Scam letter(s) from Irina Morozova to James (UK)

Letter 1

Hi my friend James.
Thank for your answer. I'm again surprised and very much pleased.
I looked forward to hearing from you very much, but it has turned out very unexpectedly for me. How are your mood? How weather is at you?
Here is a little cool in Russia. Very little people in streets of city. And it's sadly for me to go out a door, because I see in love couples, which walk or sit on benches on all city. I look on them and in my heart there is an kind envy, because I feel myself by the very lonely woman. Of course I have friends and familiar, but they now too more time will spend alone with husbands and wives, therefore this is very lonely to me. I would give back now everything that I have only for being near to the man which loves me, but alas I do not know such, yet, but I want to find him very much, very much!!!
Well, if we want learn each other more, I should tell you about myself more. I was born and has grown in Penza. This city stands on the river Sura and it is considered to the on - rule as city of bridges. Here is rather beautifully and nice, especial in the summer,
when we have any holidays and days off. I have grown in family of very good parents, which have brought up me in love and care. I very much love them, but I live separately. In the period of "reorganization" they have managed to get else one apartment, in which I now live. I have finished study in branch of the Moscow's Open Social University here in Penza, and now successfully I work as the journalist in the all-Russian newspaper. It is very interesting and creative work. Sometimes in searches of an interesting material I'm sent in other cities, that also it is very interesting. The people around is different and I very much like to study the people.
Except for work I like to prepare tasty food in free time. I l ike to leave on a nature with the friends or with the daddy on catching a fish. Also I like to look good cinema, usually it is love histories or adventures. I very much respect the actor Bruss Willise (I do not know whether correctly has written his name), for his manner of performance of roles, he is very similar on " own guy " in many films. Also I like to listen to good music.
My musical predilections are very various: from classics up to a heavy rock. I very much keep up my health and I do not use any drugs,
alcohol, and I do not smoke. My growth 5,6 (168) My weight 110 (50,5)
What colours of an eye and hair I think you can see in a photo.
Well, probably it is enough about me today. I would like to listen to you directly now, but I should wait of your answer. I very much hope that our relations can develop in something greater rather than friendly correspondence. I hope to receive your answer soon.
bye for now.
Sincerely Irina
Letter 2

Hello, dear friend Graeme, this is Irina, I am from Russia.
Excuse, that I could not answer you at once. I am a little surprised, that you have answered me. I am very glad , that you have answered on my letter and have not disregarded me. It is surprising to realize opportunities of the Internet, it is surprising, that I can communicate with the person who lives on the other continent. I for the first time use the Internet as means of acquaintance to people and it is very pleasant for me that you have answered my message. Why i am glad? OK, I think that you are interesting male, so I decided to use the chance to get to know you better.
Well, I must to tell you that I have the best girlfriend on the world, this is my girlfriend Anastasya, she has convinced me, and has advised me to follow her example and find for myself the right man abroad via the Internet. Therefore, I want, that you have considered my letter with all gravity, because I have all serious intentions, and I want that our relations develop in the best way! My girlfriend has corresponded with foreign male, and in a consequence she has gone to him on a visit. Mike - this is name of the groom of my girlfriend, he has helped her with expenses for this travel, and now my girlfriend has gone to get acquainted with his parents. Very soon they already gather come back to Russia, I with mum with impatience wait for their returning. Mike and Anastasya very Happy and I am happy too!
I am glad that you have written to me, this is may be our chance? What do you think? If our correspondence will increase in something the greater than simply friendship I may be can visit you. Probably I have gone very far, simply I very much worry, now for us is necessary to know about each other more, do you agree?
Let me to tell a little about myself, the truth I do not know from what to start, because I have to tell much, but I think that I shall tell about myself gradually to be to you interesting. In mine site profile, I have written my residence USA because this site does not accept my Russian postal index, I do not know in what the reason. I live in Russia and I hope it does not confuse you? I'm 28 years old and all my conscious activity was directed on becoming of me as independent financially secure person, therefore I at all had no time for search of the person in which I could fall in love and become him the good half. My Birthday is December 18. I am the Christian. Now it is 28 years to me and looking back in the past I can not tell that I have achieved some very big results. I have good work which I like, but I till now am single. But time does not stay on a place and I understand, that my time has come to find my beloved man. I am very serious in detection my beloved, th erefore I should ask you some questions on which I would like to receive your answers. Do you want to find your second half or you simple like to have friends in the Internet? What do you think of that I live in Russia? Are you ready to sincere and trusting attitudes?
I have decided to get acquainted with the foreigner after that my girlfriend has got acquainted with foreigner Mike, she has fallen in love with him and has left to live to him. She frequently writes to me the letters and I see that she is happy to live with the American husband. As to me I very well know Russian men and they are not interesting to me, because the chance is very little to fall in love with any alcoholic, I very much do not want it. May be I will say rudely, but I do not want to live in this smelly and poor country In Russia. Here not any prospect, here usual not paid for work, here are no worthy men, there is no future Russia, it is only a violence, greed, a deceit and poverty.
I do not want to spend my life in this bad country. OK, enough about sad. Graeme, acquaintance with you is very interesting to me. Probably I can find in you what I really need.
Probably our acquaintance is our destiny. Well I do not want to dream, let's look as our attitudes will develop. I likely have already tired you with my letter. I very much hope that you will answer me again. In this letter I send you some my photos and I hope that you will send to me your photos too.
Have a nice day and we will be on touch!
With the best regards Irina
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