Letter(s) from Anna Perova to Kenneth (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my friend!!!
It was very pleasant for me to see your letter. I understand more and more, that you very good person and the friend.
How your affairs today, how your mood?
I'm fine as usually I have gone, to look my mail and was, is glad to see your letter.
Yesterday has lead very well day we with my girlfriend went to cinema, and I liked that film,
Which we looked with it. This film refers to " war of the worlds ", I think that you looked this film.
Still we with my girlfriend today sat in cafe, I to it have told about you, and she is very glad for me,
that I have found such friend as you.
I hope, what you not against I name you the friend?
In fact I do not search simply for friendship I search for the person which me could make the happiest on light.
I hope, that at you the same aspiration, in ours with you acquaintance.
I am very glad, that have found such good friend as you in such big world,
As now it is difficult to find the good person as you.
In the man I want to see simultaneously and courage, confidence, quiet force, the defender,
And the passionate lover, romanticism with young soul.
Ken if you married whom, that, how many you would want to have children?
I would like to have so much children, my favourite person how many would want,
It is very important for me opinion of the favourite person, I cannot undertake the decision which concern not me one.
I was more and more and began to be convinced more, that I want to write to you and to receive from you
letters all more and more.
Today since morning bad weather, blows a strong cold wind, mood bad and only ideas about that,
That I shall see the letter and will warm me this day..
I wish you good mood these days and do not overlook about me (a smile!!!)
I shall look forward to your letter.
Yours Violetta!!!

Letter 2

Hi Ken!!!
Today when I have woken up early in the morning I have understood one main detail in mine
Lives. I at last that have found the favourite person, thanks you Ken only try
To understand me I am correct do not want that you have accepted it for lie.
Really you my favourite person!!!
When I have woken up the first idea was about you.
I do not know why but it so I think that we should not waste our precious time,
You very good and lovely.
I shall wait for your word, your opinion on it loved.
With love yours Ania.

Letter 3

I shall wait for your mail.
Yours faithfully

Letter 4

Hi loved!!!
Excuse that in long time did not write, it is simple at me did not work
The Internet.
Now all was adjusted.
Loved I Want to be near to you, I want to make love to you.
I burn down from impatience to meet you.
Yours Ania.

Letter 5

Loved Ken!!!
Well loved let's meet in Kiev.
By phone I cannot speak, at me it is not present.
You know loved I do not want that you have thought of me bad.
But I not OE? money to trip think that you can help me
In it. And then in due course I with you shall pay off.
As guarantees I to you leave the address,
That you did not think that I deceive you:
Russia, Kazan, street Gagarina, the house 9, an apartment 43.
Perova Ania Sergeevna.
I shall wait for your answer.
Nearly has not forgotten on the account the sexual certificate.
Loved I shall make for you all that you will wish.
On it I finish the letter.
Yours and only yours Ania.

Letter 6

Dear if you IIUEAU to me the ticket it not
Will reach me, unless you do not know as badly we works
Russian mail. I shall not see this ticket as you do not understand it.

Letter 7

Even if it so.
I should reach up to Moscow
Trains go certain days,
I should arrive to Moscow for couple of days up to a start.
Couple of days to me IIOAA?Y?U to remove a hotel accommodation, it is very expensive.

Letter 8

Dear Ken you do not trust me?
You think that I deceive you, you show not trust to me.
I am very much upset with you.
I thought that you the good person, and it is possible to rely on you.
I have opened to you all my feelings, and you...

Letter 9