Scam letter(s) from Svetlana to Jason (Canada)

Letter 1

I see the letter today in my letter box. I think, that " is valid Whether you have decided to answer me? ". I see, that you have decided to write to me really. I so am glad to this. I decided to begin new acquaintance in the Internet And you write to me. I began to use the Internet recently and had acquaintance Already with the some people the man from mine the country, but at me was impossible to have acquaintance well. We did not approach each other. I have decided to search abroad. You have decided to do the answer and I am glad. I think, that it is necessary to write more about myself and the life that you have imagined what I the person. My name is Svetlana, I live in city Kazan,Russia. I was born in 1979 and now to me 27 years. My birthday On May, 23, 1979. I was born in this city and I live in it since a birth. I finished institute and now I work in the small company on manufacture of household chemical goods. I work in this company on a post the assistant to the manager. I live separately from my parents. They live not in city, and near to city in the house in village. I remove an apartment and I live in it one. I frequently visit the parents on the days off. I very much love the family. I think, that should write more about myself. My growth of 164 centimeters and weight of 53 kgs. My color of eyes brown and light hair. I shall send you the photo and I hope, that you also will send to me the. You probably interests where I took your address mail, it has been taken from agency of acquaintances in my city. They warned me that you probably do not do the answer to me, but I have told, that I shall try to begin acquaintance. I think, that I shall finish the letter to you and I hope for a fast reply from you. I want to have interesting acquaintance to you.
With the best regards Svetlana
Letter 2

To see your letter so it is pleasant for me. You have decided to do correspondence with me. I smile from it. My new friend Jason it is interesting to me to read your letter very much. I would like to tell still to you about myself more And the life. I live one as I and already spoke. I remove an apartment and it not My property. I have no phone in an apartment. The owner did not do installation. You probably do not represent, that the apartment can be without phone, but in Russia all is possible. I very much love the the country, but sometimes I do not understand as here it is possible to live. My new friend I have decided to carry out to myself in an apartment the cable Internet to have communication and now I have the Internet. As I already spoke I have higher education, but I have no the big experience work and consequently I do not receive while good posts on which take Skilled people. I have a computer in the an apartment and I write to you the letter from It. But I would like to warn you what not every day I can To write to you. I think, that you will understand me. My working day begins at 9:00 and comes to an end at 18:00, but sometimes I am late on work. I very much the ranking officer. I like my work, and you is pleasant to you Jason? I have a small hobby. I collect small figurines and different toys. Sometimes I visit a disco, but it is very rare, therefore as I do not like Loud places. I like silence more. I love small and silent cafes In which it is possible to chat easy. I overlooked to ask you, you have a hobby Jason? I think that in human life there should be hobbies. It does The life is more interesting. The friend I should finish mine now. I wait for your letters and I hope that our friendship will be good.
I wait your answer.
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