Scam letter(s) from Kira Volkova to Brian (USA)

Letter 1

Hi my dear Brian
Thanks for your nice mail.
I was very pleased to receive your reply as I was impatiently waiting for it.
I'm glad to meet you. I want to say about me and my life.
My interests are very different. There are many things I would like to deal with.
I like reading and watching good films, as well as opera and jazz.
I like acute senses and beauty of nature, communication and traveling.
I like cooking, reading and traveling very much.
I have visited already some countries, but I hope to visit much more.
I'm a romantic person and will be happy to follow my lover man far away.
I adore cars and driving, long walks with my friend and of course, music.
I like driving and dancing. I go to fitness-club, study foreign languages.
I'll try to tell about myself more in my next mails.
I would like to correspond with you to know more about you.
What are for you the most important values and objectives in life?
What do you think about Russia and russian girl?
Have you got any friends who lived in Russia?
Looking forward to your reply.
With warm regards, Kira
Letter 2

Hi darling Brian
Nice to get mail from you.
I'm sorry for a rather long delay with reply.
I have now very much work.
As you know I am work as manager.
I am search new customer for my company in Russia and Ukraine.
My company sell boiler heating.
I want to tell you about me and my family.
I was born in Bryansk (it is 300 km from Moscow to south) on the 1 of February 1980.
Soon will be my birthday. I shall take two week holliday for at rest.
Now I live in Bryansk along. My parents live in Moscow.
My father work as driver taxi. My mother work as teacher.
I have no brother or sister. I have never been married and have no children.
I am finish university as manager. And I am learn english self in free time.
I want to find foreign husband becouse I do not like russian man.
Foreign man more curtural and intellectual. They kind and gentle and can make love.
Russian man can just drink ***** and fight.
Would you like to tell me more about yourself ?
About your previous girl. About your parents.
I'm waiting for your reply darling.
Kisses and hugs, Kira
Letter 3

Hi my darling Brian
It was nice to receive your e-mail.
I hope you are still thinking of me.
I am thinking of you every day.
It's a pity you are so far from me.
Will be great to meet you in real life.
Internet just virtual.
E-mail letter cannot deliver all feelings and emotions.
As I told you, I shall take holliday soon.
Maybe we can meet in this period?
I have passport and can do visa.
You can show me your city.
We shall walking and rest.
What do you think?
I'm waiting for your reply.
Kiss you a thousand times!
Love, Kira
Letter 4

Hi my darling Brian
For me very pleasent to receive your letters.
When I read this my heart go fast.
I am so happy that I meet you.
You know, I have speak with my parents about you.
They like you. And they not against our meeting.
My holliday shall be from 23 of January til 5 of February.
Soon as I can, Išshall go in agency of travel and bay tickets.
Can you say me, to which airport I must fly?
Do you meet me in airport?
I think we shall great spend time together.
I cannot wait to see you in real life my darling.
Big hugs and tender kisses.
Your forever Kira
Letter 5

Hi my darling Brian
I am very happy that soon we can meet.
You know, today I was in agency of travel.
I have take my visa today. It is cost 210 USD.
It is so expensive becouse very fast.
I have paid for visa already. I send you copy of my visa.
So, I need just bay tickets.
But tickets for round trip cost 730 USD.
I has paid just 420 USD. I have no more.
I want to ask you help me to pay for tickets.
Can youšpay 310 USD to agency of travel for my tickets.
I give your e-mail adress in agency of travel.
They shall send you all nessesary information.
I give you contact information of agency.
Agency of Trave - Alliance Travel
Tel: 8 0832 148230
Fax: 8 0832 148231
I hope all will be OK and we shall meet soon.
I will be waiting for your letter.
Gentle kiss you darling, your Kira
Letter 6

Hello Mr. Brian
My name is Sergey Zavoloko. I am agent of travel in Alliance Travel.
Today I have speak with Kira Volkova. She bay the visa and wanted to bay tickets.
Unfortunately she do not has enought money.
Tickets cost 730 USD. Kira have paid just 420 USD.
She said that you can pay other money for her tickets.
You can pay via international system Western Union.
Full name: Sergey Zavoloko
Name of city: Bryansk Russia
I send you information about her tickets.
INVOICE: 0003842730
FOR: VOLKOVA/KIRA MOSCOW - FORT MYERS 25JAN2006šAeroflotSU 105š Sheremetyevo (SVO), Moscow, Russian Federation Terminal 2š 10:55š šFrankfurt Int'l (FRA), Frankfurt, Germany Terminal 1š 12:35š ššCondorDE 4058š Frankfurt Int'l (FRA), Frankfurt, Germanyš 14:30š šSouthwest Florida Regional (RSW), Fort Myers, Florida, USAš 19:30š
FORT MYERS - MOSCOW DATE IS OPEN -------------------------------------
AIR FARE 684.00 TAX 46.00 AIR TOTAL USD 730.00
------------------------------------- RESERVATION NUMBER(S) LH/L34CL š With best regards, Mr. Sergey Zavoloko
Alliance Travel
243092, Bryansk, Russia
Kovalinkova str. 35, office 12
Tel: 8 0832 148230
Fax: 8 0832 148231
Letter 7

Hi my darling Brian
I cannot find more money.
Help me with tickets, please!!!
You know, in Russia now very cold.
About -26 gradue.
I do not like russian winter.
Which weather in your city?
I miss you darling.
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