Letter(s) from Galina Denisova to Thomas (Germany)

Letter 1

Good afternoon! I liked your questionnaire and I have become interested in you. My name is Galina, me of 30 years. I'm merry, the cheerful person. Write to me, I wait from you for the letter.

Letter 2

Good afternoon! Many thanks for the fine letter. You the surprising person. Certainly, to copy it it is wonderful. But it is better than the person to see, communicate. How you think? What ideas at you will be on the account of it? While. With impatience I wait for the answer. Galina.

Letter 3

Good afternoon! Many thanks for the letter. It is very pleasant for me to communicate with you. But I should pay services of the translator. For me it is a little expensive, Could you to send me even 50 dollars to pay the following five letters. Yours faithfully, Galina.

Letter 4

Hello, Thomas! This is adress for western union
My adrees for money:
Denisova Galina Vasilievna