Letter(s) from Terry Ken to Joseph (Spain)

Letter 1

hello master, how are you today,i hope you are cool sir.
sir, i just want to express to you my gratitude in considering me to be your slave girl. although iam not that experinced in a life style but.i really wnat to be your sex slave, used for your pleasure and under your firm guidance and i will serve you as your personal sex slave.
i want to learn all your desires , likes and dislikes.so that i will be trained to satisfy your every need.i will always do that best and when it is not good enough , i will stive to do better.
i only wnats your pleasure and if you decides,that i desrve a reward,i will gladly accept it and also if you feel that purnishment is in other,i your slave will not beg for mercy but rather accept the purnishment and try to learn to be a better slave to you.
master i promise to seve you with the totality of my total heart.
its me adetokunbo

Letter 2

hello master, how are you today sir. and i hope you had a nice time talking to me just now..and i hope you wil liek what i wrote
sir today like any other days, i am looking for new ways to tell you how much i needed you in my life.
firstly i will start by letting you know what led me into a slave.
i am adetokunbo, a 24yrs girl.and i a university graduute and i studied statistics.
i started having sex when i was 19yrs and since then i enjoyed sex a lot and i got to the stage that i need a dom in my life, i mean a man who will control me sexually.
i got my master when i was 19yrs. he is a man who enjoys sex.i accepoted him to be my master.
he controls me sexually and i gave up all my controls of my life to him.
he makes sex to me often and often which i soo much like.at times during sex he spanks my ass red during sex but rather pledding, i will rather ask for more.
at times he ties me up and go to work without eating in which i will be relased when he comes back from work.he blind fold me and have a lot of sex with me even playing with my toys at times.even he locks me up in the cage at times for hours. if he feels like locking me up..we go to the cinema together and do some little shopping together.he also decides the type of cloths i wear..but latter i left him cause he is no longer honest and caring to me.infact what made me leave him is that i stood by him during the thick and thin period, but latter started changing his behavours to me.i served him for 6 months .
,i just decided to look for a master outside africa cause i know that white men are well experinced and they are more caring and honest.i wnat you to knoiw that i am ready to serve you with all my heart.and also i am ready to stand by you during the thick and thin periods. cause i am a girl with knowledge and culture.
master , as your slave girl , i promise not to dissaponit you cause you are all my wish. and also on the other hand , i will take good care of you by washing your cloths, cooking, making you happy, cleaning up the house talking with you and so on.
as your slave girl, i will give up all my controls of my life 24/7 to you. and all decisons made by you , and when we are together, i will have little or no independent life out side of your flowing commands master.
in addition, i will be your toilet slave and in any event my body will be used by you.
and if you think purnshment is in order, you can purnish me any way you like caus eall what i need is your pleasure.and even breast toutue, whipping flogging chips put on my labia cause all i wnat is your pleasure once again.
master all what i need in return from you is a good sex , honesty and caring.
mastr, i wnat you to know that i am not after material things but all i need from you is love and honesty.
master when i am with you , i promise not to disobey you and master when i am with you i will like both of us to go to the cinema to watch movies and also go to the bdsm shows and parties.
its my dream and my desires in life is to serve a white man to the best of my ability and i know that my ream will come true.
its me your slave girl
slave adetokunbo.

Letter 3

HELLO MY LOVELy master, how are you , i hope you are rea;lly dreaming about me now cause i gues you are now sleeping on your bed, how i wish i am there with you.but i guess sonnest , it will happen .
well master i have used this medium to let you know how i feel about you serving you. my lovely master as i have told you i will serve you to teh fullest that i can and as a good slave i have little or no command , you own me , and ia m your life time slave , master i promise not to dis obey you and i pomise to make you very happy always cause i am a slave that wants his master s enjoyment always casue master i will serve you to the fullest and i know that you will really enjoy me soo much
my lovely master I WILL fuck you 24/7 365 daysof thE year.
my lovely master ,i love you and i care.
its slave adetokunbo

Letter 4

hello my lovely master
how are you ?i hope you are fine my lovely master
master i have missed you soo mcuh.
i have printed out the mail you wrote and i have given it to my family and they are very happy .
well my lovely master i will be collecting my passport on saturday and i have gone to ask about teh whole thing that i will need to join you in spain out there but i know that God is in control and i will eb with you soon.
my lovely master the travelling agency has proved to me that they are real and also it is well recomemded here by people and my family and they have told me that they will help me out and i am very happy with this.
well my lovely master, i have started the prosessing and i will let you knw how is goes every days in details as we talk every day.and also my lovely master as i have told you , i maight need some amount of money from you , so my lovely master just be prudent for a short period of time so that i can be with you shortly , although my family had promised to help me out but i am just saying that just to be on a saver side my lovely master.my lovely master i will be online later tonight the normal time we talk but if you dont hear from me on line tonight , then its due to weather but my lovely master i just want you to know that all is well and i will be with you soon by GODS grace.
its em adetokunbo your slave girl forever

Letter 5

hello my lovely master
how are you today, i hope you are fine sir,
my lovely master i have miised you soo much and i was hoping to talk to you online 10pm but to my bigest suprise you are not online and i missed you soo much but master why are you not online as we have planed before.well my lovely master, we really need to talk cause i have gone to the embassy and i was told some things so my master we need to talk .
well my lovely master
i love you and i care
its me your slave adetokunbo

Letter 6

hello my lovely master
how areyou sir, i hope you are fine,
well master you will be qiute supised that you dint hear from me since yesterday , my lovely master my internet connection is very bad and that is why i wasnt bale o mail you and talk to you yesterday , and at the present moment that i am sedning you this mail , my internet connection is ok now.
my lovely master, my family told me that they will help me out with the ticket money that when i have the visa i should just tell them, well my master, when they told me that i was very happy cause i know soonest , i will be with you .and that night i was very happy again to hear such from them and also they are very happy with me.
well my lovely master since my internet connection is ok now.
we will talk more
in the evening ten pm my time.
its me your slave girl for life

Letter 7

hello my lovely master
how are you, i hope you fine sir.
sir i have collected the money , and i am with the money now.
i have treid so many times to call you but ist was just ringing.
but i think you are very busy at the moment or you are not at home.
well my lovely master, i must thank you for what you have done for me, i am very happy and i really apricaite what you have done for me.my lovely master, i will be onlien tonight 10pm nigerian time
i am very happy and i am proud of you my lovely master.
its me your slave eva for ever

Letter 8

hello my lovely master
how are you today sir, i hope you are fine.
my lovely master, i am very proud of you and i am very happy that you sent me more money .
my master as i have collected the information from you in the afternoon, i went straight to teh bank to colllect it but there were a lot of peopel there, so i waited and later i was just told tat to come back in the morning to collect my money cause there were so many people at the bank.
so my lovely master
i will go and collect it in the morning and also now master i am onlien talking to you but you are not around and i have tried calling you somany times tonight but its just getting to the answering machine.but i guess you are not at home my master.
my lovely master, i have told my family about you and all about teh cloths you told me , i mean teh used cloths master, my family are very happy and there were just smiling and very happy, my lovely master
how i wish you are online now so that we can talk, master i am missing you soo much and your slave is addicted to you.
master i love you an di care
its your slave
eva forever

Letter 9

hello my lovely master
how are you sir, i hope you are fien and cool.my lovely master teh connection is very bad at eth cafe and i am talking to you buit i guess you cant see what ia m saying and typing.
well my master i said i have gone to teh embassy today wityh my uncle and i am collecting em visa tomorow or next tomorow ao master i am very happy and also about my flight, i am flying klm cause its more safer and covienent cause my uncle said he will buy teh my flight ticket tomorw.and it will eb from lagos to madrid.
its me your slave