Romance scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Kirillova to Jason (Canada)
Letter 1

To see your letter so it is pleasant for me. You have decided to do correspondence with me. I smile from it. My new friend Jason it is interesting to me to read your letter very much. I would like to tell still to you about myself more And the life. I live one as I and already spoke. I remove an apartment and it not My property. I have no phone in an apartment. The owner did not do installation. You probably do not represent, that the apartment can be without phone, but in Russia all is possible. I very much love the the country, but sometimes I do not understand as here it is possible to live. My new friend I have decided to carry out to myself in an apartment the cable Internet to have communication and now I have the Internet. As I already spoke I have higher education, but I have no the big experience work and consequently I do not receive while good posts on which take Skilled people. I have a computer in the an apartment and I write to you the letter from It. But I would like to warn you what not every day I can To write to you. I think, that you will understand me. My working day begins at 9:00 and comes to an end at 18:00, but sometimes I am late on work. I very much the ranking officer. I like my work, and you is pleasant to you Jason?
I have a small hobby. I collect small figurines and different toys.
Sometimes I visit a disco, but it is very rare, therefore as I do not like Loud places. I like silence more. I love small and silent cafes In which it is possible to chat easy. I overlooked to ask you, you have a hobby Jason? I think that in human life there should be hobbies. It does The life is more interesting. The friend I should finish mine now. I wait for your letters and I hope that our friendship will be good.
I wait your answer.
Letter 2

Hello my dear friend Jason!!!
Your letter Jason Again in my box. It so is fine for me. I am always glad to receive your letters. I am pleased to learn You everyone and to read your letters. My life varies with the advent of you in it. I think of you and about your letters. Today I recollected the childhood. I think that at everyone The person dream to be always the child. Probably I am mistaken. But when you recollect time in which there are no problems and cares. You think only as though to play with somebody and in something interesting. We in the childhood frequently played dolls and in hospital. We treated our dolls. At you Jason Probably there were man's games. Still I remember game which refers to Classics. It when on asphalt draw a square with figures and it is necessary to jump to these squares. With the years comes new games and interests. In the age of 14 Years it would be desirable to do itself very beautiful and to paint the person, but mum forbids To do it. Certainly now you understand that there is a natural beauty, without lipstick and varnishes on nails. think that in a life is important much. What for you the most important? I think that for me in a life the most important that somebody loved me Also wait it is at me. My family which I love very strongly. But there comes the moment when it is necessary to live most. To begin a life in the man. While at me it is not present. I think of own apartment much. My parents spoke To me that can possible they will help me to buy an apartment. Dwelling this one of the most important concerning a convenient life. But there is in a life a moral happiness when there is a favourite person. With which and in a tent happiness. I want that you knew my reflections. It I hope will help to learn me better, and now I should finish. I shall look forward to hearing.
Letter 3

Hello my dear friend Jason,
I ran from work today more soon to write to you. It admired me and my heart was pleased to your letter. To me bring force your letters I receive additional energy together with your letters. I think that my letters to you also very much please you. Our attitudes are fine also they have growth up. It is wonderful. With each letter our hearts become more close to each other. In my habit of attitudes it would be desirable to approach in the evening to put a head To you on a shoulder and to tell about what I think. But it not probably you are not present beside, It is a pity. I spoke you about change in my behaviour. Now intonation of my voice became more more joyful. I spoke with mum and she knows about us with you, that we are copied. She is pleased that I have found to myself the good interlocutor She speaks that it perfectly when I have found to myself the good person. Dreams of a meeting and how we could spend time start to visit me. I spoke you about the last attitudes, but only because a little I do not like to recollect it. But we become closer everyone the letter and I think, that should speak you it. We should know about each other. I had attitudes with the guy named Nikolay, it had the automobile Also had normal work. We met it, but Did not live in one apartment. Our attitudes proceeded and later we Began to live together. All seemed to me well and thought, that at us will be Wedding. But once I saw as it have planted in myself in the machine the girl and Has gone to us home. It thought that I shall be on work for a long time, I came back earlier and saw them together. I did not begin to shout much, and have simply collected things and left. Such person is not necessary for me. It has wounded me strongly. Now I concern to attitudes even more seriously. I do not think that you so can act with the woman. You the finest person in my life Jason. Yuliya
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