Scam letter(s) from Ludmila Volkova to Jessey (USA)

Letter 1

Hi my unique(sole) love Jessey. Huge to you thanks for your support which is shown by your letters. Today I was very much upset. My grandmother has said that very much regrets, but she can not help me to pay services of registration of the passport, insurance and visa. She has said that it is very a pity, but the registration of the documents to us should be paid itself. The grandmother has said that when we shall pay registration of the documents and I shall receive the passport, the visa and insurance she will help me with purchase of the air ticket for an arrival to you. The agent of travel has said that the contract includes payment of the documents, insurance, visa and services of agency. The air ticket can be got only then when I shall have on hands all necessary documents. The price of a package of the documents and cost of services of the company of travels makes 1456 American dollars. In the company of travels to me have explained that such large sum proceeds from this that for reception of the visa in your country it is necessary to overcome set of obstacles, for which overcoming they should apply(put) many efforts. Jessey, liked! At the given moment I have no such sum of money, but if you agree to render me the financial help that I shall agree to registration of the contract with the company of travels. Dear, today I was strongly afflicted with such rule(situation) of things. I enclosed all efforts to borrow(occupy) money from the friends and familiar, but all my attempts have not given any results. I hope that you agree to help me as the given sum is not for you a problem. I hope financial problems do not become a barrier on ways to our happiness. If it is valid so that tomorrow I shall go to the company of travels and I shall sign with them the contract. With impatience I shall wait for your prompt answer, but with even large impatience I wait for our long-awaited meeting. Kiss. About the large love yours Olga. P.S Mine dear(expensive) on how much is known to me, how to me has said my agent, that money needs to be sent to translate in " WESTERN UNION ", mine dear(expensive) your exact data are necessary to me.
My address:Russia, Sanchursk, Sovetskaia str. 9. zip code 425350
My surname: Glazyrina Name: Ol'ga
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