Letter(s) from Veronica Nikiforova to Burt (USA)

Letter 1

My Burt,
Thanks a lot for your letter!!! I was really very glad to get it!!!!
Dear Burt, I know that now is not the best time for your travelling, but may be you make your preparations the situation will change and will be better. I think we have to belive in better!!!!
Burt, dear, I spoken with the manager of the internet cafe and she told me that my payment is coming to the end, every picture costs 5$. I paid for March only 50$, so in this case every letter is taken into consideration. If your payment is 100$, so in this case the pictures are scan for free. What do you think about it???????? I'm sorry that we are so far apart right now:((( I am very anxious to see your smile and hear your laughter, just as I want to share mine with you!!!!
I want to share every second of my life with you, to have you next to me always, to never have to worry about you, to care for you, and to give you all my love which awaits you:))) I want to share everything with you!!! I do, and will always trust you, and I want you to trust me always also. Your happiness and well being will always be my top priorities in life, and out of my deepest and purest love for you, I will always take the greatest care of you:)))
I love you so much and I want our life together to begin:))) You are everything to me:)))
Your Love Veronica