Scam letter(s) from Natalia to Hugh (Scotland)

Letter 1

Hello my darling Hugh! All day long I was wondering whether you will send me a letter or not, and now I'm really glad that you did! I want to stress that I would like to communicate with you very much, because I do feel that you are the right man for me. May be it will seem a bit ****** for you, but they say, that women's intuition never fails, so who knows- The population of our city is about 500 000 people. Thank you very much for your photo and all your thoughts and desires, I like you and want to meet one day soon, what do you think about it? I think that we open a new page of our relationship and become closer with each letter. I want to know as much as possible about you. So, I would like to tell you about myself. My name is Natasha, I live in the town of Lugansk, that is situated on the very east of Ukraine. Unfortunately I can't boast with happy and careless childhood. You must have heard about the problem of alcohol in our country, so my father wasn't an exception. I can only remember endless drunken quarrels, tears of my mother, promises of my father not to drink any more and breaking of these promises as soon as he saw a bottle of *****. The more time passed, the worse situation was becoming. My father at that time was beating my mother already and one day he beat me very badly, there even remained the scar on my back. After that my mother ran away with me to the town of Lugansk, where her sister was living and who helped us to settle there. Because of my mother brought me up alone, she didn't have enough money to buy me any toy I wanted or to send me to the camp in summer, but I'm so grateful to her because she gave me the most precious thing v she gave me her love. As for my education I finished The East Ukrainian National University, my profession is a pharmacist. I work now at the local factory. Nevertheless I like my job, though it I not well-paid, because every day I have to meet new people, to communicate with them, to persuade them and show them that our production is a very hight quality. As for my private life, I need to tell you that when I was 17 I married a man who at first was so tender and kind to me , but soon his attitude to me changed greatly. If you let me I would like to tell you about this in my next letter, of course if you would like to communicate with me. And the last thing I would like you to know. I'm searching for a man I can rely on, because I'm so tired to be alone and to be hurt by man, who firstly promise everything, but fulfill nothing. I want you to know that I've been hurt so many times and that my heart is aching badly. I need someone to cure this pain. If you are interested in me, please, write me soon , I'm looking forward to receive your letter. Sincerely
Letter 2

Hello, my sweet Hugh!! Your letter and your desire to continue correspondence with me is a holiday for me. Don't think that these are only words, I'm very sincere with you and eager to find common language and to learn about you as much as possible. Will you forgive me my indiscreet? ? Thank you for your photo and telling me so much about you, I'll do the same. I think you have already understood that I'm straight person and writing you letters not to play games, or because I'm bored and want to amuse myself, but because I'm searching for the ONE AND THE ONLY, whom I want to present with all my love and be faithful to. I would like to tell you about my previous marriage, as I promised you in my letter. You know, they say, that early marriages are very often not happy, so it is true. I didn't believe that first, but when I made that mistake, though my mother was against the marriage, she cautioned me that the man I wanted to marry is not one whom I wanted to see as my future husband. But I never listened to her, I thought that she didn't want me to be happy and was simply jealous, because I grew up and wanted to have my own life. But I was mistaken, I was mistaken so much! If only I could turn back time and listen to my Mom! After some time of living together it appeared that he cheated me with other woman. Later he begged me to forgive and I believed him. Believed once more, but it was all false. Very soon he started drinking alcohol, gambling and taking drugs. If I say that my life turned into a nightmare, I will say nothing. It was real ****, which seemed never ending. Very soon my ex started beating me, because when my husband was under the influence of drugs, he could do everything, I remembered my past life and say to myself: "Enough!!!!!" So, as very long my mother did, I ran away from my husband and started living a new life without a man. After that betrayal, first of my father, then of my husband, I lost faith in our man I'm searching for a man who will be a loving husband. If I didn't ask for too much, I'll be very glad to receive a letter from you. I forget to mention one more thing, I don't know English and use interpreter, hope this is ok for you. You know just very few people knows English here..... Wish you all the best
Letter 3

Hello my dear Hugh! Every day is a happiness for me, when I receive your letter! Frankly speaking I can't belive that I met someone who has serious intentions, because I'm so tired of all that false and cheating in my country and truly hope that man in your country are loyal and devoted. I've never been abroad. i would like to meet you as soon as possible! but i am afraid i will have no chance to visit you because i don't have an international passport at the moment. i don't know what our future meeting will look like, but i can already imagine you coming to me, and how we hug and kiss in the airport... If we were together, I would always treat you with respect, consider your wishes and desires. It would be my intention to please you. So long as you treat me with respect and share all parts of life with me eagerly and with pleasure, I will do everything I can to please you. I want only one man, but I want to experience all things with him I expect him to wish to take care of all my needs, physical, emotional, and mental; as I will care for him. I expect him to be gentle, as I will be with him. I expect him to speak softly and with reason, as I will with him. Life has no room for disagreeable people who shout at each other and make each other miserable. Life is for living in bliss and happiness. I love to play with kids. Have I told you that I have a nephew? You know, when I spend time with him, I even don't mention how it passes by, because I feel myself younger and all my problems are gone away, when I see his curious eyes and hear his careless laugh. We often play with him hide-and-seek. Because of my flat is not big, there is not much place to hide. But I always pretend that it is very difficult for me to find him. After counting till ten I usually can find him under the bathroom, in the wardrobe of in the basket for linen. Also, Timofey is very subtle. When he does something wrong and knows that it's his fault and I'll punish him, he comes to me and with innocent voice says: "Nata, don't you understand the jokes?" After that he simply disarms me and of course I usually don't punish after that. trying to tell you an ordinary day from my and Timofey's life, hope you liked it. I wish you all the best and truly hope for the happy ending of our correspondence. Kisses to you
Sincerely yours
Letter 4

Hello, my sweetheart Hugh!! Since I started writing letter to you, I started dreaming during the night, guess about what? ? You and me together and close to one another. Thank you very much for your letter and photo, I do like you very much. I'm 27 and as for the age matter I'm sure age is only number, but hearts and feelings are the most important in our relationship. I believe that we can be the luckiest people in the world finding each other and opening our souls for each other. Let's keep our hope high. Sorry, but unfortunately I don't have a phone, hope you understand this fact but you can call to the firm I use and talk to me, you just need to arrange exact tome for me to be here and Interpreters will **** us to talk. Here is a number: +3 8 050 502 88 14. But... Do you remember I use translation firm? So, I'm afraid that I won't be able to write you more letters because, I don't have more money to fulfill my account, I have to bring live for something and though I do feel that there appeared understanding between us and I want to communicate with you further very much, but I can't, sorry , because I have to pay for my translation. I hope you'll understand me correctly, If only I had an opportunity, I'll do everything to correspond with you, but I can't afford this. It's really hard for me to tell the interpreter to translate that to you, but I don't have a choice. The happiness was so close, that I almost felt it and could stretch my hand to touch it- but everything in our world depends on money! My mind understands that, but my heart doesn't want to accept this. Most of all I want to be close to you right mow and not to torture myself and you with this explanation! I wish it so much! Do you know why there are no miracles in the world? Why do people have to suffer? You know the more words I write to you, the more my heart starts aching, because with every word I understand that this the last letter I can write to you. So, this letter is a real torture for me! I send you many kisses and wish you only the best, because you are the most wonderful man, I've ever met in my life! Faithfully yours
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