Scam letter(s) from Lubov Kazanceva to Larry (Australia)

Letter 1

Hello my new friend !!!It is very pleasant to see, that I have a little interested you. And it will be pleasant for me to begin with you acquaintance.Thanks for your letter. I am very glad that have received the answer. I did not think, that I can receive your answer. But to the big and pleasant surprise I see your letter and I hasten to answer you. From the very beginning I would like to be presented more. That you even had small representation about me.I the usual simple girl from Russia. I live in one of the big cities of Russia Ekaterinburg.I the blue-eyed woman with the big soul. I shall not tell, that I of high growth. But I like my growth:)I think myself quite normal attractive girl and I want to find to myself the person who with me would be fair, kind soul and sociable. With the years I understand, that it is necessary for me to equip the private life. For this reason likely I have decided to address to services the Internet of cafe. If to be fair I for the first time have experience of dialogue on the Internet and for me the Internet new. I did not think, that it so is difficult, but fortunately to me have helped to be registered and is glad to that at me turns out a little. To tell under the truth we have tested small difficulty with registration from Russia. Because of it me have registered from the USA. I hope it will not affect our friendship!?I the lonely girl who searches to itself for the friend with whom could support dialogue or even more. I hope on a photo you can make about me the greater opinion. I want find the fair person to which could to trust, communicate with him on various themes, to know about him more and more and more.I have finished the Ekaterinburg pedagogical college. At present I work in a kindergarten to me very much to like to spend time with children. I very much love children. It is a little about the family. I live with mum and the daddy, In family I the only child. I very much love the parents. My mum worked in trading firm, at present mum the housewife earlier, looks after the house. My mum it is very tasty I prepare also I adopt mother's experience a little. Mine the daddy works as the driver in a private concern. Very much to like the daddy the work. Every day the daddy goes for work with good mood. Such at us amicable family.I want to set to you some questions, if you not against. It will be very interesting to me to know where you work, than are engaged at leisure, your hobby, and in general tell a little about yourself and the parents. That I had even some representation about you.As soon as I you have seen you me at once have interested. I very much would want that we with you were friends. I very much would like to know about you more and more and more.Much to our regret my time in the Internet of coffee comes to an end. I shall wait from you for new letters.With the big respect Ekaterina.
Letter 2

Hello my new friend Larry!!!! It is so pleasant to see your letter. Ishall not hide, that for me it is the first experience of dialogue onthe Internet. For this reason I a little in the excited condition. Idid not think, that I can receive from aav the letter. Neverthelessunderstand a mu some confusion. If my words for you will seem sillyand not interesting I shall ask you to inform me about it. It is verypleasant for me for you to represent itself as it is. As far as youknow from my structure I unique and never before had seriousexperience of dialogue with men. More likely at me sad experience was.But if to be fair, I would not like you about it while to speak. In mylife which man I was thought, that has grown fond on vju of the stayedlife. But the destiny has disposed so that I was not with it the man.I do not want to recollect now the patient to me and I want to tell toyou about more pleasant things concerning me. As far as you know as Ilive in Russia. On Ural. My city of Ekaterinburg. It is very big city.Also I can inform with pride to you, that my city after the right canbe named thirds capital of Russia:) If it is interesting to you as Ishall inform that to you, that I live in a beautiful place of thiscity. My microdistrict is very beautiful, is on edge cities. It betterthan to live in city centre. I hope you of me you understand. It ismore pleasant to live in distances from city noise. I live in anapartment with my parents. And in this letter I would like willacquaint you with my parents. My parents not so young. But I can tellwith confidence, that my parents very happy people. I was alwaysamazed as far as beautiful relations at my parents. I know there aremany families where there are various scandals and quarrels. If to befair I likely never saw that my parents had scandal. I cannotrecollect that at all that my father raised a voice on my mum.Sometimes I think, that I shall find to myself the same man and my private life to develop similarly to my mum. My mum itself an angel.Creation of kindness. I never saw mum malicious. By the way I haveoverlooked to present you my mum. At my mum name Olga Stepanovna. Mymum the housewife also sits on pension. Earlier my mum worked as theseller in shop. But with the years my mum left on the deserved rest. Ivery strongly love my mum. It for me most dear the person in a life. Iat all do not know that I made without my mum. Now I want to presentyou my father. A name of my father Valery Olegovich. About the fatherI can tell, that he very clever the man. And likely on Light there areno things about which my father did not hear. In any company my fatherthe ringleader and the merry fellow. Always friends do not overlook toinvite my father. My father very cheerful also can always amuse. Evena code to me very badly my father always can find the necessary wordsto calm me. My father works as the driver by a taxi. Earlier my fatherworked as cinema the mechanic, but with exit on pension has decided tobe arranged with the driver by a taxi. I hope you a little now youhave representation about my parents and it will be pleasant for youto have with them acquaintance. I am sure, that to like you my father.If you will have any questions concerning my parents you do nothesitate ask. As it would be interesting to me find out about yourfamily. Probably you to me can tell, that - nibdu interesting aboutthe family. I hope to you my letter was pleasant and it will beinteresting to you will answer my letter. I shall wait for your lettersoon and I hope you will not be late:) On it it is necessary to mestop my letter. As my time in the Internet of cafe is limited also tome to have to finish. I with hope look forward to see your interestingletter as. If you will have what - ibud questions, shall be very gladto answer. With the big pleasure on the person, your New FriendEkaterina!!!
Letter 3

Hello my dear Larry. As always it is very pleasant for me to see yourletter as to me very much to like to read your letters and I is gladthat I have dialogue with you Larry. In this letter I want to tell toyou that we relations develop also to me to like it as it very well befurther there can be whom that better I hope that you understand meLarry. I want to tell that from the very beginning of that as we havegot acquainted with you I was very glad to this because at me verygood person on correspondence has appeared and it is pleasant for methat and I think that you think the same way to me my dear Larry.Today I was engaged in the work as it very important for me as I already spoke you that work for me is very important as me very to like my work as it well. I want to ask you that you think of me?????It would be interesting to me to know it my dear Larry. As I test verymuch strange feelings to you as I did not see you not when but I wantto tell to you that it does not prevent me to get used to you as ittoo very important for me and if to be with you fair that to me thesefeelings like and I want to keep them up to ours with you meetings mydear Larry. I want more and more and to know more you as to me alwaysvery pleasantly to know about you more and more and I want to ask youwhat you told to me about yourself and sent me as much as possible thephotos Larry. I want that you knew that I always worry about you mydear Larry I want that you always were such what you is actually. Withsincere respect and love your Ekaterina.
Letter 4

Hello my dear LarryIt is very pleasant for me to see your letter as to me always very pleasantly to see your warm letters.In this letter I want to tell to you that colds recede at us in Russia but while all the same it is a little cold. And how yours weather???.I want to tell to you that at me all normally as today at me very good mood and I am very glad to this and I want to wish you the same.Today I with my girlfriend went to the big shop we different departments walked there rather for a long time as there many and it was very interesting to observe of it.I want to tell that probably for you it silly, but at us in city have constructed for the first time such big shop and it was interesting to us to look at it, well I think that you understand me!!!In the days off we plan to go to ski with friends again, and I hope that it will be cheerful for us as I very much like to ski and I would like to drive with you my dear. How you look at it??? It probably would be very cheerful to go for a drive with you on a ski and then we would go to drink hot coffee. The truth it is tempting??? You would like it.But nevertheless I continue to write to you only letters as we did not meet you not when, but I all the same believe that dreams come true.On it I want to finish my letter as it is time to me to go home.With the big respect Ekaterina.
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