Romance scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Konkova to Arturo (Mexico)
Letter 1
Hello Arturo
I was very impressed when i was received your letter. It is very pleasant for me. You know I just don't know what to write to you now. It is a new expirince for me to seek for the mate in the internet. Sometime ago i was reading a magazine, where i have found a letters from the happy families who was found each other using the interent servise. After that i have been thining for sometime, should i do it or not, and i have decided - why not. I'm alone now and in fact i have tired of it already. I think that you don't know this feeling when you are sitting at home alone and there is nobody who can tell you a good words. Of course I have alredy had relations, in fact just a once it was serisous. We were love each other, like i toa good day, Elena (
Letter 2
Hi Arturo!
Thank you very much for the letter, it is very pleasant for me to know that you are interesting in correspond with me and that you are thinking of me.
Now let me tell you some more about me. Hope that it is interesting for you to learn something new about me. My dream is simple enough. I want to meet that one who will love me. I want to marry, create a family and born children. I want to spend with my future husband all my life. Only I need is to be with the man who will love me, trust me, understand me. I want to share with him all my life, all my dreams and feelings.
I want to tell you that i hate peo Dear i don't have much picture scanned on the friends computer so dear i can no send you the picture of my family in my house. And in fact we live not in a own house, we live in a small flat.
Dear i use many types of the clothes it is caused of the situation, when i'm at work i'm using a classic style, when i'm going somewhere with my friends i always use a casual style and sometimes sport style. Dear i think that our countries have a different system of the measurement so i don't know how it will be in your system. My weight is 56 kg and the eye color is blue.
Dear you know if we will decide that we want to meet i think that we will think about the travel to Mexico. May be if all will be fine to visit you there.
Hmmm you have asked a good question about thetween us is too long, like we are living on the different countries. I was not tell about our letter to any friends exept the friend from whom i'm writing. I know that they will tell me i'm strange and may be even stupid. But i know that on my place they will do same things as me. Now i know that it is possible to find a mate in the internet. And for me it is not matter what they tell me about you and about us. Any way i'll do the things that i think i have to do.
And now i feel that during this short time you became very close to me. Sometimes i find myself thinking about you and you know sometimes i afraid of that... because i'm not sure that it's the same with you. I don't know if you feel those feelings that i have. I don't know how you winbsp; our face to face meet. Here is the information about the papers which you will need for the trip.
You have already filled the blank of getting passport. It takes a week to get it. Cost of passport blank - 10 USD
State due - 20 USD VISA
You has to get a tourists visa, cost of it USD50
Documents required for getting visa:
International passport
(should be valid for 6 month from date of arrival to country)
3 photo (3x4)
Solvency confirmation, it may be one of these documents:
BENEFICIARY BANK: Sampo Pank, Narva mnt 11, 15015, Tallinn, Estonia
IBAN account number: EE923300334181690005
INTERMEDIARY BANK: Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas, New York
&nfraid of it. How you want to make it, please tell me how can i make you sure. In fact i have one thought about it and i'm sending a copy of my passport to you may be it will make you sure that i'm a real. Dear please understand that i'm just a girl who just want to be with you and understand you, that it why i'm not really offend of your unbeleiving.
Dear i hope that you really like me and want to see me. And i want you to believe me. The most important thing in relationship is the trust to each other i think.
Your Elena
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