Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Streltsova to David (Australia)

Letter 1

Hello Daemian, I so am glad that you have written to me. I to you shall tell a little about myself. To you the person with which you probably are interesting to know correspond. My name is Liliya. I live in Russia in beautiful and fine city Yoshkar-Ola. It is near to capital Russia - Moscow. I was born on December, 3, 1979. Now to me 24 years. I now work in trolleybus park as the electrical engineer. My work is pleasant to me. She not so complex. I have stopped to study this year mari state university. I there studied 5 years. I the harmonous, beautiful girl with remarkable sense of humour. I search for that person with which I could connect the life. For me the beauty of a human body is important not. His inwardness, character, his love to me is important for me. It should love children, to be kind, tender, clever... I do not smoke, I do not drink alcoholic drinks, I do not use drugs. I like to conduct a healthy way of life. I like walks on the nature. As I like to leave for city. I am pleasant like there because there silence, fresh air. As I like to go to theatres and in cinemas. My intentions are serious because to find prince on a white horse is my overall objective in a life, well and dream of each girl. I send you my photo. I as would want that you have sent me the photo. I as would want that you have written about yourself. With pleasure I shall wait from you for the answer. Liliya.
Letter 2

Hello Daemian, It was very pleasant for me to receive from you the letter which I waited with impatience. I so would like to learn about you more. First of all I want to tell about that what I see the man of my dream. First of all it should be courageous, should be able to stand for itself and for the loved the girl. The man should be clever, attractive, could amuse, take care me of me and. Should be able to amuse me. I the cheerful girl. And I I appreciate in people sense of humour. It is my ideal of the present of the man. Could write same you an ideal of the woman of your love? For me that is not important as the person look. I think that beautiful appearance the person not always appears is beautiful sincerely. And the sincere beauty, character is of great importance for me. You could write to me to me about the close relatives. It would be very interesting to me to listen to it. I send you one more photo. I hope to you she it is pleasant. I shall wait for your letter. Liliya.
Letter 3

Hello Daemian, For me so it is joyful when I see your letters in my letter box. It was really interesting to me to read all that that you write. If I receive from you the letter I can read it several times because this so fascinating. Probably it will be very interesting to you to read mine and it is interesting to learn about me more. Same I would like to know about you as much as possible. I was born in the cultural educated family. My family small also will consist from 4 person. I mum, the daddy and my brother. But the brother now with us does not live. It lived earlier with us. But when to it 18 years were executed. It needed to execute the man's duty to fatherland and it have taken away in army. It served 2 years and now it has remained further to serve there. It is going to marry there. And to remain to live there with the wife. I for a long time did not see it. My parents very good people. I so am grateful to them for that that they have made all for me. They have helped me with my life have employed, educated me good formation. I so love them. To my mum now 55 years. To it was executed not for a long time. She now on pension. But earlier worked in hospital as the orthopedist. She worked 27 years in hospital. To mine to the daddy now 54 years. It now works with me in trolleybus park. But it works as the watchman. Earlier it worked in the same place but only the mechanic. But to it there was a bad history. At him in an operating time was displacement of a backbone. Legs have started to be taken away from him. To it have performed operation. But now with it all is normal. I was nearly have lost the father. But it is good that it now is alive. It now the invalid of the third group. But to it gave only the invalid for a while. While at him after operation all should be good. It is alive and yes works. It the hero for me. I love the family. Here such family at me. But I as have close relatives. But for I would like now to get the family. I want to be independent. I would like to have children. To have the good husband. It is my dream now to create the family. I think that I am ready for the further serious attitudes. I have enough it is a lot of years and not small for this purpose. You like to travel? I would like to learn about you more. I shall wait from you the letter. Yours faithfully Liliya.
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