Scam letter(s) from Larisa Poshtovnuk to Dewald (South Africa)

Letter 1
Hello Dewald! How are you? I am happy to get your letter and to have a chance to meet you and I am sure we'll try our best to turn this small luck into happiness.
I believe that you'll agree that correspondence will not replace personal communication. A look, a gesture, a touch will replace dozens of letters. There is a great distance between us and I do hope that our letters to each other, our hopes, goals and thoughts shared with each other will help us to come to know these two people Larisa and Dewald. I hope that we'll make it! This way of communication is new to me. I find it hard to tell about myself remaining objective and modest…….. But still, let me try…
I was born on July 22, I am a Cancer. I live in Ukraine, in the beautiful city of Odessa. Odessa is a Sothern sity located on the Black Sea shore. Odessa is most beautiful in summer, for it bathes in the greenery. It's called the Pearl near the Black Sea. I hope that once you'll see it with your own eyes.
There are three children in our family.My elder sister is called Olga, my younger brother is Alex. We are very close and we care for each other. I love my mother very much. She is the dearest person for me . In my childhood, I was a very obidient and sensitive child. When my parents critisized me , I got very upset and I vexed. Childhood is the happiest and the best time in my life. I think about it when I look at my baby nephew ,my brother's son. My nephew's name is Vladislav. He is 9 months old now. He is so cute, like and angle and very funny. He is making his first steps nowadays, say something, but it looks so sweet and so funny-he is still very little. When our family gathers together , Vladik is always the center of our attention, he is loved by everybody.
I like meeting my friends, going to the cinema, concerts. But most of all I like to walk along the sea, no matter what season it is. I am very sociable. I feel very comfortable having fun and dancing at the parties and also leading a serious conversation. I like listening to the classical music and also POP music. It depends upon my mood , events or a moment.
I am realistic, but deep inside, I am an incorrigeable romantic. I adore getting flowers. White roses are my favourite. Most of all I appreciate when they are given without any reason, just to make me feel thought of, cared for and treasured. I feel very pleased with it-I am a WOMAN.
I want to tell you one thing. I've never been married and I'd like to make this step once and for good. I take marriage very seriously. I dream of having my own family. Based on love, respect, faithfulness, care for each other, mutual understanding. I hope to meet that only one- a clever, self-confident, kind and reliable man, towards whom I could show how feminine, tender, caring and kind I am. To be who our Almighty has created me- to be a WOMAN.
It's very important to me that our family will be a very important part of my future partner's life. Our home is our nest, where we could be happy in the company of each other, discuss the events of the day, problems, ask for some advice and the fall asleep in each others' hands smiling happily… The most important thing is to be able to forgive each other if we made a mistake, no matter what is happening, to support each other. It may sound too ideal, but I think that it's necessary to just respect each other and be ready to compromize for the sake of each other. And then things will sure work out. For "life is too short to be rehearsed."
Dewald, I think I should tell you(so that to establish honest and trustful relations between us ) that I use the translation services for I neither have PC at home nor do I speak fluent English.
Take care.
Letter 2
Hello Dewald! Thanks a lot for your kind letter and for your compliments. I am sure they come from your heart. I do hope that despite the distance between us, we'll be able to correspond often so that we can become closer and closer , so that we'll be able to confide into each other and share our inner thoughts and ideas. We do have much in common. You know some people say that people who are absolutely different get attached to each other easily, but I am convinced that only people with the same or at least similar interests, values, aims can get on well.
Lol, so you say that my letter is written from the heart and not from the hip, thanks a lot for the compliment.
I like your philosophical approach to life.
I also look for intimacy in each side of our lives.
Dewald, please, send me some pictures of yourself.
You know, Dewald, , perhaps I'm too old fashioned. But I don't feel any interest in communication with different men. I dream to have one, my one and only, dear person. Who would be proud of me. Next to whom I would be who I am. Without game and falsity. I would dress up , flirt and listen to his compliments and I would thank with a tender kiss. I want to take care of him and to share days and nights, happiness and rainy days with him. I want to wake up in the morning, hug him, feel joy and happiness and say: " I'm so happy that we have each other. I love you so much..." And then to look at him and tell myself, " today I am going to try to ****** him again! " ….. what do you think about this?
Why this search of your soul mate takes such a big part of life!!!
I have never been married but I dream to have my own family, to hear kids voices and to watch my children make their first steps in this life, open its wonders for themselves.
I dreamt many times trying to figure out that time, when this man with whom we'll share everything will be with me. Our love, our care, faith,hopes, achievements, problems and joys shared between two of us. I asked God of it many times. I dream to have a son or a daughter. The fruit of our love. Looking at this baby with curly hair and happy eyes, I'll be happy that I have these two dearest people in the whole world. Our child will call me- Mommy and his father- Daddy... It's an unbelievable feeling, and it can't be expressed with words.:))
I'm sincere with you and hope that my feelings are mutual. I dream that we can build real, beautiful relations without falsity with you...
Letter 3
Hello my Dear Dewald, You know it feels so great to come and pick up your letter. Your letters fill my day with the sensation of being thought of, cared for and it feels so great and I feel very warm in my heart.
I like that we are so close now that we share our inner thoughts, deepest desires and wishes. We talk so freely and we confide in each other so much. I like telling you about my day-to-day events and I also feel great and not at all shy joking with you and telling you things that I usually don't share with people.
Thanks a lot for answering my questions. I was very curious about the answers. I like them and I'd like to tell you that I'd like to dedicate as much time to my family and my husband as possible so that we can come to know each other very well.
Dear Dewald,I have to cut myself short for I have to pay for our correspondence translations and also for my pictures scanning.
I am sorry to hear about your computer, poor you, you suffer from a machine.
Dewald, I was amazed when you've said that you'd choose Venice for honeymoon. It's the city of my dreams.
Take care,
Letter 4
Hello My Dear Dewald, How are you? Yes, I am missing you. I can see now that you've changed your address and that probably means that you've had your computer repaired.
Thanks for your pictures.
Dewald, I have talked to the director about the money transfer and she said that you can transfer it through the bank as you have no other ways like WU or something like that.
Dear Dewald, the words of the song are beautiful and I feel that "Love is in the air".
You were a great kid and an attracrive young man. And now you have a very kind and open face,
Kisses and kisses,
Letter 5
Hello my Dear Dewald, How are you?You know a very interesting and pleasant thing happened to me this morning. I was peacefully having my breakfast when a telephone ring broke the silence, I stood up and came up to the phone, picked up the receiver being a bit angry that I was disturbed. A female voice asked me if I was Larisa Poshtovnuk I said "Yes", wondering why I am asked my name. Then she said that I'd be delivered wonderful flowers this morning from a very interesting and attentive man. Are you intrigued, Dewald? I started asking myself who the man could be, then I told myself it could only be my dear ........ D, do you want to know his name? I asked the woman the name of the man and do you know what she answered? Try to guess . She said that the man's name is Dewald Vrey. THANKS A LOT DEAREST FOR BEING SO VERY ATTENTIVE TO ME. I appreciate very much. You really know how to make me feel very special.
So how's your stomach? No real rest you are right, Dewald. But now I am getting really sick. I had a very hard time on Sunday and I was taken to hospital. I have a stomach ulcer and they also found some liquid in my head. I was terrified, my God! I am afraid it's very serious.
My favourite colors are white, black, white. I like Pop music"Roxette","Taxes".
Kisses, please, pray for me,
Thinking of you,
Your Larisa.
Letter 6
Hello my Dearest Dewald, How are you? Sorry for the silence but it seems as if I had serious problems. I had a very hard night from Ssturday to Sunday and I was taken to ambulance. Now I have all the possible tests done that's why I can't write much now. The doctors are really worried and as for me I am terrified.
P.S. The flowers are wonderful. they remind me of you.
Letter 7
Hello my Dear Dewald, Happy Birthday! Wish I could be with you on such a special day and can congratulate you in the way only a loving woman can:-)
Our Christmas was very very nice. The day was very snowy and we had all our family at my sister's. The table was served very fine, we had much fun.
I don't know what the cause of my ulcer was. I am somehow surprised how serious it has become. I still spend almost all days in hospital. Doctors know what to do with my ulcer but they know nothing how to treat the liquid in my head. That scares me most of all and though they don't make any definite diagnosis, and this really terrifies me. I can't think about anything but this.
Dear Dewald, I appreciate your care and your tender attention very much. You are very special for me.
Please, have a great time celebrating your birthday.
Larisa is thinking about you and missing you.
Letter 8
Hello my Dearest Dewald, How are you? Happy St. Valentine's! Thanks a lot for the sweets. They were so tasty and the shape is just wonderful. Is it your heart or mine? Thanks also for the greeting card!
Thanks for the links as well. The site is so picturesque and nature is so very wonderful!
So do you see the small spot on my body which was bitten by a love bug? I am very happy to hear that Friday was a great day for your business. I can imagine how great you looked in a tuxedo. Don't miss your hair too much. I have enough for both of us.
So, how's the weather now there? Is it still raining? or the sun has already dried away all the puddles?
I have my arrow here, Dewald. Are you coming to pick it up?
Wow, I am really amazed with your story about the lady. You know, Dewald, it amazes me sometimes how much we resemble some people who live very far from us and who are not related to us anyhow.
Oh, Dewald, you have such a deep perception of my pictures. I am really amazed how exactly you manage to describe what you see in my pictures.
Dear Dewald, I'll be able to take from 7 to 10 days off my work. I understand that you'll need an invitation. I can't do it myself, but you can address the director and you'll be sent an invitation.
I am looking forward to your letter, my Dear!
I am very happy that we'll meet soon.
Passionate kisses,
Your Larisa.
Letter 9
Hello Dewald, Hello my Dearest! I am doing fine, especially now having your letter in front of my eyes. My Dear, your letters bring so much joy and happiness to me.
Please, tell me why your Monday was so crazy, OK? How's the weather now there?
So, my Dear, is the traveller's agency still alive? What did they tell you? Will you be here on March 9? Please, tell me the exact time so that I can wait for you at the airport, OK? Dear Dewald, I guess you'd better use the agency's number: 38-048-7775462 (Odessa, Ukraine).
Your Kittens are great!. But have not you noticed my compliments to you? You are so caring about your kittens. That's just wonderful that your neighbors and you are on friendly terms. I am just amazed how much they mean to you and how caring you are. You'll be a wonderful husband and father.
I can't believe that we'll meet so soon.
I am counting the days until our meeting
Letter 10
Hello my Dearest Dewald, I am very happy to get your letters. I am also looking forward to our meeting.
My Dear, I am sad to hear that your secretary is sick and that you have to face all those clients and problems on your own. I'll pray for your success.
I am very happy to hear that the flights are booked and that I have your definite dates of arrival. I did not know that you were coming that early! So, I guess I'll have to wake up early in the morning.
Dear Dewald, I think that the best way to rent an apartment is to address the director of the translation services. It's good because I can go there and check it, because you'll be 100% sure that it'll be what it is and not some fine pictures and then a miserable place instead. And you'll also be able to pay for it on your arrival. Sure, I can't make you make any decision, but I think it's a good way.
Please, don't apologize for being emotional. When we see each other, you'll also be able to make sure that I am a rather emotional lady.
I am very happy to hear that you had a great time with your clients. Dewald, I can't wait to see you.
Looking forward to hearing from you. Can you imagine that we'll see each other in less than 2 weeks?
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