Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Streltsova to Fekri (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my dear Victor I am glad to receive from you the letter my dear. I think of you much. And I want that ours relations to grow. I think that we can becomes closer to each other. And I think that with each our letter and every our day we become closer to each other. And I think that we go correct way. I want that our relations were strong and for this purpose we need to know more about the each other. I think the person shows myself in the hobbies and in the predilections. I think that his habits and his interests can tell about the person much. My favourite color is white. Though I like not one color. It is pleasant to me still green. But white it is more. And it is shown in many respects. I like to carry white clothes. I like many white things. And I think that white color as color of cleanliness kindness and souls. I love white roses. I think that each girl loves flowers. And it always is a good gift for the woman. And I like a smell of roses. I even use perfum with a smell of fragrant colors. I like to go in restaurants. And I think that this very romantic place. But I was a pity to me do not go in restaurants frequently as I wanted. I have no many money to go to restaurant constantly. But once a month I try to afford it. I love the Italian kitchen. It is pleasant to me many European dishes. And also I love kitchen of the country. I very much like Russian kitchen. And I would think that you liked Russian kitchen. I can prepare I peep itself. And I could prepare for you some firm Russian dishes. I would think that you liked it. I love fruit. But not eat a lot of sweet. It spoils my figure. And I try to watch the beauty. I wrote to you in my first letter that I like to listen to music also to me very much it is pleasant to look films. I love cinema. But I not frequently go to a cinema. I have the free time is not enough for this purpose. Probably in the days off I can go to the aunt together with the girlfriend and look at her dvd. It happens funny. I like to look comedies or thriller. But I not so frequently look actions. And I am afraid to look films of horrors. I wrote to you that I love humour and on this I like to look comedies. I not so frequently have a free time on it. Because I work in hospital to nurseries doctor much. But I try to carry out a free time at a cinema in club or employment by sports. I like to read books.
Usually I read books and magazines before dream. This my free time. And I wish many people and it is good it is beautiful to you to carry out the free time with advantage. I want that our relations to grow and I want that we were closer to each other. I shall wait for your letter my dear Victor.
Yours Anastasia
Letter 2

Hello my love Victor I am glad to receive from you the letter my love Victor. I think of you much. I want that we were happy together. I want that we had the big love. And it is a pity to me that you have problems with the health. And I wish you that you were happy and went to hospital less. You the special person for me. And I want that we were together. I shall wait for your letter my love Victor.
Love Anastasia
Letter 3

Hello my love Victor I have received your letter. But you did not answer me. YOU can send me 100 $ that I could call to you? I shall wait yours for the answer my love Victor.
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