking in a the forest and then I got lost. Suddenly I saw a hut, I came in but nobody was there. Then someone knocked the door and called my name. At this moment I waked up. I wish so much to meet with you in the place like this hut in the forest. We will be there only twice. We will forget about the time. It will be like the movie "9/5 weeks". We will sit near the fireplace and will discuss our future. I do want this happen as soon as possible. My dear, how do you imagine our first meeting. Will it be in the winter or in the summer? My roommates send you the best regards. I send you my affection. It will be always with you. My dear, I very seriously worry about one thing. You know I don't my own computer and I don't know English. So I have to visit the Internet cafe. When I came there for the first time I wanted just to try. And I met you. My life changed. I became drug addicted and my drug is you! If we stop our correspondence I will suffer, my soul feel such a pain. And I am afraid this moment can come soon. Cause I don't have enough money to pay for our correspondence. My parents can't give me the pocket money. Besides I work part time in the hospital. But i get only 30 USD per month so you see that it is not enough even to support myself In order to go to the Internet cafe I borrowed money from my friend. And you know my entrance fee is over. And now I don't know what to do. You has become my close friend, But I hope you are as eager to correspond with me as I'm. Do you really want to be with me? And you will not ruin my trust to you. I paid 4.59 USD for each letter. This price includes translation from English into Russian and from Russian into English, operator's services - scanning and making photos, fees for using e-mail. I can pay 99.00 USD per month for unlimited letters. You see, it is cheaper. It hurts me very much that our love has bumped into such trivial problem as money.
Sweet, passionate kisses,
Yours truly,
Letter 5

My dear Thomas,
I don't want to upset you but I am so disappointed myself.
I am greatly worried because I will not be able to send my next letter to you. My credit for letters is over now and I asked money from my Granny to write this letter to you. I hope you will understand me and be able to give me support. I am not asking money for personal needs just I have no funds to pay for our correspondence. I hope you will give us a chance to be together. I belive we will get more then loose from our being together if you really want this.
The manager from the Internet cafe Nina Ischenko said that if wish to help me with the correspondence fees you can make payment to her name and in this case the my credit debts will be settled directly. So I will not have to go to bank and make payment arrangements and I think this would be more convenient for me.
The information for your transfer via Western Union or Money Gramm bank systems: Nina Ischenko
International street,17
91022 Ukraine. Or you can transfer money
directly to my name: Yavorskaya
Brother's Palkiny St. 111
91005 Ukraine With all my affection and hope,
Letter 6

Hello my dear Thomas,
My dear I need 99,00 dollars to be able to pay for my correspondence. I was allowed to write you the last time before they stop processing my correspondence. I do hope I will not loose you. By the way who is this girl you are going to meet? Will you tell me more about it? I will look forward to hear from you.
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