Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Konkova to Phil (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Phil,
It's really nice to hear from you. I am so glad you are also interested in me and hopefully it'll be the beginning of something really special. We seem to be so far from each other, but I hope the distance is not the barrier for two people who are looking for their soul mate. You might ask as if why a girl is looking for the man abroad. You see, I am not that kind of person who believes that it is easy to find her soul mate, I think it's really hard, as there are so many people in this world and I do not think it is a good idea to be here and just wait till my soul mate find me. That's why I am here trying all the ways to find HIM and to my mind the distance is the most unimportant thing in the relationship. Of course I understand that it would be much more easier if we lived next door to each other, but we do not, so I think we'd better keep writing to each other (or maybe we even can talk on phone?) for some period of time and if everything is really great between us we can meet in person and see if we are the match or not. But it'll take time of course and for now let's tell each other as much about ourselves as possible.
Dear Phil, could you please answer some quite usual questions of mine? So, do you have any name for short? I mean if you are called not only Phil. I understand that it is written in your profile, but still, how old are you? What city you are from? Is it large or small? Have you lived there all your life or moved there? What are you by profession? Do you like your job? What do you prefer to do during your spare time?
Well, as for me, my name is Tatyana but my family usually call me Nyusha. I am 24 and I live in Ekaterinburg with my parents. We moved here about half a year ago so that we could be closer to my grandma after my grandpa's death. I am the only child but I have a lot of cousins in some other Russian cities. I have never been to any country abroad but I think it's never too late to try travelling, especially if you can share it with someone really special to you. Well, what else can I tell you about myself? I work as trade manager at perfume and cosmetics store, we sell so-called "women's things":) I got my degree in economy at the University. As for my spare time, I like swimming, skiing and skating a lot, it's really great to go bowling or camping with my family.
Well, frankly speaking, I do not know what else you would like to know about me. That was just common information and I believe after your reply our letters will become more personal. I am sorry if I do not find words in English correctly, I have not had practice in English for a long period of time but do hope you'll understand everything I have written now. And it seems to me the letter is already too long:) So, I'd better stop writing now and wait for your reply. I just want you to know, Phil, that I am interested in you and in the development of our relationship.
Waiting for your e-mail impatiently,
Letter 2
Hello my darling Phil,
I am so impatient already to hear your voice and I believe with all my heart our phone talk will be unforgettable and so exciting for us both, my honey. So please let me know when it is possible to give me a call so that I could arrange the time for our phone talk, ok? You know you are becoming so special to me and I just cannot help thinking of you, Phil, and I am just cannot help smiling thinking of you and me. I do hope everything is going to be really wonderful between you and me and maybe in future when we live together we'll remember how we got acquainted and it'll be our love story, Phil...
As for your questions, well, let me answer them now. So how is your job ? Have you been doing it for very long ? Well, I started working when I graduated from the University. You said you moved there recently. Where were you before that ? We lived in Perm.
Dating Direct - you are listed as an American, living in Annapolis in Maryland ! Why ?
Because the site did not accept my profile till I wrote I am an American. I do not know why it was so.
Do you have any time-off work planned ? I would love to fly over to see you or maybe you would prefer to come here.
That could be really great, because meeting in person will tell us if we are compatible or not, my honey. My vocation will be quite soon so we can plan something. But let us talk on phone first, ok?
And I am looking forward to the moment when I can hear your voice, Kiss you softly,
Letter 3
Hello my sweet darling,
I am sorry for not writing you sooner. And I hope you are not mad at me. Unfortunately when I was on my way home I have broke my arm. I cannot do anything but I decided to come here and type with another hand because you must be worried about me already, my honey. But my e-mail to you has been delivered back to me unfortunately and I hope you'll get this one, Phil. I miss you so very much and I hope we'll be together soon. I am thinking of you all the time, whatever I do I think of you and I feel so wonderful you are in my life, Phil, and I am looking forward to the moment when I can be in your arms at last. And i so much miss you, honey. Unfortunately it is not possible for me or for my parents to find the money for my trip to you because we live in this city less than a year and for this reason we cannot get the loan or something like that. I can afford the passport and I hope for your help with the visa and by the time we'll need to book the tickets maybe I'll be able to save some more money. My sweetheart, I know it is a very big amount of money but as far as I understand from your letter you can afford it. So, please, honey, help us to be together, to start our new happy life so that we could make our dreams come true at last.
Please let me know if you get this e-mail and when it is possible for you to give me a call. I really hope to hear your voice soon, my sweetest,
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