Letter(s) from Julia Sazonova to Stephen (UK)

Letter 1

Stephen, Fairly to tell, I knew that you will write to me! I felt it! It really brings to me pleasure, that I have received the answer to my letter!
I want to tell at once, that I also have written to two more other men. However they yet have not written back. Probably later they will write to me. I hope, that you not against I wrote not only to you. I could not speak about it. You have written to me to the first and consequently I shall concern to your letter especially closely!
My first letter to you was short. Whether I do not know I can write to you much. I do not know, that to you to tell. Our dialogue on mutual questions and answers will be probable. Besides I want, that you told to me about your life!
Stephen, whether I want to know you understand my purposes of our acquaintance? I want to explain to you the purposes of my acquaintance. To me now 27 years also are good age to create family. I search for mine soulmate. I want to marry
For the American. I want to live in England and I want to have happy family. In the England I can give more to my family and children. For this reason I want to live and work in the England. England is the beautiful country. I want to trust, that our purposes coincide also you also want to be married by the man. I shall hope, that you also search for love and happiness. I shall hope, that both of us want to live a worthy life in love and happiness. It was about my purposes and I probably should speak now about me. I shall write only the truth about me.
I do not think, that there is a sense to speak a lie. You agree with me? Both of us search for love. I want, that my love was strong, pure, true and up to the end of my life!
The Internet featureless and I shall hope only for your honesty and I shall trust you. I in general have got used to trust people. I do not trust the Internet however, but I heard many happy histories of other people. Those people spoke, that found each other on distance of several thousand miles and fell in love. Now they are happy and live together.
My work allows to use to me a computer and I found time to read about it. I at all did not represent as many people search for love on the Internet!!!! It is a lot of web sites which suggest to find people. I could write independently from my computer to you. It costed to me approximately 30 dollars to be a member and to write to you. I wanted to open again today match.com but it spoke, that I again should pay money and I refused service. I cannot send the letter any more and consequently I hope, that you will write to me! Otherwise it will be again necessary for me to pay 30 dollars! J
I want to speak you so many things! Please excuse me if I cannot speak you much today. We shall have still time to speak! Before us still it is a lot of time to learn each other! Today I had a lot of work. We shall soon have meeting and I should prepare the report. By the way! I have told nothing to you about my work. I work in company " GAZTEHSERVISE ". Our company is engaged in sale of gas to consumers. I work as the senior head of a sales department of gas. I on this post 1,5 years! My work pays to me good money. I have worthy residing. I work, I to get tired on work. I receive fair money for the work. Stephen, tell to me about your work. You are pleased with your work? It is important to love the work.
Today I want to send you some pictures. Later I shall send you of more pictures. I have also a computer of a house and there is present more pictures. My computer of a house is not connected to the Internet and consequently I can send you my pictures only from work. I shall take measures to send you more than my pictures. OK? And I want to see your pictures also!
Well, I shall wait your other letter. You probably already have more questions on me? Write soon! Heave nice Day! Yulia.

Letter 2

Good Day!
I am again glad to read your letter! I am grateful to you for good answers! I hope, that at you all is good! Right now I listen to a song. It is a song in Russian! It is group MONOKINI. The song refers to " Up to a meeting on a star ". It is a romantic song! It has good sense! I have a similar voice and I like to sing this song! I sing this song of a house. I have karaoke and I sing frequently! I want, that you liked this song. I have a full collection of songs MONOKINI. You have Russian music in shops of music? I would advise you to buy and listen, as it is good music and a good voice.
I in general love music with sense. I like to think of a life under quiet music.
In my automobile I also have music. I like to go on city and to listen to music. In the morning on a way to work I listen to radio and together with a good morning song I finally wake up! Stephen, me all is interestingly about you. Please, write to me as much as possible. Write to me as your day, what you did? I am very much interested in you. Whether I frequently ask myself there can be we? You would like me to meet? I think, that I could find enough money for our meeting. I probably would want to arrive in the England and to remain with you some time. Or probably you would like to arrive to Russia? Please, tell to me in more detail that you think of our meeting? I travelled only to visit close Europe. I never was in the England and fairly to tell, I to be afraid to go in other country a little. The England very far and I should be confident, that I shall be in safety and that you will care of me.
It is very interesting to me to see as you you live. I read your letters and I understand much about you and your life, but anyhow that I was better to know each other would like to meet you. I the independent woman. I am capable to make of the decision. Whether also I should know seriously you would like to meet me? At me feeling, that you good the man. You caught my interest. I the purposeful woman and if both of us want to meet I shall think of it more seriously!
I also want to speak that very well that you have friends which experience for you, certainly if you wish that I can write to them, but I do not know any Finnish language.
And certainly I completely with you agree that a dog very devoted friend. I know it as at me a dog also very devoted.
Well, I should go now. I shall think of you. I should go today in supermarket and buy products. Write to me soon. Remember, that I serious in my words. It is not simple words. Thanks, Yulia.

Letter 3

Greetings my Loved Stephen,
I want to tell, that I today have already received your money and to buy Tickets the onboard plane! Today I had the big day! It will arrive closer to our meeting!!!
I already to have my tickets in embassy and to me have told, that my visa will be ready
More likely soon!
I so am pleased! You do me by the happiest woman on light. I love you.
August, 24 it will be day of our meeting. We already very much with you have, to make.
I should tell, that soon day of our meeting.
To me all approaches have told, that, and I shall receive my documents!!! You understand it.
My tickets have been approved, and now everything is all right!
I very much want to arrive to you as it probably is fast, and I hope, that we shall meet. I have already taken for this purpose it is a lot of things. It will be fast, my ready visa, my tickets is already bought, also I bore it in embassy. However today to me
Explained one more condition, that to me it is necessary for performance. A question - that I should prove in embassy that I am financially steady the citizen. Your government to which care your country has been visited only by financially steady citizens of other countries.
For this reason they have made an average minimum of money in day, which citizen who visits your country, should have.
So, I should have with me directly money in day 100 euros of the sum. A minimum quantity of days for which I should have money is 30 days. I have explained in embassy, that I probably shall in your country only 2 weeks, but lady in explained embassy me, it anyway I should under the minimal norm to have with itself 3000 euros on the account of a credit card in calculation, that I shall spend day for 100 euros within a month.
Therefore I should obey rules and open the account of a credit card on which there should be minimal 3000 euros.
It - bad news because I understand your situation of money now. To me so it is sad now.
I did not know as you it to speak. So it is a pity to me to ask you again 3000 euros, but I anyhow should speak you it. I am confident, that it will be the last step at our meeting. I love you of more lives, and we should not stop.
We should take this last step! I with hope shall wait your love and the letter.
I want it, you have sent me of money besides to the address of bank to Moscow. Well?
Really it - has very much regretted to me which I at all did not know about it. I knew, which I shall be to have a credit card, but I did not know, that I should open the account of a credit card.
It is a pity, that so it appears. I know, that you now not, and is really very difficult to send buildings to you money, but mine Stephen we should take this last step. It - is a plenty of money. I understand it.
But I also should speak you, that we shall not lose them 3000 euro.
When I shall arrive in the USA, I can be, I clean this money back. You understand?
We shall not lose your money and when I shall arrive to you, we are included into bank, and we clean money back. You understand about it?
Mine Stephen, I very much ask you which you have sent me of money as it is probably fast. We have already taken all things and I do not want to come back home without documents. I today very much to swear embassy.
But now I precisely know, that I shall not demand many money. Once again excuse me, that our meeting takes many money and forces. But I love you very much, and I want to arrive to you.
I am confident, that we can take this step. I want, that you also were It, is confident. I love you Stephen.
It will be last step which I should make. Then only it will be necessary for me to wait day of our meeting. Please take things as it is probably fast. I want also to do everything, it is fast. I now shall give you the information concerning my tickets. You should you will meet me at the airport in day of our meeting! It will be the big day!

Arrival: STOCKHOLM 18:35 thursday on August, 24 2006
Flight: SK 731, the plane: McDonnell Douglas MD-80 Series
Start: STOCKHOLM 20:05 thursday on August, 24 2006
Arrival: LONDON 21:45 thursday on August, 24 2006
Flight: SK 1527, the plane: McDonnell Douglas MD-80 Series

General time in a way: 6 hour. 20 minutes.

I shall wait from you the letter soon! Yours for ever, Yulia.

Letter 4

I only have time to write to you that have received your money and all this is normal.
Well I shall write to you soon. I hope that already I can take away a credit card.

Letter 5

Yes my love I is completely ready to arrive to you. Has changed nothing.
I am very much borrowed with collecting of things but when there will be that we we shall talk much.
Well, wait for me!!!