Scam letter(s) from Svetlana Kudryavtceva to Jorge (Spain)

Letter 1
Hi my dear Jordi I to receive your letter.
I now to go from the corporation in which to do documents. And I at once to go in the Internet of cafe to inform you that I to make the visa. I to you want to say that confirmation about that that the visa is ready has come still last night. Very well, now it is necessary only to order the ticket and we shall be together my LOVE.
It is very not convenient to me at first I to ****** to you. And now I ask you to help to me. I to see cost of the ticket. Most not the expensive ticket cost 415 $. But I am not sure that I can to find all sum. I am possible to find 100 $. It is very not convenient. But I ask you to help me and to transmit to me 300 $. And as soon as money will be for me. At once to book a ticket and in 2-3 days we shall be together. I very much to be afraid for that that you can not to me help.
I with such impatience waited for that moment when we at last that shall be together. I simply flied on wings love, that I to not think at all of that that money and on the ticket is necessary to me. But if you will help to me that I on 100 % shall be sure that you to meet me. I and so am sure in it.
You to ask what to like to eat for breakfast, dinner, supper. Do not experience I very much to like to prepare. And I to prove to you that I not the bad cook. I to write to you what dishes I to prepare. But I do not know as it will be in English. But it is very tasty and be not stirred for it.
You probably wanted to make so that to me it was good and for example to rise and to prepare to me coffee in bed. But I it want. And I want to bring to you coffee in bed. I want that you rose also I already breakfast is ready. You as ask than I to like to be engaged. I to you shall say. I to like to go in cinema, theatres. I to like sports. I want to be engaged with you in all. I want romantic supper at suppositories. I want to enjoy a nature with you. For example such pictures as rise the sun, as it to have a seat. I want to go for a walk with you on park. I want to do all. But only to be with you.
I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!!
You my god.
I very much am afraid to receive your following letter. I to be afraid to receive that for you now problems with money. That we need to wait. But I will believe that all well.
And we next week shall be together.
I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!
With impatience I wait for your answer.
On eternity yours Sveta.
I very wait for your perfect photos.
Letter 2
Hi my love Jordi I to receive your letter. And at the first possibility to write to you the answer.
I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am very glad that you agree to help me. And I am very happy that we very very soon shall together. I happiest on light. You my god. I to worship you.
I want to be with you for ever.
I to thank you for a photo. You my god.
You very beautiful. I to believe you in all.
I to receive your message that it is necessary that you have translated money to the ticket which I is sure to bring to me happiness.
You best.
You speak that money better to translate under the postal order. I yesterday to go in bank after I to write to you. And to learn how you can transmit to me money. To me have said that I can open the score, and after you will translate money will be on the score through 5-7 working days.
But me as have said that we with you can use Western Union. While translating of money by this way money I receive I can as will pass 15 minutes, after you will translate. And the data of my complete name are necessary only to you and city in which the translation is made. It as soon as you translate per the same day I to take out and to go to order the ticket. And if you to translate money tomorrow that we already in the environment or on Thursday we can be together. I think to account of that what is the time I shall be with you. I want to be with you for ever. I shall order the ticket back last day of the visa. I shall arrive to you for one month. But if we suddenly want on other I can interchange the ticket. For example we to stay week for you and behind that we shall go to me or what that the friend variants.
I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!
You my god !!!!!!!!!
I want to be with you for ever.
You speak about the postal order but I to think that this translation very long. And we still long should wait. And I want to be with you right now. You ask a copy of the passport and visa. But I spoke you that the visa was done in Moscow and I can not make a copy of the visa.
And passport also in the corporation but here. I have kept it there to not go with it, and to not forget when I shall gain the ticket.
I want to be with you.
I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!!
I only ask you be serious.
With impatience I wait for your answer. My address : Russia
city : Ivanovo
street : pr. Lenina h. 15 / 23
Index 153036
My passport : 78 99 05739
My full name: Sveta Kudryavtceva
Letter 3
Hi my love Jordi I to receive your letter. I to see that you inflamed. Be not stirred very well. I to you have said that I to believe you. My mum believes you. Simply after that that with me to happen she experiences. You know what parents? They to be stirred for. I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!! I want to be with you as soon as possible. I today on operation already to agree that I at any moment, and most likely this week already to leave in holiday. To me to approve of that that I to say. II want to be with you.
I to ask you how you will help to me?
I to think that Western Union it is very good. And as soon as you to translate money I at once to order the ticket and we already through 2aiy we shall be together. You my god. I want to be with you. For ever. I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you now can not that write.
It is necessary 300 $. I as want to introduce the contribution to our trip. You my god. My largest dream at present it that we would meet and did not part for ever. I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!! I to believe that together we that that to make that we did not part for ever. I think of you permanently for one minute I can to not think of you. Your image costs for me before eyes.
I often to represent as we shall be together. And it very much to like me. But to become a little sadly that we yet together and we can not together enjoy life. To talk about all and there is nothing. Simply to admire the friend the friend. I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With impatience I wait for your answer.
On eternity yours Sveta.
I ask what your further operations will say you?
Letter 4
HI my love Jordi.
I now to go from the airport to come into embassy.
There to me have said that the visa is ready. But me her to return only if I to present help about that that I have a bank account on 3000 $. And to present cash. It to me have said it is necessary to pass a customs. To me have said that at date of stay in Spain it is necessary to have 100 $.
I simply now to sit and to cry and I do not know that to me to do. I to not want to think of that that this obex to us on forces.
What to do what??
I do not know that to me to do I to hope that you to answer to me very soon.
I feel lonely, but I to believe that you very soon will answer.
I do not know what to do.
For me only one idea.
I ask you to translate me this money. I understand what is it very huge sum. But I any more do not know what to do.
If you to find and to translate money today and today I them to take out that I tomorrow I shall arrive and at once to return you this money.
I to hope that you to make all to help me.
Understand that money is necessary only that them to show and after that I to return to you them.
I do not want to think of that that you will not check long mail. I to hope that you to check up mail and at once to accept solution.
I implore you answer as soon as possible.
I am very sad.
I feel not so well.
I implore you. I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!! I with impatience wait for your answer.
On eternity yours Sveta.
Letter 5
I now to sit down the computer as he was only released.
You do not understand me.
To me have said that money needs to be brought in embassy and the visa is given only if there is this help. For each day of arrival should be 100 $. As I am necessary to present meal to you for 30 days to me in embassy 3000 $ them that they have given the visa.
I now how to eat I to go in embassy and to speak that you for me take all expenditures. I to ask and if he will send me the prompt or other with what that the document that is possible that that to make. They have said that the visa is ready tourist. And on documents I should have money.
I implore you find money translate to me, I to collect the visa and I shall arrive in you. And I to return you all.
I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!
I hope for you.
You my god!!!!!
With impatience I wait for your answer.
On eternity yours Sveta.
Letter 6
You speak that you can not transmit 3000 $.
And if we decrease also I shall come not for 30 days and even 27 days and then you will need to transmit 2700 $. Probably then you will not have problems.
I want to be with you.
Probably today if you will transmit money that I can not them remove already time late. But if you to translate tomorrow with morning. That I to take out them tomorrow. And I to interchange the ticket on Saturday. I and shall change the return ticket April 24.
There can be such variant?
Please agree with me.
I implore you. I to suffer one more day.
I without you to live simply not I can.
You my god.
With impatience I wait for your answer.
On eternity yours Sveta.
Letter 7
My love Jordi.
It is very inconvenient.
It is a pity.
You probably to be disappointed in me.
But for me such situation. The analyses the grandmother today were ready. And the doctors have said that the urgent operation is necessary. But for us of such operations do not do. Also it is necessary the grandmother to carry in Moscow. Have said that the operation paid and if to do the operation that money it is necessary to find till Saturday. The operation costs 1350 $.
The mum to try to take the loan but her have said that is necessary many information from operation. Also have said what is it will be done not less than week and money is necessary urgently. It is very inconvenient to me to ask money you. I and so you to bring what to not arrive in time.
I ask you to help me and to transmit to me money.
I ask you bowing you in legs.
I implore you.
Simply money is necessary urgently.
And as the mum to take the loan so we we shall return you not 1350 $ we shall return you 1500 $. I to use your money, which you transferred to me 750 $. And please help transmit 600 $.
I implore you. You our unique hope.
And as the mum to take the loan we at once to you to return.
I think that with a customs we can make that. You descend learn please to account of the prompt for me. Issue the prompt will send it(him) to me and I shall come under the tourist visa and on your prompt. And I to return you 1500 $.
You unique to whom I can address I you I implore.
With impatience I wait for your answer.
I eternity yours Sveta.
Letter 8
Hi my love Jordi I to receive your letters. It is very pleasant to me to know that you love me. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! I to want to apologize, I promised you that the mum will arrive to bring my things and to collect the grandmother home. I to think that to the mum to give money this week in the beginning.
But on operation the mum could not take what that help and without this help to not give. And after she to return this help that only a bit later to her to give the loan, it she to me now has said that will be in 2 weeks.
I now to be in Moscow and with things, I to remember that you have said that will not respond if I shall ask you of money. And I to ask what to me to do?
If you to transmit to me 750 $ on a customs that I shall come on Thursday. And if no that to me it is necessary to wait while the mum will receive the loan.
If you today to transmit to me 750 $. That I shall arrive in you for 15 days. For now I would be for you we with you would make the visa to you in Russia. And together would arrive to us. The mum wants you to thank personally. And the grandmother you very much wants to see. And mum to return you 1500 $.
And if you today to transmit 750 $, I to you to return as soon as I shall arrive.
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!
I want with you to be very speed.
You my god.
With impatience I wait for your answer.
On eternity yours Sveta.
Letter 9
I ask you to transfer me 1200evro tomorrow.
I to settle up for funeral the grandmother.
Also I shall arrive in you.
And when the mum to interchange an apartment.
That at her will be 5000 $
And we to you to return 4000 $, if you tomorrow to transfer 1200 evro.
I ask you that that to make. I have nobody to expect except for you. I hope for you.
I to you an oath that to you all will return money. And we shall be with you together. For ever.
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!
Letter 10
My love Jordi.
I today to rise in 6 mornings.
And to bypass all whom only I know.
And I could find 300 $.
The mums familiar to give 200 $ And I to find 100 for good familiar.
It is necessary 1200 $.
And I have nobody more to go.
I ask you to help me.
I very much very much to experience behind the mum. If you will arrive also I to leave with you that for me all will be excellent. But if we to not return a duty that the mum it will be very heavy. If her to dismiss from operation. That to her will be very heavy.
I was afraid that there can be such that the court will deliver such sentence that the mum to return an apartment and corporation to sell an apartment to collect money for funeral, and mum to grant other housing, on much worse than was. And if she to interchange that on it would be much better we and you return all that owe. The mum to remain on operation.
I implore you I you I assure that I have nobody more to rely except for you.
I want to be with you. And if I return all that we should I to arrive in you. And when the mum to exchange an apartment we to return you not only for that that you have given us on the grandmother. But also that that you to spend on trip.
Understand that I want to be with you.
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!
You my god.
And I to believe in you.
But I ask you to answer to me at once will help whether or not?
Whether I can hope for you?
Understand that only you can change our destiny in the best side.
I to conclude with you any IOU. But for this purpose it is necessary that both sides were for the lawyer. But we physically simply such not can.
And let you do not believe me. But I an oath that I to return you all.
If you to translate today money. That I shall arrive I to make a copy of documents on an apartment. And if we you during 15 days will be not not returned money by she to belong to you.
I am ready on all.
And to make all that you will say.
I ask help.
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!
With impatience I wait for your answer.
On eternity yours Sveta.
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