Scam letter(s) from Evgenia Minakova to Hiro (Japan)

Letter 1

Hiro, honey, I should write you urgent letter without humor again. First of all - I'm very glad we will have chance to meet in soon future in Helsinki. Dates of meeting is not the problem for me. But you should remember the next important moments - 1. Yes, I'll need two weeks to book tourist trip since moment of payment trip in travel agency. 2. I'll go by bus from St-Petersburg to Helsinki. We have departures of tourist trips to Helsinki on every Thursday every week.
Bus will depart at 11 p.m. And will come to Helsinki early morning on Friday. Therefore our trip should be from Friday till Monday. Every convenient week for you. It's your choice.
I want to ask you about possibility to choose date - April,30 - May,3. Because we'll have national holidays on May,1-2, and we'll have long weekend 3 days. And I'll need to take 1 day off in my firm only.
Yes, 420 euros - return-ticket, room in hotel, visa and medical insurance. I'll book hotel "Sokos Helsinki". Address of hotel- "Sokos Hotel Helsinki", Kluuvikatu 8. Concerning WU-bank - yes, it's correct information, you can use it. Also, there is other way - as WU-bank will demand quite high tax because of transfer, you can send payment directly to our travel agency by ordinary remittance from any bank of Japan (transfer should be in euros) - SWIFT code of bank - SABRRU2P
Name of bank - Saving Bank of the Russian(Severo-Zapadny Office) St-Petersburg
Number of account - 42307978255385000011
Name of account - Travel agency "Esta-Tosno" Olga Bordovskaya Such remittance will go during a week up to account of agency. It's all the same for me what way you prefer - with WU-bank or ordinary account of agency.
Now your questions -
1. The longest trip(4 days 3 nights, 420 euros) includes room charge for you? Is it a single room? - yes, single room.
2. Don't you need any outlay without the peyment for agency above amount? - I'll need your full support in all most expensive restaurants of Helsinki. :)
3. Concerning the tour, can you act freely all days? - yes, I wrote it already. 4. Can we have some dinner or lunch together, just the two of us?
Shouldn't you be restricted in sightseeing tour? - Hiro, I'll go with tourist group, but we have no touristic programme in Helsinki, it mean - I'll go together with group and come back together with group, because it's most easy way to cross the border. In Helsinki all tourists are free as the birds. You will be my tourist programme.
Now most terrible news. Leningrad region is changing the phone code during next 6-7 days. Our post station (which is connecting us with Internet) have informed today they will be forced to stop provider Internet service during next week till Friday. Therefore I'll have possibility to write you tomorrow and after that, to start normal correspondence on next Friday.
Do not be worry, it's normal technical situation and I'll be here all next week. Therefore I'll answer you tomorrow and after that in next Friday. Wow..very long letter. My hand is tired.
But my lips are not. Kiss you!
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