Letter(s) from Julia Soungurova to Fernando (Mexico)

Letter 1

She silently sat at the desk … there Was a night … anything in this world more did not disturb her, nothing has stirred in this dark as sub consciousness, the universe …
Time has stiffened, has stood and it is not courageous to disturb her… She sat and thought of him. Waited for him...

These words it is possible to begin my letter. Today I want to ask you some questions. This question for me very important!!! How you treat to me? What in me is bad? You want with me there will be or it simply games? Excuse for my sharpness. I already for a long time know you and from your party was not present what steps to our meeting. To me it is insulting for it. I dreamed about the friend that I to find the prince which will be ready for the sake of me on all!!!! Which will love me!!!
Time flies also I does not know what to do. My parents have begun to speak that you play with me because at you many free time. Speak that to me for a long time to find to itself the husband and to leave for the first comer. To me of it to think even it is disgusting. Parents recently have invited the guy to acquaint with me. Will imagine they have decided to find the husband for me. Well I have got acquainted with this guy. He appeared the son of one businessman. The guy is not ugly certainly but on many a parameter to me has not approached. He very haughty, impudent, avaricious. Besides on ours of appointments he did not miss any skirt. I have quarreled with my parents from for this guy and have told them that any more did not select for me grooms. I justified before my parents of you though understood what not all so well. I ask you answer three questions which are written above for me it very important. On it I today finish my letter. It has turned out not joyful. I shall wait from you for the answer. Yours Yuliya

Letter 2

Hello my lovely Fernando!!!
How your affairs the my dear friend? I think that at you all normally. At me all is excellent. Parents frequently ask about you about that as we have affairs.
I have one remarkable news. I think that you will like that that I today shall tell.
I already several last letters wrote that I dream you to see that we already for a long time are familiar and that I am sure in you. I know that I shall not regret if we shall meet you. You became for me that which close person to me so for a long time did not suffice. I each day think of our meeting. I for a long time wanted to offer will meet but also for problems mum as was not solved. I would like speak to me with you might to call from the girlfriend but I do not have number of your phone. It would be pleasant for me if you have sent phone numbers on which I can communicate with you.
I and have not told while my good news. I thought much and have decided to start to do my documents for trip to you. I went to travel agency to find out that it is necessary for all it. For a floor of hour all have clearly explained to me. To arrive to you it is required to make the passport for travel abroad, the visa, and actually to buy the ticket.
I have decided to start with the passport for travel abroad. The passport can be made for one week. I have ordered the passport and in days seven will be ready. I?iaeaiii to make the visa. To make the visa to me will come to go to Moscow in embassy. The visa is made somewhere with 10-14 days. As I understand all this time to me will come to live in Moscow. Still to me will come to take holiday at work. And I think that the next week I shall write the application on granting of the next holiday. And all this that will meet home. I think that I am not in a hurry and that you will support my idea. We so long to this went.
My dear Fernando I shall wait from you for the answer.
I finish the letter and I shall wait from you for the letter!!!


Letter 3

Hello my dear Fernando!!!
It is very pleasant for me for you to write today the letter. I did not have some days of an opportunity to write. In the last letter I have mentioned very important theme for both of us. I very much would like you to write but might not from for that that the Internet - cafe have closed. There some days carried out repairs also preventive works. The interior of Internet - cafe has appreciably changed. Here became more spacious also old computers have replaced new. And have still opened a small bar where it is possible for itself to order coffee, soft drinks and cocktails. I very much like to sit and think here of you.
My lovely I it is madly glad today to you to write the letter. I have some good news to you. My lovely it was very pleasant for me to receive from you the answer to my last letter. To me it would like that you also strongly wanted our meeting as well as I. One it will be difficult for me cope one with all affairs. Your support is necessary for me. I for a long time dream of our meeting. When I corresponded that understood that all goes to that that is necessary for us with you will meet. From the beginning it was simple what that desire. This desire grew and now I simply each day think and I dream of it. I understand that the road to our meeting is very difficult. I should leave first time in my life from parents so far. Parents not against our meeting. They in general want me faster to marry speaking that in two three years I for whom I shall not be necessary. My lovely I want today will share good news. My passport for travel abroad is ready. I wrote in the last letter on it. Today went to a passport department and has received the passport. I have scanned the passport to show. The first step to our meeting is made. It is necessary to issue the visa and to buy tickets. I while that I do not know about it and consequently on Monday am going to go in travel agency to find out full details. The second news is that I for one month have taken holiday at work. And now I have more than time for preparation for trip.
My lovely I feel princess. I as if have got in a fairy tale. My dear I yesterday tried will call you from the girlfriend but has failed to phone. I do not know you correct phone number may has given not or there were what that malfunctions. Following time shall try to call.
On it I want to finish my letter.
I wait for the answer
Strong whole

Letter 4

Hello my dear Fernando
As your business my darling. I think that at you all normally. I wish to talk today to you about my dream with you to meet about that as this dream have not come true. I wrote to you about that that have made the passport for travel abroad and was going to start to legalize papers for a trip. My representations about cost of a trip were not correct. I did not know that all so will cost dearly. That is approaching to an essence of business I do not have such greater money for a trip. All that at me is has sufficed on the passport and will suffice on medical insurance. I have addressed to you for the help. Thought that you will help me. In fact you too are involved in it. But I was not right was mistaken in you more truly. I do not understand you. Can to you it would not be desirable with me will meet. Then what for we so long corresponded. Initially I have started to correspond with you to find in you that the man which will live all remained life with me. You can to me do not trust!!! For such long time you cannot understand who I such. I know that at us in Russia many girls of swindlers which deceive. Then the question is again drawn. If you consider me the swindler why continue to correspond with me. It is not pleasant to me to realize that that you do not trust me. At me the question is again drawn. Why you correspond with me with what purpose. It can is simple games from your party. To you not than to borrow at leisure. I very much want our meeting. But as I have understood you it to happen in 1000. I did not think that you such timid and avaricious.

Letter 5

She silently sat at the desk … there Was a night ...anything in this world more did not disturb her, nothing has stirred in this dark as subconsciousness, the universe …Time has stiffened, has stood and it is not courageous to disturb her …She sat and thought of him. Waited for him...

These words it is possible to begin my letter. I am very glad to you to write my lovely Fernando!!! As your mood. I hope that you as well as I want our meeting. Whether I began to correspond with you to understand we kheu approach the friend. From afar it is difficult for me to understand it. Your letters speak about you too little. I dream with you will meet. Our dream may be executed. All time I think of you. About that what there will be our meeting. I think that which we shall carry spend time together will be unforgettable and fantastic. Your mutual aid is necessary for this purpose only. I wrote to you that I have made the passport for travel abroad and was going to go in travel agency to find out about registration of the visa. Today at me also I all the day was free has decided in travel agency. Which I have found out news for me were a shock. My representations about trip have strongly changed. In agency I have found out about that that the visa costs 420 USD. To issue the visa it is necessary to go to Moscow in embassy. For two weeks from application the visa will be ready and will operate 6 months. Still as I have found out to me it will be necessary to make medical insurance which to cost 250 USD. The most important is purchase of the ticket. Tickets can be found for 700-1500 USD. My lovely I thought earlier that I earn enough money to arrive to you. There is that money which I earned it trivialities. I do not know as to leave from this situation. To find such money for trip a lot of time is necessary to work. I can save up such sum only somewhere for a floor of year. I might take money from parents but I do not have not enough boldness for this purpose. They too earned this money with the big work. It that too is necessary on what to live. Other variant this reception of the loan in bank. They will be necessary need for what purposes I have addressed to them. I shall not tell for trip. Will think that I shall take the loan and back I shall not come. In our country it is very difficult to take the loan. Hardly to me will give in bank such big sum. Therefore I have not enough variants. I in full horror from an event. You may may help me than that. I one hardly shall cope one absolutely. Without your help to me long will come to save money for our meeting. I shall wait from you for the answer. If all will be good also you will be ready me to help that I can begin to make out the visa and insurance is very fast. I can even go the next week to Moscow in embassy.
My lovely a fairy tale in which I dreamed have turned to a reality. I did not rearrange that all will cost for me so dearly. My lovely I shall wait from you for the answer.
Your loving Yuliya!!!!