Scam letter(s) from Natalia Pantjavina to Mike (USA)

Letter 1

My name (name) - Natalia
To me of 24 years
I live in Russia
In city of Saransk
I was not married and there are no children
I want to find clever and resolute the person
I have higher education (economist),
Also I work the secretary in building corporation
Also I earn additionally (the assistant to the manager) in shop
I have no enough friends also there is no groom
In leisure I am trained in association (reservoir) I live one, my parents have died 4 years back I love honesty, frankness and resoluteness in people I adore to travel but I was not abroad I do not smoke and I drink also.
I like to read, music, dance
Write to me, please, little bit more about you directly, about your family. Also send to me your last (last) pictures.
I look the purposeful, useful (healthy) person for presence serious Attitudes (relations) with him
If you want to answer me, I shall write about me directly in following time of details All good! Bye-bye!
Letter 2

Greetings my honey!!!
I love you
Well I have received all of money!!!!
Forgive: I could not write to you yesterday!!
My Internet did not work!!!
But now all is good and fine!!
I love you and soon we shall together!!!
I have paid for the international passport and the visa!!! The visa will be ready on Friday
Tomorrow I should redeem tickets!!!
You are very kind to me!!! It is very important for us I love you and I want to be near to you!!! How you? What weather in your city?
I dream of our meeting every minute!! Very much I wait it!!! I worry!!!
Please forgive me: I could not open the Internet yesterday!!!
I love you and my hot kiss for you!!!
Yours, only your Russian princess! Natalia!!!
Letter 3

Greetings my honey!!!
It again I Natalia!!!
I already in Moscow!!! Has arrived in the morning!
I have arrived to Moscow today because tomorrow trains do not go to Moscow!
I rented a room in hotel for one day Also has visited to the airport!
I have a small problem: at the airport it is necessary to pay additional customs tax gathering! 220 $
The USA has entered additional check: it is necessary to pass medical inspection and to hand over a print of a hand (an index finger)
But I have no money! I have paid a room and at me was not present 220 $ I do not know what to do{make}?
Please the help to me!!
Tomorrow at 13 o'clock I should go in the airport For me are necessary money!!!
I went to bank near to hotel and they have the western union I understand: now in Moscow 14:17 but at you approximately 6:00 The big difference in time!!
It very important I should be in time aboard the plane!!
I love you and I want to be near to you!!!
Your Natalia!!!
Letter 4

I do not know that I should tell to you!!!
This very big temptation!
Forgive. The history about a moss of parents is the truth I really live one
And my feelings it not simply sympathy!! You really very strongly like me!!! I love you!! But at me here very big problems!!!
You want to know the truth????
Certainly you can not believe me!!!
My parents have died 5 years ago!
It is the truth!
I have remained is lonely
I have sold my house (veryexpensive)
But the realtor (the seller of the real estate) has deceived me He has asked to legalize all papers on him
You should understand me!!! To me there were 19 years I have believed it{him}, but it{he} has deceived me!!! I lived 2 years in a hostel
Then I have ended university
And I should leave a hostel (but where?)
I was employed (the cleaner in school)
You know what salary at the Russian cleaner?
2100 roubles a month (about{near} 80 $)
The apartment was necessary for me
Rent of an apartment (the cheapest 100 $ in a month)
I was arranged for the second work (the waitress in a night bar)
The salary (120 $ in a month)
I could rent an apartment
21:00-3:00 I worked in a bar, 12:00-19:00 at school
I did not get enough sleep
I paid 100 dollars for an apartment
50 dollars for municipal payments
On 30 - 40 dollars I should eat
Also there are no relatives
It too the truth
How I should live????????????????????????????????????
It only half
Work in a bar!!!!
Every day various ***** **** creatures stuck to me!!!
They sufficed me for legs{foots} and hands!!
But I should suffer{bear} it
How I should act{arrive}???????
I simply wanted to live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It too the truth I cried each time when came back home Forgive....
But I somehow should live!!!!! Forgive forgive
But you not such as others...
You are better
I really love you
I have understood it just now
Forgive I has spent all money!!!
I had the big duty (690 $)
I did not pay for an apartment 4 months
Yes I am strongly guilty to you!!!
But my feelings it not game
I love you (please believe me)
I had no other way for payment of my duties
Natalia (not princess)
Letter 5

Greetings my honey!!
Simply I want to tell:: I very strongly I love you I very strongly wait your letter!!! How you?
I know: we should be together!!
Each morning I think of us and I dream!!!
But I really have no money for the ticket!!!
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