Scam letter(s) from Natalia Demidova to Eky (Australia)

Letter 1
Hi my love Eky! It is Natalya again :) I have just finished my job and called to Olga to know if money came but she told me that when she cheked agency's bank account in the afternoon money still didn't come...I just don't know what's happening and why it is so big delay and Olga told me to come to her in the evening may be monet transfer will be done in the evening and I will write you anyway in the evening. About my calls to you I just don't know why I can't but I will try to call you tomorrow. I hope that today evening money cam and I will go to Moscow tomorrow. I hope that all problems will be solved and we will be together in a week! I am so happy that I will be in your arms soon! Ok I will go home now and write you evening. With all my love to you, Your flower Natalya
Letter 2
Hello my love. I am little worry because I am sitting now in the library and my e-box is empty and you didn't write me... :( It made me a sad because I hope that you wrote me a lot warm words but you didn't ....My love Eky please try to write me as often as possible because you are the sense of my life and now I just can't imagine my future life without you my honey...I have just returned from Olga and she told me that money didn't come and my darling Ekram please go to the bank on Monday and resend money by usual transfer and as you did it last time send a copy of bank paper to Olga's and my address. I am praying God that everything will be fine and we will be together in about a week. I hope that if you resend money on Monday then I will get them in the end of next week and I will be able to come to you in the beginning of November. When money come Olga will book a nearest flight for me and I will inform you about schedule. I love you my darling and all what I want now is to be in your arms and I am ready to repeat this words many many times and really want to say them to you personally with great impatience. I am sure that we will be together and spend great time together. I have to go now and it is very cold here! I will come to the library tomorrow morning and hope that you will write me a letter with a lot of warm words. I love you my Eky, Your Natalya
Letter 3
Hi my prince Eky! I think that it is night in your country and I am thinking about you so strong that I think that now you see me in your dreams! I at least hope on it. I love you very much and want to be with you my love. Please dear Eky write me as soon as you return from the bank because I need to inform Olga about it and please don't be angry that I am bothering you but please don't forget to send a copy of bank paper. I just need to bring it to Olga. I think that if everything will be fine then we will go to Moscow in the end of next week and all problems will be solved at last and I will be in your arms. I am want it so much my darling Eky! Today it is snowing all day again and I am afraid that winter came! It would be very strange but today i heard wireless and the weather forecast told that in a day temperature will be +10C and al snow become a water! I think that there will be a lot of water! Ok my love I will be waiting for your answer tomorrow and remember that I love you and missing about you a lot. Your princess from Russia, Your Natalya
Letter 4
Please, my love Eky!!! Answer me very soon. I have a problem here, really a problem. I will explain you now. I was in the embassy today and talked with Olga's friend. My visa is ready, but for receiving it I should show the money for staying in Australia. Olga's friend told me about it and he told that he can't give me a visa because I will be cheked that I have enough money in the airport anyway. I just don't know what to do...I'm very worried now, if we'll be able to solve the problem. I need 3000 USD. It's a great money, I don't know what to do now. I should show 100 dollars on each day of living there because it's a law...I asked him about this law and he answered that this law was made because a lot of people are going to foreign countries using a tourist visa and stay there as an illegal immigrants... (bandits, prostitutes and so on)...Also I will need to show return ticket. I have the return ticket but I don't have the money. Please, write me if we can solve this problem now...I'm very scared and just don't know what to do because I need to show this money before 4th of November...I asked there if we can solve the problem another way. You are the only one resort for me now and please if you are able try to help me and I promise that I won't waste this money and return them to you immediately in the airport. We are still staying in Moscow and if it will be necessary I will stay here all this week. I need to go to meeting with Olga's friend tomorrow and I need to have this monye already. I am really in panic now...Olga sitting here with me and she told that there is a fast way for money transfer - to use Western Union or Money Gram. I don't know what is it but Olga told me that branches of this system transfer situated practically in each bank and please my love Ekram try to understand and help me because I just don't see another way. I promise that I won't waste this money and return you immediately in the airport when we will meet. Please, answer soon, I don't know what to do..I will be sitting here, waiting for your reply... Love you, Natalya
Letter 5
Hi my love...I really understand you situation and I know that you don't have this sum of money now. But I need to do now? I am in a blind-alley now because if I won't show money then all will be useless...Money which you sent me is paid to the agency and you need to understand that if I made a payment and they started preparing then how they can return this money to me? What guarantee they have that I won't leave Russia without paying their service? The fact is and I told you that I need to show money to Olga's friend and to the custom which mean that I need to have this 3000 USD in the airport in my hands. Olga advise me to use on way that if you can transfer this money to the agency's bank account and send em a copy of bank paper after she will send this copy to her work and they will send money under Olga's guarantee here to Moscow, we show money to Olga's friend, take a visa, return home, return money to Olga's work and waiting when money will come. After Olga will book a nearest flight to you and I will write you a schedule. I think that it is the only one way for us now and please try to help me because I don't want to lose you my darling I will die if I won't meet you....I love you my darling and want to be with you at last...Please try to help me as soon as possible because I need to show this money on Tuesday. But if you will make a transfer then please send them by usual transfer and ask in the bank how much time it will take. I am sitting here and waiting for your answer. I am very nervous and this problems really exhausted me. Please my love write me soon, Your Natalya
Letter 6
My darling Ekram. It is morning here and I am sitting in the cyber cafe now with Olga and you letter made me the saddest woman in the world...I just don't know what to do and I think that I have a only one way now because today I need to show money to Olga's friend and get a visa. Yesterday evening I called to my home twice and my father talked with all our relatives and friends and was able to borrow some money and today afternoon he will send me about 1000 USD but unfortunately it is not enough and I need to have other 2000 USD. You told me that you have investment in the bank but you don't want to get them because you will lose 10%. Does it mean that you appreciate money more then our relation and you are ready to destroy all our dreams owing to this 10%? It is 200 USD from 2000 USD and I am in shock if you are really think so. You know in what situation I am now and I told you many times that I won't waste this money and also I will ask my father to borrow money which you will lose from your investments and return you in the airport on our meeting. Today we will go to Olga's friend and and try to delay time of showing money but my resort only you and if your next letter will be with answer "no" then all what I need to do - cancel all preparing and return you money. But I don't think that money is a reason for destroy all about what we dreamed...I will be waiting for your response and anyway I trust that we will be together soon. I love you, Your Natalya
Letter 7
Hi my dear Ekram. Thank you very much for your help and I am very glad that all problems solved and we will be together soon! Today I went to the bank and got a money and now I have all sum for showing and getting my visa. Tomorrow I will go to Olga and ask her to book a flight for me on 17th of November and send you an information about it as soon as possible. I am very tired today and it is more interesting because I don't see a reasons for it! Anyway I think that I will go home, take a shower, drink a cup of tea and go to bed. I love you my dear Ekram and thank you for all what you are doing for us...I will write you tomorrow. With all my love to you, Your princess Natalya
Letter 8
Hi Ekram. It is Olga. I just has returned from hospital from Natalia and I was shocked with that that you have written! Natalia did not want you to deceive - she(it) really now in hospital in very heavy condition and it is disgusting to hear such words for it(her) when your support is necessary for it(her). I thought that you love her (it) but after such words I in it doubt. For it(her) there is nobody more important you and if I to it(her) shall tell that you have written I am afraid that she(it) will die. All our friends by turns are on duty at it(her) and complex(difficult) operation soon is necessary it(her) and we all we pray that all will be good. The address of hospital: Clinical Hospital N33, Russia, 603076, prospekt Lenina, 54 I need to go and I under request Natalia's mum shall come here tomorrow though to tell the truth after your words I do not have desire with you to communicate.
Letter 9
Ekram. I am so sorry that I didn't answer you but I think that you know that I was in the hospital because of car accident and it is total truth. You want to know all the truth and here it is. I understand that it is all terrible because I destroyed all your dreams but I want to tell you that anyway I have a tender feelings for you and you are really good man and you deserve happiness. I know that I don't deserve forgiveness but after this letter may be you will understand me. Some month ago my brother was in the hospital a lot of time and doctors told us after month that my brother need operation for transplantation of liver and he told that for it we need to have a donor and that such kind of operation cost very expensive and if we want our brother alive he need operation this year. You are a doctor and I think that you know how much such kind of operation cost...We were really sad about it and just can't imagine where get a money and I saw a program on TV about is and decide to use this way. I know that it is terrible thing from me but at least now our family have a money and my brother will be live. You wanted a truth and here it is. And you need to decide what to do - you can go to KGB or somewhere else but I think that you have a relatives too and now my destiny in your hands and I am not judge for you. If you will go to KGB then I will go to prison...such a life...but after my communication with you I understood that you are perfect man and it is my opinion. Natalya
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