Scam letter(s) from Tatiana Danilova to Jouko (Finland)

Letter 1
Hello Jouko, Thank you for writing me back. If you think, that it is easy to write an answer to a man, you've never see before,then you are greatly mistaken. It is not. You always try to write the best you can,so that your letter was really unforgivable,noticed among thousands of the same lines. If you are still with me,I will try to tell you something about myself. If I was asked to describe myself in three words,I would say I'm a kind,creating and thoughtful girl with sense of humor.( Oops,I mentioned four items,please,do not think I'm boasting.) Taking a deeper look at me,I would say,I'm a slender(my height is 168,weight 55kg),good- looking girl with green Diamonds of Mystery. As you may guess, I had some bad experiences in communication with man,so I'm looking for a real guy,who can trust,respect and love me. I think this is not a portrait of a prince, because I'm not looking for a price,but for a real person to love. Going ahead inside of me...I like music,I think it helps to relax or to fill yourself with energy,depending on a situation. I like nearly all types of music,the main thing is that it was well played. I also like sports and going out. I dream about holding my man with the shoulder,walk down the street and making everyone envy our happiness. I hope I didn't make you sleep with my dreams on true light. I will be waiting for your note impatiently. Thinking about you,
Letter 2
Hello,dear Jouko, Thank you for your warm letter. I was very pleased to get it. I think that the most important thing in relations is honesty and sincere feelings. Well,that's hard to start something,specially new relations. I'll try to make it by steps. The first one is my name: My name is Tanya Danilova. I was born on April,16 and I went 30 this year. I want to tell you,that I really believe, that age is not so important in love. I believe,there are no any obstacles on the way of two loving people:no time, no distance,no age. The next thing,maybe a little about my appearance: I'm 5,9 ,and 55 kg., light hair,light eyes of a cat,I wasn't married,that's why I want to find my beloved. I want to tell you a little about my home,I was born in Ukraine and live here still for 30 years,in city Lugansk. I'm also an outdoors person,but I'm sure that everyone has in the life such moment,in which he wants to stay along,to think about something,to dream,but how it is great to dream together...?! A little about my interests: I like music,may be except rap and heavy metal..some of my favorite groups are:Aha,Roxette, Depeche Mode,some works of Moby,may be Sting and few others. I adore reading books. Specially about people's behavior. Well,I think this is enough for now,hope you are not bored. Hoping to hear from you soon, Tanya.
Letter 3
Darling, Jouko,hello, I was glad to receive your letter again so soon. You know that they use to bring you to me by pieces,and may be once I'll have all parts of you. I want to tell you few things: about my family,I must say that I live with my father and mother,we are a very friendly family,and we surely have quarrels sometimes but the reasons of our quarrels are always trifles. I have no brothers or sisters,but I have cousins. I work as a manager in the firm dealing with the cosmetics. I like my job. As all girls I prefer romantic melodramas with happy ends,and my favorite movie is "The French Kiss",have you seen it? Food...I like French one Chinese and Italian. And I'm crazy about apples...... It's very interesting for me to know something new about your country,about your traditions, about your national dishes,would you be so kind and tell me all this? Do you like verse and if you do,what verse you do? Do you write yourself?Have you ever tried to do it? Do you like going out or are you a home person? What do you usually do during weekends when it's raining all day long? As for me,I like to meet with my friends. Honey,I want to hear from you soon, YOURS,Tanya.
Letter 4
Dear Jouko,morning, So, as far as we are getting to know each other better, I guess, it would be interesting for us to know about things we like and dislike. As for me, I am ordinary person and my likes are ordinary too. Morning sun, shining to my window makes me glad; birds, singing their songs. Bright rain in Spring, when I am ready to run under it. Sad rain in Autumn, when I like to sit near the window with a cup of hot tea, thinking about something or dreaming. I like to spend a time with my friends or with people which are pleasant to me. I like to make nice small surprises or holidays for my close people. I like animals a lot because they are sincere and never lie. They give all their love to the person they live with. I like to look at the baby who is trying to make his first step. I like the thought that one day somebody will call me " Mother " and I will love my baby and take care about him or her. I like to study and to get new things about everything. It's amazing to realize that world keeps so many mysteries and I can get to know about them. I like the sea. To sit near it and search colors of it, to listen to waves, to think how wonderful life is. I hate lie, I hate people who are cruel. I hate wars because of many innocent people who die without any reasons. I hate to be disappointed with somebody. It hurts me much. Well, it is almost all, in general. What about you? Would you tell me? Think of you,Tanya.
Letter 5
Dear Jouko,hello, Thank you for your lovely sincere letter. All of them support me very much, they charge me with good, light energy. You know, sometimes I ask myself why I went this unusual way to find my second half. Now I seem to understand it. In this world we play our roles, sometimes we try to be or seem that kind of person other people expect us to be. A man should be strong, self-confident and reserved. But deeply inside your heart there is a part that needs warmth, tenderness and care. I do want to be a woman who you can tell what you worry about, your needs and wishes. I'm so happy that I can feel open and trusting with you, write about my feelings and thoughts. Being able to trust your partner, feeling that spiritual closeness is the most important thing in relationships. If you ask somebody to tell frankly what he or she values in people (especially a person to be close to), I think, everybody would answer: honesty, kindness, sincerity, all the features that allow you to trust this person. Everybody needs to be loved, so why those misunderstanding happen so often? I think, it's not because people are mean or something, they just can't find the way of communicating, understanding each other. Dear , I'm happy that we've found our way. What an incredibly lucky woman am I to have you in my life! This rainy morning seems bright and shiny for me, you know why? Because the sun is inside my heart. Sometimes I imagine us having a romantic dinner with candles lit, beautiful soft music comes straight into your soul, and your warm sincere smile fills my heart with tenderness. I love warm summer nights near the sea side, when the pale moon watches from the height and seems to understand all the romantic lovers. We are sitting in the cafe on the beach, roar of the surf, shiny stars twinkling in the darkness make the ambience of incredible relaxation. We are looking into each other's eyes , just you and me…and nothing else matter. I like to share my dreams with you, maybe some day they will come true. If you want to make me happy, write to me again as soon as you can, my dear. KISS YOU<>MISS YOU,TANYA.
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