Letter(s) from Svetlana Turnaeva to Aurelio (Mexico)

Letter 1

HI, my groom Aurelio !!!
How you? At you all is good?
I too very much love you and I dream of our meeting. I would like to arrive to you, but to me have told that For trip to Mexico it is necessary the passport for travel abroad and the visa.
Plus to this cost of the ticket aboard the plane. I have not enough money to make it. But without it We can not meet, what to me to do ?
I never on anybody did not depend in financial questions. But it is possible to solve the problem on another. I shall try to find the necessary sum of money, but I think that at me will fail it and if not can find then You will help me, well? Do not think that you will spend It is a lot of money to me, I am not going to use you. You will not spend many money to me, I shall try To pay the trip, or even its big part.
I think that we shall understand each other without words. And I already now have understood much about you. Can foresee Some features of your character. But about it we shall speak then, after our meeting, On it I finish to write and I shall search for money For trip to you, well?
Your bride Julia!!!
P.S. You may give me the phone number And the full home address?
I do not have phone o it very bad.
I shall try to call to you, well?

Letter 2

HI, my prince Aurelio !!!
You name me Scammer? But for what?
It is inconvenient for me to ask you money, But that to me to do , I very much want to see you And without you I do not present myself the The further life. You my happiness. You all that at me are.
I of nothing understand in that that you have sent me. And I have not enough money for this purpose. Therefore allow to not do to me it?
Well? I shall try to save money for trip to you. On it I finish to write.
With the best regards, yours Julia!!!