Letter(s) from Ludmila Durnicina to Tony (Denmark)

Letter 1

Hi my dear Tony,
I have no words, because I really worry why you disappeared what I did wrong, it's not very easy to stop the correspondence like that , I can imagine that you are ill, or I don't even know what to think, i think may be you didn't get my last two letters , or may be that problems with Western Union influenced on you, darling i simply don't know what to do, why l couldn?t receive 400USD from you , to buy the visa and air-plane ticket to come to visit you ! I miss you .
Today is raining heavily and was raining the hole night, but it seems to me that I'm catching a cold, because I feel very weak myself and it seems I have temperature , may be not very high for now, but I can check it only at home, my love I'm at the University now, we are having a break, and I have so many things to do after the University , so I have no simply the right to feel not well or to catch a cold, I think that is all because of unstable weather , at first in the morning yesterday , it was very hot, then it was the rain with the thunderstorm and then warm with sun again, so may be that is the reason. But I will try to be in fit and not to complain , may be that will give my organism some energy and I will win the illness, let's try this. Frankly speaking I don't like to stay at home ,taking pills , because I fell then lonely and not happy . I dream many time for example we were together and i wake up earlier then you , I will go very quietly to the kitchen and make coffee with toasts, or I will make bacon with eggs and something else, then i will come to our bedroom and start awakening you with my soft tender kisses , you will open your lovely eyes and it would be the happiest moment of your awakening , may be we will lay in the bed and then start eating and kisses and smiling to each other, may be listening to the current news on Tv or listen to the energetic music, and then we will finally go to take shower and of course we ill be late for the job, but ok my darling these are only my dreams, may be made by that weather or my temperature, but in any case it's really great and marvellous!!!! Darling I send you my that morning soft kisses, my smiles , Yours girl ever ,