Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Zaharova to Philip (USA)

Letter 1

Dear Philip
Lovely , thanks for your wonderful letter. At job at me a small break, and I write you the letter. I very much miss on you. Last night to us with the grandmother there came in the visitors my parents. We have baked a tasty pie with apples. We ïîïèëè tea also have talked. My mum is very glad for me, that I love you, and you love me. She has said, that is asked for us. Also that the god is also he to us will help.
I lie down to sleep and I think of you, about us, as all will be good. And when I rise I too I think of you and me pleasantly to realize that you is with me. I shall be love you, to care of you, about your mum, to prepare tasty meal, to please you. You my love, you for me happiness, I are very glad that has found you, that you are such perfect. I love you. You my perfect prince, you my love, you for me all. I love you also am ready to speak it 1000000.... Time. My embraces and kisses, set of kisses. I, hope, that at you very well. Write to me and about the mum, I worry. Care of her, I think, that she the remarkable woman, time could bring up such wonderful man as you. I love you, and all my dreams only about you. I love you! Very strongly love! Love of my life! Happiness mine! Love Katya
Letter 2

Dear Philip
Why don't you write me? Has smth. hapeened to you? Don't I interest you? I just want to tell you that your silence hurts my heart. I don't know even what to think! I feel so lonely, all I could think about is you. I have always believed that if someone is willing to share themselves with you, it deserves to be returned. The only thing I ask in return is not indifference! I want you to know: I'm scared to be hurt again, I am very nervous inrespect of giving everything of me to you without being sure that I will not get hurt!
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