Scam letter(s) from Elena Vohminceva to Chris (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my darling friend Chris, I very much waited when I can write to you, I had a lot of work here, and now I free. Chris I to want to inform you that really I to not live in the USA, I from Russia, I to live in the city of Tyumen. It was simple a mistake in YahooPersonals. I want to say you more about me. I live in two with my pa in city Tyumen. my ma to live in Moscow and she has a no contact with us. she leaves when me was 21 . presently me 28 years. my weight 54-56 kgs. my growing approximately 175-177ni. my mother plenty of drink the alcohol earlier and leave from us. my pa to do all for me. he gives me to learn in institute. to pay for my education. now I work in school by teacher of the drawing. I gave my profile in internet since I not to want to have a relations with man from russia . they not to respect the woman and not to know how to give him weasel. I had a relations with person from russia 3 back, then he defrauded me and I heard that he has other girl. I much suffered, but afterwards all ok. I very good and supportive. but not to love when me to defraud and not to respect :). I want to have a serious relations and not to play in plays. I not much well speak on english, but I teach this.
Have you ever been involved in a serious relationship? When you are married, do you want to be a working mother, or will you stay at home to look after the children? Do you think a husband and a wife have specific roles in a marriage? What are some of your favorite activities? Do you like sports? What do you do to stay fit? Do you often go to movies, or museums? What is your favorite kind of music? Do you like to dance? What is your favorite holiday? What one place in the world that you have never been to would you like to see. I hope to hear from you soon. Please send me more photos! I consider that we only shall else hear each other, but soon our relations will become more serious and more warm with you.. you very good and good person and I want to try to have a relations with you.
Be careful. write me soon.
Elena Letter 2 Greetings road Chris!!!
I have received your letter and I am very glad that you have answered so quickly, the temperament of your letter has inspired me.
I am very glad that we with you are copied and that my photo was pleasant to you I hope that shortly we shall communicate
more closely, I very much wait for this rapproachement as to me very much it is now lonely and I do not have close person who appreciates me and with which it would be good me. Me has struck, that you so deeply concern to family questions and I would like, that at my child good father and the friend was:), like you, Chris. I never was for the husband, but it so would be desirable me, would be desirable to be with the liked person, to help him in everything, anyway to try. To feed with his tasty meal, what you most of all like from meal, write? It is very a pity to me, what at you that has not left with your girl, but it is not necessary to despair, the destiny can wants that we were together, you want it, Chris? I believe in destiny and I believe, that she will not bring more such gifts as it was with my mum. I shall tell to you not much about myself.
I have finished 11 classes of average educational school of the city of Tyumen in parallel with it I I was engaged in synchronous sailing in further has entered institute on faculty of art, then I was employed in pool by the instructor on sailing besides it I have finished rates of the barman and me invited to job in a restaurant, but I have refused, as at me the soul to this job does not lay. Now I earn additionally at school. I am very grateful to the to the daddy, that he has not left me a difficult minute and helped me in everything, I to him very much much am obliged. Tell about the parents For good job in pool I have received the permit in Sochi it in the south of Russia, I was the whole two weeks on the sea In fantastic conditions very much, very much it was pleasant to me!!! In general I like the sea, the sun, beaches, rest, to float and play volleyball on hot sand, the only thing that did not suffice me on this trip liked the man. Dear Chris, mine the daddy now does in an apartment repair by a summer and I would not like to constrain him. But I very much would like to see America the eyes if you would like to create with me family I only shall be glad to this. Looking on you at me heart is not in regular intervals beaten, I do not know what is it:) Write to me, I very much want somewhat quicker pains to learn about you, my dear Chris. On it my time in Internet - interior comes to an end also I shall think of you and to wait for the new letter from you,
write soon.
P.S. Chris, you with whom else correspond? With other girls? Write, it is important for me :).
Letter 3

Hello my dear angel Chris!!!
Thanks for your lovely letter to me and as the invitation to you:). It really is very pleasant for me for hearing from you and I shall be very glad to visit you soon if you to want really it! It for me will be very interesting and important to see you Chris and to try to create our relations with you in a real kind. I will be sure that at us with you to turn out all that we to want!:) I can visit you now if you to want as I to have holiday for 30 days and I shall be very glad to spend this time with you. I really very much to appreciate in you your honesty and I am simple without mind from you:)!
My lovely please say to me when you to want to see me as it is necessary for me the data for the visa, it is city, state and your full name. Still say to me the name of city in which there is an international airport to come to me.
Firmly you safe and embrace
Write to me soon my angel. With love, your Elena!
P.S. Chris, I very much want to trust you...
Letter 4

P.S. Chris, you likely wonder why I chose you, I to respond - Chris it is not necessary for me any money and position, it is not necessary for me authority and luxury, I to dream only that me to like, respect and appreciate. Chris I know that only you can to give to me it. I to know that you really to like me and to respect, I am sure that you and I can create real relations and we have tenderness with you. I to feel heat from yours heart and it warmly is in mine heart, it is between us, on this I chose you my lovely Chris. I to believe you and I to want that you as believed me and then we with you really shall happy together.
Letter 5

Greetings my dear Chris!!!!!!!!
With me that's all right, do not experience:), it is simple at me means to visit Internet - interior, but now very well as you see were terminated, I write to you again:). I am very glad, that you test such interest to me, is direct all gets:). At me and I look very good mood at your new photo, thanks for it, it is very pleasant for me, you such pleasant and lovely, and your small holes at a smile force my heart to beat more often and more often:) Girlfriends on job speak mine to me that I became now absent-minded, speak that I have fallen in love, I to not know what to answer them as I to not understand what to occur to me and I all time to think of you. Chris you now began really a part my life and I only to think of you and I really to have to you only the tender feelings and I very much to want that ours with you relations became really very serious and strong and soon a meeting with you. Dear Chris! Thanks for the invitation to visit you in July, but me would be very convenient to visit you on the following days off and to be with you two weeks, then I should leave again for Russia. You could not experience, you will be, for example, at job, and I can prepare for you for some surprises, and all the evening long and the days off we can be together. I think to you this idea will approach also we can meet faster as you and I - we simply not can the friend without the friend, I ask you do not hide it:)))))))))
I wait for a prompt reply:)
Yours forever Elena!!!
P.S. You not confused with that we at all have not spoken by with you to phone, but can say with confidence at me rather pleasant voice and he to you I think it is pleasant:))
Letter 6

Hi mine lovely and road Chris!!!!!!!
Forgive, that I force so long to wait for my answer, I am simple yesterday is very tired and has come home very much late, therefore could not visit Internet - interior and write to you the letter, I hope you do not take offence and an ? at you well.:))
Today I after work have come running home, had not time to eat, I have recovered to accept from you the letter and was very glad it again to see, thank behind a photo, well your small holes shake me and I simply would like them to see on closer:)))), I hope you understand about what I?:)
Tell as you has carried out day off? What new at you? How soon we can be seen?
Write, I hope, that the destiny to us will not insert an obstacle into wheels (it is such Russian saying:))) and to give an opportunity to us with you to meet, write my beloved man on this light:)))
I love you Chris!!!!
Letter 7

Hi dear my future husband Chris:)
I have received your letter, in delight from your fast answer, me to like clearness in the relations. I am very glad to your invitation and with pleasure would carry out with you time this dream it is possible to embody in life for this purpose to me it is necessary to take holiday at work. Chris I have still request to you, I to not have native and familiar there, I think what I can to live at you? As it will help us to learn well us and we can with you begin our relations. Chris I am sure that you and I shall be happy together and I yours always Chris. I shall trust that you to love me, I to know it and I to dream now of you mine lovely. I am glad, what you love children, I very much want the child, you want to become the father of our children?
Chris my work is unsufficiently profitable to pay flight to you, it is valid very dearly here, I learned, it is about 1150 $ to fly in USA. I am not sure what can to find such money here in Russia. I to have only 370 dollars, which I to spend on the visa, with it there will be no problems, the visa will be ready, in 7-9 days. But if you can I shall help me is very grateful to you, as it will be very necessary for me mine lovely. Chris, as soon as I to stay to you, I at once to find work and to give back you the duty, believe, it is very a shame to me to ask you, but I am compelled..... I to not know yet as you to transfer it to me, but I to think that probably you can send me the finance through WesternUnion, it is the most reliable way transfer money and very quickly. I learned about it. For this purpose you need only my complete address, it:
city: Tyumen.
Green Street 163 ap. 11.
Vohminceva Elena.
____________________________________ Mine lovely write to me soon, I shall expect your letter!
Love, kiss! I miss!!
Yours Elena.
Letter 8

Hi from the future wife:)))))
Excuse, that so long did not answer:), I am simple looked on your addresses in the Internet, the discounts on an ?, except for flights there are given, I can something has not seen:), I do not know, I in general recently such confused, you do not know in what business???:))))) Presently for me sun to shine brighter ever, wind hums the tune love, sheet tree whisper the word of the weasel...
I AM IN LOVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You mine !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Has Mended on else one reference, which you me first has sent, has there found the range of the prices: $1336.00-1976.00
and this only thrifty person-class...:((
I has reserved on:
On June 7 (my number LZ9JJC), ticket this day cheapest also costs $ 1008.00, it like most on my sight good variant, and you how think, favourite? I am going, to go in Moscow, to receive the visa, numbers 30 of May it is necessary already to be in Moscow. Whether you agree? I shall try an ? to have be in time and on faster to see you, yes the God will help us!!!
I love, whole and I wait for your fast reply, hurry:)))
Letter 9

HI my favourite future husband:))))
Thank for the fast answer! I so was delighted to it:))
Thank, that has looked the reference in the Internet, I have reserved on June 7, as it is the cheapest tickets, tomorrow I shall be sent in Moscow behind the visa, Chris you how many can send of money, because I should know how many au ? to run and to borrow others, and time strongly does not suffice: ( I hope, it will be good to you me to see houses 3 months:))) It is good, I wait for the moment to embrace you and to talk in open with you.:)
Favourite Chris, whether you on faster answer and can inform me, and probably issue me translation of money, look itself as to you it is necessary, because an ? in your hands and only from you prompt our meeting depends and there will be we together, whether or not, I hope you correctly me will understand, and will take correct for both of us the decision.
Your future fond wife Elena.
P.S. Today I shall come many times into Internet - interior whenever possible to answer you at once.
Letter 10

Hi my future husband:))))
Thanks, that has written so fast and has found to me an exit in a dark tunnel:) I tomorrow meal to make out the visa in Moscow, from there I necessarily shall try to write to thee, mine lovely Chris, and to notify as for me there are business, so that wait.:) Thee write, what thee are in trouble with a remittance? I learned, there it is elementary All simplly and fast, as it is very reliable. Thee write my full address, surname and name... There all to thee as well as to me will explain, do not experience, I think all it will be good, it is necessary only to believe and to wait:)
My data for thee were kept? If no, I on any case shall iterate: Russia.
city: Tyumen.
Green Street 163 ap. 11.
Vohminceva Elena.
Whole thee my lovely person, with strange holes on a smile:))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
I wait for the answer
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