Scam letter(s) from Lidia Efimova to John (Ireland)

Letter 1

Hello John!!!!!!!!!!! I am very glad that you answered to me. In this letter I will tell to you slightly about myself. I was born and I live now in Kazan city in the Russian Federation. Kazan is very beautiful and old city.
You sometime heard about it city? You sometime were in Russia? Kazan approximately 850 kilometers from Moscow.
In our city it is a lot of sights and beautiful places. Near my house there is a park. I with my girlfriends like to walk there. In park it is a lot of trees and fountains. Where you like to carry spend a free time?
I shall tell to you slightly about the work.
I work as the teacher in the music school.
I teach children of age 8-12 years. I very much love
the work because I love children. Unfortunately I don't have children. I never be marriage but I really want it. I very much want to have family and children's. I play on musical tools: the piano and a guitar. Do you may play on the musical tools? I like to listen to different music. I like to listen Madonna and more Russians singers i like classic music too.
What music do you like listen?
Do you heard about Russians singers Zemfira? She is the Russian singer. I like she song. She plays the rock.
I like sports. I like to play tennis. Do you play tennis? What sports do you like? It is very interesting to me, i want know about you more more and more. Please answer to my questions!!! It is very impotent to me.
I think that we will be a good friends. I send to you my photo. Do you like my photo?
I waiting with impatience your letter. Lidiya (if you want may call me Lida)
P.S Excuse me for my English. I don't very well speak in English and I use the dictionary. Unfortunately I don't have computer in my home and I write to you from Internet - cafe.
Letter 2

Hello John!!!!!! I am very glad, that you write to me. We have today very cold weather. Now is spring and all time it is raining.
All city very *****, snow thaws and many pools. I love spring but I do not love its beginning. I love the end of spring when the warm sun all nature shines becomes beautiful and the grass and trees turns green. I wait for this time with impatience. What weather you have now? Do you like spring? In this letter I want to tell to you little about my family. I was born May, 1. I am 27 years now. In my family I have only my mum.
She lives in Kazan near to my home.
She works as the seller in book shop.
I very much love my mum, because she one at me.
My daddy was die, when I be 8 years old.
He was broke by the car in auto accident.
I very much love he but Now him is not present with us. My mum lives single. She loves him too.
I also have the aunt and grandmother.
I want write to you why I have decided to get acquainted with you. Two years back I met the guy, but he many drink the alcohol and frequently beat me. Once he has strongly beaten me and I laid in hospital.
I have left him and more did not see him.
I long could not recover from this shock.
You know, at us in Russia guys many drink alcohol.
Now I don't have meet Russian guy and have marriage with he. I know it will be a bed family.
I two years did not meet good guys.
At us in Russia it is very difficultly to find the good person and find a real love.
And consequently I have decided to find the second half in other country.
To me has advised my girlfriend Masha will find my love with Internet. My girlfriend Masha tell me about the, she find her love in this web page. She tell that it is real good web page. She find her husband in it web page.
It is my first experience to become acquainted in the Internet. Excuse me if I do it don't incorrectly.
I don't know what I must doing. Sorry...
In the first step I find Internet Cafe in my city because I don't have compute at my home and in the my work. I registration my profile and than, I try search the real future love. I find your profile and you like to me very much. Than I write to you little letter.
I thought that you will not answer to me.
But you answer to my letter and I was very happy. Now I try learn about you more.
My girlfriend Masha has met the husband with the Internet and now they live together and are very happy. A floor year ago they had wedding.
Unfortunately I should go to my mum. We will prepare the pancakes. You love pancakes? What your favourite foodstuffs?
I like to prepare for pancakes, soup, pizza and other dishes. If one day I want to prepare pancakes to you.
Also I like to prepare any new dishes.
I will wait you answer.
Your friend from Russia Lida
P.S. I send to you some more my photos i do it in my home.
Letter 3

Hello John. Thank you very much that your writing to me. I'm very glad to get your letter. Today work all my day in the music school and now in the evening I write to you from the Internet Cafe. I am interest in astrology too. I very like animals and have a 1 cat. I very like chocolate and sweet things.
I want tell to you about my dream. You know I'm very serious in my intention, I'm dreaming to create a strong and a happy family with my own man.
A woman can't live without a man.
I know that now many women think that to be independent is better, that men have too much power in the world and women must take it from them and to live the way they want.
I feel that they are wrong in something.
The life of a single woman is not that much fun as they want to represent it. She lacks something. When she cares about her family it brings her joy and inspiration to life. And as for me, I want a simple happiness - I want to get up in the morning and to smile to my beloved man, to say how much I love him. I want to kiss his eyes and to help him to believe in this morning and in this new day.
I want to hear the voices of our children - full of happiness and laughter.
I've never had it in my life before - I think that I should belong to the only one man in the world.
But before we should learn each other better.
I wait with impatience of your letters.
Your friend Lida
P.S. Today I wanted, send to you a more my photos, but I have forgotten a disk with my photos in my house. In Internet Cafe I don't have my photos. Sorry... I will send to you my new photos in the next letter.
Letter 4

Hello my friend John!!!!!!
Now I come to the Internet Cafe and read your letter. Thank you for your letter very much. I happy read it. I like your letters much. I had a lot of works in my music school. I with children in music school have concerts in palace of culture. We very long training for concerts and these day were complete. I with my children in the music group be very happiness in this music concerts.
I had anxiety and fear before this important concert. This concert was really important for me and for my music group. I very much like music. My music group - children which I training for a concert has received 1 place in competition. We have presents and diploma.
I and my group be very very happy.
But all time in it concert I think about you and your letters. I was not absolutely happy because thought about you. I miss about your letters and you.
Each day I think about you about us about our relationship. The dialogue with you brings pleasure in my life. I think that we become more good friend and may be more. It is my dream.
Yesterday I went to the cinema with my girlfriend Masha. We see the film - Chicago.
It is very fascinating fantastic and interesting film. It is liked to me.
I was admiration of camera work and scenario.
Usually my favorite films are the novels about love but this film exception.
We at a cinema have new system of a sound Dolby Digital it creates effect presence in the stage emotions of film. It was interesting and I had many good impressions. But strongest was from that as I have seen the man and woman they were in love.
They sat on back line and have kiss. I will be very happy from that idea. I for one minute have presented as I and you when to the in cinema too.
From these ideas I became slightly sad because you are very far from me and I can not see you now I can not talk to you in real time to look in your eyes.
It well be only my dream. But I want that this dream became a reality. You like cinema? I like cinema very much.
Excuse me for long letter but I had many emotions and impression from this day.
Now I go to home. I waiting for your letter.
Your good friend Lida.
P.S. I send more my photos to you. And photo my cat I live with my cat in my home now 6 years and i like my cat very much. I very much love animals.
I want see your photos too.
P.S. Tell me more detail about your free time and about your work, what do you do???
Letter 5

My dearest John!!!!!!
I’m fine thank you, and very glad to get your letter! Age it not very important.
It is very important for me what you in soul.
Age it only additional knowledge.
Believe all you depend on that with whom.
If you with children you too will be the child.
If you with beautiful and young girl that to you again will be 21. You probably and itself know that it so.
It is very important for me that you are good.
And how are you? Your letter is very special for me, reading it I start feeling that you are looking for the same as me. You feel a little bit lonely, and that’s makes sad.
I know it, because I feel the same. I have dream, I want to know what does it mean to love and to be loved. I think that it’s the greatest feeling in the world. It’s the only thing which can make a person happy. And I need it. I think that when you are alone, when you don't have your sweetheart, your life is not so bright and seems to be a little bit empty. Even to enjoy the things you like is much more pleasant when you do it with your loving person, I know that you will agree with me.
what can I tell you about myself, I'm an active person, I think that we live just once and we should try to get everything that the life has to give us. I think that it’s better to do something then just to sit, waiting that somebody will bring it to you. I like romance and I want it to be an unseparated part of my married life.
I'll try to make my future husband the happiest man in the world.
In me he'll always find a necessary support and understanding love and care.
I understand that life is not only a holiday but I want to share everything with my dearest man.
Your good friend Lida.
Letter 6

My dearest John!!! Thank you very much for your letter, thank you very much for your tender words. I don't know what happened but since I read your last letter you took a lot of my thoughts. Something tells me that finally I met the man I was looking for. I can't explain it. I just feel it. When I come to the Internet cafe and open my mailbox my heart starts beating faster, because I'll see your letter. It’s always such a pleasure to read it! I like sharing my thoughts and views with you, and I'm so happy when I see your understanding and support. I want this our relations to continue and maybe step by step, word by word, will come to the real LOVE???
Dear John I ask you to share your feelings with me, I’d like to know maybe your heart also tells you something?
Thinking about you....
P.S. Today I make many my photos and I send to you it. Write what you think about my photos, do you like it?
Your Lida.
Letter 7

Hello my dear John!!!!!! Thank you for you letter.
I am unhappy to read your letter.
Age it not very important.
It is very important for me what you in soul. Age it only additional knowledge.
Believe all you depend on that with whom. If you with children you too will be the child. If you with beautiful and young girl that to you again will be 28. You probably and itself know that it so. It is very important for me that you are good. I so to want be your lady and yours princess in life. I so strongly to miss for you, that I to not represent life without you. Today I to go at an exhibition the French artist. I to see there picture, where the girl kiss with the man. I long to stand and to look in this picture and to present us with you. I to close eyes and to present, that we to be on a coast the river only two. The easy wind blows, the summer sun, water in the river very quiet shines.
A grass easily shakes and the cane rustles. We sit a two on a coast the river and we are happy. You to hold me in the hands and us so it is good, that more than nothing it is necessary also we are ready to sit so all life. Then we to lay in a grass and long long kiss. I was so is exited my ideas, that I could not look a picture any more and I at once to write to you.
It is very a pity, that to me only my dreams.
I to want be with you and to carry out them.
Your forever Lida.
You should make the choice.
I shall not be to you that to speak because.
It is your destiny
With congratulations Lida
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