Romance scam letter(s) from Alya to Phil (Netherlands)
Letter 1

My Sweet, My Dear Phil!
Thank you so much for this happiness of communication with the nice and kind person. It seems like your letters became necessary for me! :-). I try to close my eyes and imagine that I hear your voice…. That I sit near you, on an armchair, and you, leaning your elbows on an elbow-rest, talking to me…. We feel each other's warmth, the smell of hair, we are together and it's the most important…. We talk about the eternal question in this life: a man and a woman and love….
Love is the beautiful feeling, which has been glorified by poets in all ages. But every person perceives and sees that feeling in his/her own way. Now, as years passed, I have changed my comprehension of the feeling. For me this feeling should begin somewhere very deep in a soul, and it should grow slowly, carefully, as 2 persons get to know each other, as they find common points of contact of their souls, common views, mutual interests, common thoughts and feelings, emotions, something in common concerning comprehension of this world, and of course it must be a deep attachment and affection between them. And then, it seems to me, that moment comes, when they feel themselves happy and loved. But that feeling is to be based upon confidence in each other, stability, absolute trust, affection and desire. And it seems to mea relationship should be built exactly this way, like children's toy-house made of bricks.
I know that nothing in this life can be achieved simply, without any efforts. Only if both persons want it, they can build a harmonious relationship…. But anyway the atmosphere of home coziness and mutual understanding depends on a woman, as well as bringing up of children. It hurts me to see women who consider their carreers as important as bringing up of children. I think that children - is a gift of destiny, our happiness. And it depends on us in many aspects what people they will be when they grow up.
Why am I writing it all to you? I want us to know absolutely everything about each other… That we understand and feel each other. It's important as for me as for you!
I use the services of the agency called "Esmeralda". Tell me please do you write to the other women? My agency didn't send you any bill because I didn't ask you to help me with the correspondence but if you want I will be very appreciative to you.
If you have noticed, the agency charges a fee for Internet time for me, pictures, and translation services too. Would you be willing to share with me, some of these fees, if you think that would be appropriate of course. In fact, if our correspondence should continue to grow, and it appears as if we may have a future together, I would have certainly rely upon you on paying some of these expenses for us. I guess my character is still pretty traditional in that way, I still expect a man to open the doors for me, and expect him to feel responsible for ensuring, at least trying to ensure that some of my needs (financial, physical, emotional) are fulfilled, even though I have my own life, friends, job, etc. This way I will be much more content in a growing relationship and know how much I am cared for.
I want you to know that the whole situation is very embarrassing for me and I don't want to lose you. I am sorry but I don't understand what voucher problem you mean?
Will close my letter, since it is already I am now, and I will have to get up early tomorrow :-). Maybe, I will see you in my night dreams? :-). I wait for every your letter with great anticipation, and I really value our sincere and tender relations.
Let all your dreams come true, and one nice day I will be happy with the shine of your happy eyes! :-).
I hope you feel the breezes I send?
With much tenderness to you,
Your Alya
Letter 2

Hello Phil! I am re sending you the letter that I have already sent to you by request of Alya. I hope you will find this information interesting and we will collaborate together to make your meeting with Alya pleasant and comfortable.
Dear Phil, This is Natalia, the director of the agency, the services of which Alya uses. Our clients have to pay 70$ for the services the agency grants them monthly. The services include the following things: translation of the letters, scanning the photos, monthly membership, print of the letters and photos. I have been working in this field of activity for 2 years. The agency is private and our personal is with University diplomas and with great experience. I want you to know that we can give a possibility to learn English at the agency with our professional teacher. One lesson costs 10$. If you are interested in this I will tell you more in detail in my next letter.
You can realize payment through Western Union or Money Gram. The departments of these banks are all over the world and it is the best way and the safest one for money transfer. And I think they are in your area as well. You need the following information: my name is Natalia Yurdik. I live in Odessa, Ukraine. And as you understand you should transfer money in my name. I will need some kind of information from you as well. When you transfer money please write me a short message with your full name and surname, your country, amount and control number (MTCN).
Thank you for everything you are doing for Alya. She deserves the best. I hope everything will be all right between you and her.
Mostly people from outside come here using an individual visa since it is the fastest and cheapest way to get to Ukraine. In order to receive this visa before entering our country, you have to have an invitation from some hotel in our city. We are able to provide this hotel invitation for you. Upon arrival you'll receive an VIP reception including meeting you at the airport, a taxi and an interpreter. A VIP meeting means the taxi picks your lady and the interpreter up and brings them to the airport. They await your arrival at the VIP service room, where they will meet you and the taxi will then bring all of you to an agreed apartment. Please note the VIP reception provides you with interpreter for two hours from the actual meeting that means you will be able to speak with your lady easily for all that time.
We then register your Visa at the Visa and Registration Department according to the Ukrainian legislation.
An average price for quite a good apartment in the city equals to approximately. $60 per day. You may be assured all the suggested apartments will be thoroughly studied by your lady prior to her choosing one. Certainly you will need some food in your refrigerator for the first time. You will need to cover the following expenses: 1. Apartment Rent: Number of Days x $60 2. VIP-Meeting reception or departure: $100 3. Invitation from your Hotel Including Cost of Fax: $75 4. Medical Insurance (Obligatory By Government): $40 5. A Variety of Food In The Refrigerator (Optional): $40 In regard to medical the insurance during your stay in Odessa, this is required by the Government and protects you. It insures you may get immediate medical help if required. The medical services provided cover all kinds of illness except chronic ailments.
The amount designated for a variety of food is fully handled to your lady and she personally selects all the stuff for you.
If you have any more questions, please ask. I will be glad to answer them.
Best regards,
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