Romance scam letter(s) from Alexandra Vertinskay to Georg (Germany)
Letter 1
Hello my new friend.
I was very glad to receive your letter.
Excuse that I might not write to you at once.
I work much and I have no a house of the computer.
I write you from my girlfriend.
I would like to tell to you about a few about myself: As you already know my name Aleksandra.
To me of 29 years and I live in Russia in city under name Kazan. I work in a kindergarten. I bring up small children. My work is very interesting.
I love children. I do not have children but very much would like to have. I want to find persons which It might be. Which respected and would love me. For some reason I could not find such person. In Russia because our men not so well concern to girls. They like to drink alcoholic Drinks. I know that the German men so do not concern to alcohol and well concern To girls. I think that I can like you. Tell me about it. I think that good relations are under construction on trust and respect of people to each other. I think that we should find out each other better that we relations were more strong.
I live with the parents. To my mum of 48 years and daddy 52 years. They are happy in the marriage and till now like each other. My mum all life worked at school in elementary grades, and daddy worked as the builder. Daddy developed projects of buildings. Now mine mum and daddy on pension.
I too want which such husband I would love all life and the husband would love me.
I do not have native brothers and sisters but I have cousin.
At leisure I like to go to cinema and to listen to music of different directions on my mood.
Than you like to be engaged at leisure?
Still I very much like to prepare for different dishes.
Tell to me more about itself.
Hope to receive news from you shortly.
Your friend from Aleksandra.
Letter 2
Hello my dear, Georg !
I am very glad that you have written to me!!!! Each your letter is a drink of sweet feelings!!! I love you!!!!
I want you to warn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As I have understood from your letter- This that that you were going to arrive to me to Russia!!!!??? I think that it to do it is not necessary, Because we with you so shall spend very many money To have to pay in 2 times more, Because that you have arrived!
And then back and I with you contain- Consider itself, my dear, what big it is expenses for tickets, But if I shall go itself to you it will be In 2 times is cheaper! And when we with you shall begin to live together, When at us the child will appear, I be employed, We together shall earn and we shall arrive together on a visit to my parents!!!!!
Such idea was offered me by parents, You see they worry for your financial budget!
They do not want that you so spent money for this purpose much!!!!!!!! I love you!!!! I think that you changing understand my sweet peach!!? I think so will be cheaper!!!!!!!
Whole you in your gentle lips!!!!
Your future wife Aleksandra
Letter 3
Hello my sweet heart, Georg !
I love you so mach!!!!
Lovely my peach I was so am happy to receive from you the letter today!!!!!
At me even has intercepted breath when I have found so much your letters in my box.
Native mine you sound similarly to Romeo!!!! I was so much compliments never received from anybody.
It is so much heat so much love I is simple from your words. I can not be far from you I more be unable to sustain this torture. I so would like you to tell so much much that in letters it to not be laid.
Ah why we so far apart and I do not know as it is possible to overcome this distance.
If it was simply possible to close eyes and having opened them again to appear near to you.
I would give all for this miracle. But such we will not need to do something to connect our hearts.
But what as we are able to do it? If I might I tomorrow sat aboard the plane and have flied to you!!!!!
And you would meet me at the airport probably with colors and a smile. In one instant I would feel your strong embraces!!!
I would give a floor of life to appear in your warm hands.
Lovely, pleasure mine, sweet mine tell that to me to do(make)? I can not more without you!!!
I love you you love me if we shall not be together I shall die!!! In the street already darkens also to me it becomes slightly sad. Lovely write to me faster.
Dear, it is not necessary to send mail money. Because it is dangerous. They may not reach me.
My girlfriend has advised it to do by the Western Union. It is fast and safe.
I shall wait your answer with fragile heart!!!
The most sweet kiss in your lips my prince!!!!!!
With all love and respect Aleksandra!!!!
Letter 4
Hello my sweet, Georg!!!!
I love you!!!!
Pleasure I have received your next letter and as always was very glad! Today remarkable day sweet mine. And at me remarkable mood! Only in the street today it is dirty. Snow which has dropped out he many pools have thawn and now.
I do not like such weather. Lovely what your loved season? I love winter and summer!
Today to us with mum visitors will come and we shall prepare for something tasty.
To us friends of mum will come. They have arrived from city Samara. We for a long time did not see them I pleasantly I want them to surprise and tell that I have found the most remarkable person!
And when they will ask who it I shall tell that it you lovely. Dear and you have already told about us to your friends???
What they think of our relations they saw my photo?
I can learn sweet my peach about cost of the visa and tickets up to you. You want that I have learned? Whether so we shall know really really we may meet.
Lovely time so is painful. But I want that you knew that you always will be at me in ideas.
I think of you day and night night and day. Each day I check a mail and I am afraid that I shall not see there your letter.
I so am afraid of you to lose!!!! I can not live without you lovely!!! On evenings I look at the star sky and I dream of us!!!
When I long think of you to me begin to seem that you here with me beside. And I am afraid to stop to think because it seems to me that if I it shall make that you disappear.
And I do not want that you have disappeared I want that you were always. Also were only with me and with anybody more!!!
I do not want you to divide with anybody! You mine and only mine? And I only your and nobody's was more and so will be always loved. Is not present road, you will not require hotel.
We may remove together an apartment. It not so is expensive.
I shall interpellate about the invitation and I shall inform you the information.
Dear, Western Union is a department or office for remittance. It is in each bank.
On it I shall finish the letter lovely.
To me it is necessary to go to help mum I adore you also strong whole in your lips.
With love and respect yours Aleksandra!!
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