Romance scam letter(s) from Ludmila Vladimirovna to Francesco (Italy)
Letter 1
Hi my dear!
I open in the morning mail and is very glad to see the short message from you. I hope for our love and understanding, on our meeting in the future. I shall be glad to live in Italy in rented an apartment, where we can have with you love and sex, pleasure and variety, I shall be your woman in life and in a bed.
with love
Letter 2
hi dear
I receive your letter, it is good weather warmly and sea in Italy. I shall go for a walk in Italy and to bathe in the sea, it is possible with you. Yes I think, that the people should have the serious attitudes(relations), not only sex. sorry, but now I can not to you trust and I do not write number of the telephone. You to me not trust. If I am pleasant to you also you want the long attitudes(relations), you should enclose in me money. If the man mood serious, he does not pity(regret) some dollars to prove the reality. I for you have given all passport and address, and you in the answer have not given me ANYTHING. I wait for your answer to my trust to you. My address and my passport is my trust to you. What you do that I have believed you?
Letter 3
I shall go to you in Italy the next week! You are ready to meet me? I expect your money help 200 $ for my trip to you. Then I shall do a call to you in Italy, to speak number when I arrival in Rome
Letter 4
Hi my dear !
I understand, how many large your fear. You are afraid a deceit, as well as I am afraid a deceit. Yesterday I bought the newspaper, where there is clause about the Lugansk girls, which there have gone to Turkey on the invitation the men, and he there has taken away at them the passports and documents and has forced to work sexual in the public house! Only intervention of embassy has helped the girls to return home. Can I trust, what you will not take away my documents and will not force me to work the prostitute? I want to trust you, that you to me want love, happiness.... To have the child....
Certainly I shall do risk and trip in Italy. If it is convenient, I shall begin soon registration, that at the end of May we could have meeting. Once again I shall remind, that I shall be glad to any your money help now, because you know, how many many money needs to be had for travel. This your gesture of generosity the proof of my safety and your love to me. If the love, means believe. I love you and I believe to you.
The expectation of real meeting is speed(faster) also night dreams of you.
Letter 5
Hi my future love!
I read your letter and me there is a hope and reliance, that you speak by the truth. I read today in the newspaper, what in one hotel in Rome there was a fire? If you want, I shall arrive(fly) in other city, not in Rome. That to you was close to go in the airport, what airport is close at you?
It is very large cost an apartment in Italy 250 euro, you will have the large charge of money, but also I do a lot of expense for travel. Therefore any money, which you will send, will go ONLY for trip to Italy, but not for a deceit! I do not know, what sum of money will require(demand) to show for travel, probably I should do the credit in bank or to borrow(occupy) money at familiar. But I believe, that this trip will change my life, I shall overlook(forget) the city, where such heavy life, I shall see the new country and favourite man beside, who you.
Kiss much.
Letter 6
hi dear!
I read your such good large letter, thank, I see your ideas go in parallel by mine. Certainly I too wait real meeting. We shall see our eyes, to hear votes, to hold each other for hands. Words and the letters in the letter can not show real eyes and feelings. I think, your eyes shine love and happiness at meeting.
Thank to you for compliments about mine of a breast and leg. I shall dress short dress for meeting, that to you to see my legs. I too am not so good to speak English and very few words on Italian. But we shall understand each other without words, when our hearts are beaten beside. I think, after middle of May we shall have telephone conversation before meeting. We shall not understand words, but we shall hear a vote. I can find the interpreter for conversation with you before my trip.
kiss you
Letter 7
I could not understand your letter in Italian! Because I go on rates colloquial Italian, we there only speak, but we do not write and we do not read! Therefore I know, how make some words, but I do not know, how they are written.
Write to me better in English, that I understood all correctly.
Now I have not enough of time for correspondence. I do(make) economy of money on everything, that the payment for services Internet is less. In our country still there are a lot of money - price for computer services.
I have a lot of charges now, I very much hope for your small help for me. You remember my data for the money help? When I shall receive money, I shall invite the interpreter to the Italian or English language to speak with you on the phone. The faster you will send to me money, the faster we shall hear each other in telephones.
I think of you, about our meeting, now attempt to make for you a photo my breasts naked. You it want to see?
kiss you
Letter 8
ciao amore mio!
It is very pleasant to me to read your letters, I see, that you real and man, which is necessary to me, and I am necessary to you. My documents will be soon ready, May 20-22 registration promise to finish and I shall be completely ready to trip. I with such excitement and impatience wait meeting, I think, we can much give each other in life and in love. I read at the night your letter, and very much I want to be near to you, you such gentle, hot man, that I wait meeting with the large impatience!!! I shall be only your woman, your love, yours in bed and in life. You also very generous and kind man, 350 dollars are the large sum of money, and she will be very necessary to me these days. I shall to you indefinitely gratitude and fidelity, if I will have such the man, I shall be with you each minute, when you only will call me, we shall fly to the sun and to test pleasures much and many times. I very much want to be yours love for ever! I learned(found out) from my girlfriend, when I can come to her for telephone conversation with you. Very bad, but today she should go on the businesses and will arrive only to Monday. But she has given me the promise, that on Monday necessarily I can come to her and speak with you! I want to hear your vote, your breath, to tell you, that I very much love to want you and you always. I again read your night letter and again I want to be by you in one bed and to do(make) all those of caress, to lick, suck and to kiss all your body....
Letter 9
You have received a copy of my passport ? I hope, you now trust me? Was convinced, what I the real woman and you shall not deceive? Now your step to me, that I was convinced of your reality and generosity. Because me now have told, that the payment still medical expense insurance necessarily and payment for the information is necessary, that I was not under court or consequence. Therefore I need in the additional help urgently!!! If today I do not receive your help, I can not do(make) payment for a medical expense insurance and consequently I can not soon receive all documents for trip!
I can today receive money through western union or moneygram? I should today attribute(relate) to the tourist agent 50 dollars for services in a medical expense insurance and information, I can receive from you today 50 dollars only? I wait the answer very soon!!!!!!
Letter 10
I now understand, that all your letters and words were one deceit. I now see, that for our real meeting you do not want to spend even 50 dollars. It means, that to you are absolutely indifferent our future.
You have acted(arrived) with me very meanly! You promised me, that will help 300 dollars, and itself I have Not even 50 from you. now I can not registration of trip this month. I shall make travel to Italy, for the money, when I shall receive the following salary in June. But I never no shall come to such mean and greedy man, as you!!! My mum - black witch and I shall ask her to make for you magic black. that to you NEVER to find the love! For your severe deceit! NEVER to you there will reach love and there will be no at you a happiness in life, while you will not correct the mistakes. I send you this letter, you will read it(him) and will become lonely without me.
You will be forgiven, only if will pay completely my trip. I of any dollar not give to go in Italy to you! As the moon in the sky grieves without love, so you will grieve without me. At the night you will sleep badly and to recollect me. You will be ready to give back all money to get rid of my black magic.
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