Scam Letter(s) from Natalia to James (USA)

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Letter 1

James my dear!!!!!!! I am very glad to receive your letter and I wish to ask as your business? I'm fine and perfectly I feel. The darling I very much thought of you and you know that I wrote you the letter and I so hoped to receive your sincere answer. The darling of thanks that you has written me it very important for me. James my dear I wish to tell to you that in this life I saw myself happy a little. It is valid so I want that you knew me what I is actually. I had a difficult childhood. I had a difficult childhood because I was without my parents. You know about it the darling. For me it was very much a hard time. I hurted much, to me I was valid :( very difficultly now have a new life. Now I the independent girl. At me friends which love me, I have a work which I very much to love... Now time has come when I should start to build the life. A new life in we wash understanding.
Now I wish to have really the children, to bring up them together with the beloved. For me it at all game and I am very serious to it I concern, all that I wish to be really it happy I so very much it I require. I could not find the person in the past which really respected and would manage with me correctly. It only to cause me a pain. I know that such a pain and I not when I shall not wish it other person. Has passed time. Now I have decided to find the man for lives to find at last happiness and calmness. I have solved that this person can can be from other country. Here in Russia I do not wish to concern more not with one person. Me it does not interest at all, for them sex, alcohol only is important! I have got acquainted with you James and for me it is valid all very seriously! James I have felt in your words a spark which starts my heart to open and feel heat which proceeds from your words. James I very trustful woman and would be very easy to deceive me, yes I such am valid, but I know that you will not do it also I to you I can trust. I trust you!!! Whether James now I want you you can ask to me to trust to send me of money for our meeting? For me it is really difficult to find money for my arrival to you. Money which pay to me for my works. It not greater money and I cannot simply find a way to find money and to arrive to you.. James understand that for me important is my future life and I not for the sake of money have come on the Internet and to get acquainted. I ask you because I really not rich and for me it would be valid to provide very difficultly my arrival to you... Whether for me it is important also very much that the nobility is trusted by you to me.... I can tell that I want that you could accept me such what I now actually. If James you will help me to arrive. I can understand that it can for you also there will be a necessity to save money. I understand all this and for me it is not important. I shall wait time. If I could I really would share money to help to arrive for me. James I hope that you really understand me... I very seriously concern to a joint life. I really hope what be fast we can together for ever.... I sincerely wish for us happiness... Write to me the darling soon! Kisssss! Your Natalya

Letter 2

Hello James! I with pleasure have received your letter! When I went to the Internet to club I thought of you and I very much wished to see your letter! Many thanks to you James! I hope that with you all well.
I perfectly feel myself! How your weather? I hope that well. How your mood? I in general am very glad that I have got acquainted with you!
Lately I so have changed. I for a long time did not feel so well. You think of me? James I am happy to receive your photo. You have very much liked me. I was very glad to receive your pictures!!!!James I wish to tell to you about my past with the man. I want that you could know it also. I want that you could know more about me. A life a complex piece! Each person had a pain in heart and in a shower and certainly it has left deep traces and wounds on a shower.In our world it is very difficult to live and I know as difficultly again to find belief and to be assured, that you can trust again and again be lucky enough. You agree? It is really difficult. Therefore I wish to be assured of the man with which I wish to combine the life. You agree with me? To learn to trust it is necessary to be able to see an internal part of the person that it wants, what purposes are pursued by this person. I have a purpose in which I wish to see itself with the man which really would love me, respected with me. I want that I could divide with it the man the life, the love. To have family. What purposes you have James!? I hope that our purposes can really lead us each other. I wrote, that we should not have secret from each other. I shall tell to you that I was with the person to which I trusted, I respected with it and very much loved this person. Then I thought that I have really found the happiness. It spoke me beautiful words, we went on walks, communicated, laughed. It promised me that it not when will not do to me painfully. I was silly and I trusted in it. In we wash position it it was not difficult to believe. I very much was mistaken in this person. It was not that person for which gave out. It drank alcohol much and the beginnings me to offend, it has destroyed my trust to it. Our attitudes with it were not long and we send away from each other. It was 3 years ago. Since that moment as we have left, I any more had no attitude with the man. Simply I did not think of it, my heart has been broken also I has very much despaired. First I thought that I can be one. But I the woman. I would like to have the happiness with correct the man which really wishes to have the unique for it for ever. At all so a long time I have dared to try myself on the Internet. My girlfriend has offered me it. And now I have got acquainted with you James. I hope now James you can understand me why I want that we could trust each other. I want that I could believe again, what not all of the man such which do not appreciate love and respect. I shall not hide, I wish to be assured of you and to learn better about you. You very much like me also I to not wish to be disappointed again in to the man... I hope time when we can trust each other Will come and we will need to meet. Up to our meeting, I wish to be assured, that it is that the man to which I wish to devote the life... Though it is not simple. Write to me little bit more about your family and a life. I very much would wish to know. On it I shall be limited and I shall wait your next letter.With best regards Yours Ludmila.

Letter 3

Hello James! I am very glad to receive your message and I wish you to thank you for that that you have written to me.I wish to tell to you a little about myself. My name is Skryabina Natalya.To me 28 years.At present I live in city Saratov. It not the big city which is in Russia. In our city there are many beautiful places, various structures, sights, temples, a museum, monuments and many other things. I would like to learn about your city? As you live. If I am possible would like to learn your address. What your favourite color?
I love red color. You listen to what music? I love quiet classik, but I also listening Pop music, Opera, Rok and Roll, Retro and many other things. Write to me about itself and about your life I very much would wish to learn. You have parents? I live one. I have no my parents. I grew and was brought up in a children's shelter. I have higher education. I have knowledge of English language and little bit German.
I work as the psychologist of a children's shelter. I very much love the work. I very much love children. If it is possible write to me about the work? I wish to tell to you that I not when was not married and I have what children. I search for serious attitudes for creation of serious attitudes, families and children. Now I and I wish to find the love in searches of the beloved abroad as I could not find the man in the country. You have a photo? I really very much wish to find the love and I hope that we can find the general interests and our desires will be coincided. Write to me if you really are interested in me! I shall wait your letter and if you have a photo. I wish to tell to you that I have no a computer and I to write to you from the Internet club. If my letters can be late that I very much I hope for your understanding to me. This letter is good has allowed to know a little about me and I shall write to you more about myself in the following letter. Write to me I shall be very glad if you write to me and with greater impatience I shall wait your letter. Natalya

Letter 4

I want that I could meet you and to be together with you. My dear I today have gone to travel agency to learn, that to me it is necessary to do to receive the visa in the USA. I had time all in detail and precisely to learn. In tourist agency to me all in detail explained.
To me have told, that I can do the visa the tourist. Under this visa I can be in the USA in current of 3 months. Also for me it will be necessary to have the passport for travel abroad and I should pass medical to receive the information and the notice. Later when I can be together with you. I can prolong also my visa for three months. I will need to collect some documents and it will be necessary to do a photo.
To receive my documents to me It is necessary to pay 580 dollars for registration of it the visa and the passport to travel abroad. Very to surprise me such high cost. To me to tell, that the visa assorts during from 3 up to 7 days. When I can pay money. For me it will be necessary to bring a photo, medical inquiry, refer also residences.
And after an input in money the agency in once starts to legalize all necessary papers. For me cost the visa seem very big. Whether my darling is capable to pay you for my visa this money? Write to me about it. The darling I wait for your letter now in the Internet of cafe. Write that you to think about ?? all this? Write when you to want our meeting. With impatience I wait for your fast letter. Yours for ever Natalya



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