Scam letter(s) from Svetlana Turnaeva to Pat (Canada)

Letter 1

Hi !!!!!!!!!
Thank for your letter.
You to me are valid me very much involve.
I would like to learn you more close.
While it is very difficult for me to write.
I at all do not know you, but it would be desirable to learn more. Than you are engaged?
Where you work? How you will spend a free time? Why you have paid to me attention? Which you have written thank for words to me. It was very pleasant for me to read these compliments. As to me.
I'm 28 years old.
I am Russian. I was born, have grown, studied, and now I work in city Cheboksary.
This city is in the west of Russia.
It is on a coast of the river Volga.
Our city very beautiful. In 2002 to our city have awarded a rank of the cleanest in Russia.
I too have brought in the contribution that have recognized our city those.
On a trade I am the ecologist. I work on hydroelectric power station. This station is located on a coast of the river of Volga. I look behind that water in the river always was clean. very much love the work. By the way, I have overlooked to tell you. If you will continue with me really to communicate (I very much I want), I should warn you. I can not write to you very much frequently. First I do not have a computer, I should address to services of Internet - cafe.
Second at me such work, that to me sometimes is necessary to spend the night on a workplace.
It, as to work.
Now it is a little about me.
I live with parents.
On an own apartment I while do not have means.
My dream to have the own house in which I would like to live with the future husband.
I would do all that to my husband was cosy in it.
To me it would like, that in my house since morning till night children's voices and laughter ringed. I very much love children!!!!!! Unfortunately I do not have children, but I very much would like to get them shortly. At me already such age, I for a long time should give birth to the child. But unfortunately in my life there were only rascals. The family was not necessary for them, *** was necessary for them only. I it did not accept also I threw these people. You only do not think, that I had very many men. I had serious relations only 2 times. First time when I studied in institute, and the second literally half-year back.
You probably think, as I was solved on finding to myself the husband through the Internet.
I was pushed on it by my girlfriend.
She one year lives with the husband in Germany.
She has got acquainted with him through the Internet.
I have decided to follow to her example.
I have found your structure have read it, and have decided to write to you.
You to me a fuse in soul.
I hope, that our attitudes will develop in something the greater. My dear, please write to me faster.
I very much would like to receive your following letter.
With hope in heart your new girlfriend from Russia Sveta!!!!!!!
Letter 2

Hi my dear!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have now told lies to the chief.
I have told, that it is necessary for me in hospital, and itself have faster run in Internet - cafe to read your letters.
I was very glad, when have received a plenty of your letters.
You a fuse to me in soul. I since the morning might not wait that moment when can read your letters.
I did not know as to ask for leave from work and have decided to tell lies.
I shall begin with the story about the family.
As I wrote to you in the last letters, I live with parents. My mum on a trade the children's doctor.
My father the militarian.
I one daughter at my parents.
But I have cousin.
She is more younger than me for 2 years. We grew together. We with her were the best girlfriends and spent a lot of time together. But now all has exchanged. At her now family, the husband, a daughter. By the way her daughter my goddaughter. I somehow shall send you her photo.
I very much love her. I frequently spend with her the free time. I can potter with her all the day. I very much love children. I very much would like to live near to such person as you. I yet did not meet in life of such people. You very kind, and the main thing, you very careful. My dear, by the way as my English?
I hope, that you without effort understand my letters. I learned English since 8 years.
I studied at very good school, in her very big attention was paid studying of foreign languages.
I still studied German, but unfortunately I had not such successful results as in English.
After school I studied English at university. I studied at the Chuvash State Technical University. I studied as the ecologist. As you already know, I now work on this speciality.
I was glad, that my knowledge have not left in nonexistence. At us in the country now it is very difficult to be employed on that speciality which you receive at university. A lot of my familiar with which I studied now work not there where they would like.
But also at me not all so is safe. I am glad, that I have work, but I do not accept that pay to me very little. Me hardly suffices on life.
Thank my parents which help me.
If it is interesting to you, I shall tell how many to me pay. I receive 3000 roubles per one month if to transfer this sum to your money it will turn out about 100 dollars.
Well all right, something I began to long. We shall not be about sad. It is necessary to be pleased. It is necessary to be pleased to that I have found such person.
I am grateful to the god that he has sent me you. I very much hope for our long attitudes.
My dear I shall wait for your letter with impatience.
Write faster!!!!!!!!
Your new girlfriend from Russia Sveta Turnaeva!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Letter 3

Hi my dear!!!!!!!!!!
I was very much pleased with your letter.
I very much want to arrive to you.
It would be magnificent.
Before, I never where did not go and did not fly.
I very much want to have such travel.
For this purpose it will be necessary for me to issue the passport for travel abroad, the visa, the insurance and to buy the ticket.
I found out about cost of registration of all these papers. I in a condition to pay only the passport and the insurance. It will cost about 250 American dollars.
And registration of the visa and the ticket costs 1150 American dollars. My dear, I very much want to meet you in alive.
But I can not carry out our common dream without your help.
My dear, you can help me with money?????????
You may send me even 900 dollars????????
I very much shall hope for you.
My dear, please write to me the of a home telephone number or a cellular telephone. I want to talk to you about it.
My dear, write to me faster, I shall wait for your letter with impatience!!!!!!!!
With hope and love in heart.
Your Svetlana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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