Scam letter(s) from Anna Zaitseva to Frode (Norway)

Letter 1
Hello dear Frode!
Sorry that I didn't write you yesterday but i really was very busy. There are so many difficults here that i need to do before our meeting! So i`m glad that you told your friends about me. What did they asked you about me?? What do your parents think about our meeting??
So, at first i want to tell you that i have known almost everything about our meeting. First of all i need to do the visa. And i want to ask you something. What do you think if i make out the tourist visa to you? It`s a tourist visa category "C" and with it visa i will can to stay with you for three months. I think that it`s the most comfortable way for us. So we will can to stay with you for a long time and to know each other more closer, after that i sure, i don`t know why, that we will decide to stay near with each other, as i see that our relations starts grow up more and more... I wanted to make out the dating visa, but there are many difficults for it. The most uncomfortable thing that it`s making out for 2-8 months, and i will be need some documents from you that i really is yours woman and we want to meet with each other. I think it`s too long as i very want to meet with you as soon as fasterand to use the tourist visa it will be the most right decision, also if we decide to stay together, we will be need to do only some documents there in Norway and i`m going to take with you all documents for it:)
Ok, there is else one question to you. I have already told you that my parents ready to help me with the money. I have known that the trip to you will be cost about 1180 dollars. It includes sum for visa, two tickets (i need to buy two tickets as my country don`t let me to leave the country without second ticket), living in Moscow before my flight to you and paing for medicine insuranse (i need to have it for my flight to you). So you see that it costs rather expensive. But i`m glad to say that my parents promised to give me them, besides i have my own sevings and most likely i will can to take all sum! Great! And my girl friend told me that i will be need some sum of money to take with me in your country. I`m afraid that i will not find else and i wanted to ask you next. During the time which we will spend together will you can to eat and drink me:) I know it looks silly, because i don`t have money for it...
Ok i will be wait your letter and don`t forget to tell me about what i asked you... warm kiss just for you... with love Anna
by the by after you have told me about the visa i`m going to take off the document for making it at the beginning of next week and i have known also that it will be make out about 7-14 days... that`s all...
Letter 2
Hello honey! Yes send me as soon as much photos about you and the place where you live. I want to know as soon as much about you and your life. You like me so much and i so want to be with you, but dear had happened somethink that we need to discuss it urgently! Dear, i went to the travel company today and maked out the documents for getting the visa. After that i went to get the medical insurance and in two days i will can to get it. And when i was ready to write you the letter i saw your new mail. After i have read it i decided to phoned to my girlfriend and to know exectly how much money i need to take with myself and i was in shocked when i have known. Every day which i spend in Norway i need to have 50$ for living! Can you image how much money i need to take with me to visit you! It`s about 4500$ on 3 month. I don`t know what to do, i`m so upset and wanted to cry, when i knew this. Please understand me right. It`s a huge sum for me which i sure will not to find. My parents have already helped me and gave me money for getting the visa and tickets, but it`s everything that they can give me. I discussed with my girlfriend what i could to do. And she told me that it`s true and i will not can to leave the country without this money. Do you remember i asked you about if i arrive to you can you eat and drink me. I thought if you not against it i will be not need money to take with me, but i was mistaken. I asked her how i need to do more better, but she told me that i will not leave the country without this sum. Also she told that usually the pair decide this so: you can help me with money and to send them to me and here i need to do the document that i have such sum of money and after i have arrived to you i will can to give you them back. I understand that it most likely a huge money for you and you need to decide it personally, but if you will not can to send me them i will understand you, but our meeting will not consist as i don`t have such huge money, i will go and will take bake my documents, for getting the visa, because i don`t know what to do else... Honey, i so want to see you and to be with you... You are so gentle and kind, i think that it`s a destine that we met each other. I constantly think about you and our meeting and dream when i will can to see you at last. I was sure that see you soon and now i don`t know what to do...
please write back soon and let me know what you think about it...
love you... yours Anna
Letter 3
Hello honey! I decided to make out the visa on 1 month and went to the travel company to do it today. Also most likely i will can to get 1000$ in the bank, i think it will be the best way for me, so if you will can to send me other sum it`s only 500$ i will can to arrive to you most likely already next week, but at first i need to get the visa and to show the document that i have 1500$ for living with you... I also have known that you will not can to buy the tickets for me, because i was agree to do it through tourist company where i makeing out the visa and i have already signed the papers about it... So dear i will be wait when you will can to send me the money. It will be better to send them till the end of this week because i`m going to to the Norway embassy to get the visa at the beggining of next week. And you can send me the money through the sistem of remittances. I knew that it`s the most comfortable way to send the money. You need to know only this: Russia Zaitseva Anna Michailovna. Let me know what do you think about all this...
love you... yours Anna
Letter 4
Hello my loved Frodo.
Honey, i don`t have a account in the bank... i went to the bank today and knew that you have a possibalty to send me the money through sistem Western Union... i don`t know another way... The man there told me that you can do it and it`s rather easy. Please try to know about it more. You know that i will be need money at the end of this week and hope you will can to send me them... Soon i will get the visa and i need only 500$ to flight to you... i so wait this moment...
many kisses just for you... Anna
Letter 5
Hello my loved Frode!
Dear, i have already asked my clothers about the money and borrow some sum for the trip to you, but they don`t have it and can`t help me. Please understand me that i have already tried to take the money anywhere, but i couldn`t find all sum. I need only 500$ and i will can to flight to you. If i not have it till the end this week (there are 3 days to find them) i will not get the visa. Frode, maybe you have any friends in Oslo which can to send me the money? So you couldn`t leave your home... or maybe you could to go in Oslo... please try to do anything to send me the money... i don`t know what to do... I have already done so much for our metting and i will be very upset if it will not consist. I so want to see you....
yours Anna
Letter 6
Hello my loved Frode!
Honey i just came back from bank and i could to open the account there. So try to send me the money as soon as faster, as i`m going to the Norway ambressy at the begining of next week and if everything will be ok (i sure in it now) So if i can to your money our meeting will consist soon. And also when you will be send the money you need to send me them in American dollars, so i will can to get them without any difficults. I inform you about the address of the bank. It`s: S.W.I.F.T.-code: SUBRRUMMNA1
MARI EL BRANCH 8614 FOR ACCOUNT 42307.840.7.3702.03.25488/48
Zaitseva Anna Mihailovna That`s all... i hope everything will be good... i`m so glad that we will can to see each other at last. We will can to spend all month together. It will be the most happeness days in our live....
kiss you gentle... yours Anna
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