Scam letter(s) from Kelly Yolanda to Rick (USA)

Letter 1

Hi Rick,
how are you doing ,hope all is well with you over there,i waited to chat with you today online but you did not turned up,hope no problem,i chat with Emily and ask i ask her to call you that am here,and she promise to call you for me.i really missed talking with you today,hope to be with you soonest,i really love and want you in my life,i and your daughter chat the more today she will tell you all i have in my mind for the family.i cant wait to be part of the family,really want to be your MRS,i want to start bearing your surname,i love you RICK,hope you do too.Have you send the money,please give me the MTCN number to get it at the bank now,but if not please try and do that now or today,i cant wait to be with the family and you,Emily really wants me by herside,i want to make her happy for the rest of life.Honey mail me back today so that i can have the information to get the money and i am out of here to you,do have a nice day.Hope to hear back from you soonest.........................
sincerely yours
Letter 2

Hello Rick,
Hunny how was your day today,i hope it all went good,am waiting online to see and talk with you,i dreamt of YOU and I last night having our wedding together,it was so wonderful,but i will tell you more on it when you come online,i just keep missing you here,Tina has always been there for me ,she is such a wonderful and nice person ,hunny please hurry up and come online now,am missing you so much,how did it go with you today,are you able to get the money ,i hope so hunny,you know we have to get our marriage done fast so that we could be together and stop all this daydreaming and nightmare,and also the marriage income tax and some other plans we have has to be manifested,Rick our future is bright,i know that for sure.
Am waiting for you now.


Letter 3

hello rick,am higly dissapointed in you for you to have conclude like that after all the sweet moments we shared together,you still believe on the scam you knew yourself that is going on all the best to you,i will find myself a way of getting back to tha states,if it will cost me my **** to the hotel manager,i will but i want you to know its not something i want to do from my heart you want to push me into this,i still got love for you,get to me back before 24 hours time before i do something bad to myself and i want you to know you dont know the value of what you have until you lose it.
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