Romance scam letter(s) from Tatiana Danilova to Will (UK)
Letter 1
Hello, Thank you for writing me back. If you think, that it is easy to write an answer to a man, you've never see before,then you are greatly mistaken. It is not. You always try to write the best you can,so that your letter was really unforgivable,noticed among thousands of the same lines. If you are still with me,I will try to tell you something about myself. If I was asked to describe myself in three words,I would say I'm a kind,creating and thoughtful girl with sense of humor.( Oops,I mentioned four items,please,do not think I'm boasting.) Taking a deeper look at me,I would say,I'm a slender(my height is 168,weight 55kg),good- looking girl with green Diamonds of Mystery. As you may guess, I had some bad experiences in communication with man,so I'm looking for a real guy,who can trust,respect and love me. I think this is not a portrait of a prince, because I'm not looking for a price,but for a real person to love. Going ahead inside of me...I like music,I think it helps to relax or to fill yourself with energy,depending on a situation. I like nearly all types of music,the main thing is that it was well played. I also like sports and going out. I dream about holding my man with the shoulder,walk down the street and making everyone envy our happiness. I hope I didn't make you sleep with my dreams on true light. I will be waiting for your note impatiently. Thinking about you,
Letter 2
Hello,dear Will,
How are you? I am ok.
Thank you very much for your warm letter and your true interest in me.
I think that the most important thing in relations is honesty and sincere feelings.
Well,that's hard to start something,specially new relations.
I'll try to make it by steps. The first one is my name:
My name is Tanya Danilova, I have never been married, I don't have boyfriend.
I was born on December, 17 and I went 32 this year. I want to tell you,that I really believe, that age is not so important in love. I believe,there are no any obstacles on the way of two loving people:no time, no distance,no age.
The next thing,maybe a little about my appearance:
I'm 5,6 ,and 55 kg., light hair,light eyes of a cat,I wasn't married,that's why I want to find my beloved.
I want to tell you a little about my home,I was born in Ukraine and live here still for 32 years,in city Lugansk.
I'm also an outdoors person,but I'm sure that everyone has in the life such moment,in which he wants to stay along,to think about something,to dream,but how it is great to dream together...?!
I am looking for a man to be my one and only love of a lifetime.
I have waited to marry because I wanted that one man upon whom my heart could rest and be content for eternity. My heart reaches out, hoping to find that connection that will feed it and give it warmth and health and energy to sustain it and me - to find that happiness that can only lead to a life of two soulmates truly merged, complete, and fulfilled for the first times in their lives. I am looking for a companion who shares all of his soul with me alone, and who I trust so much that I also divulge all of my most private secrets to. I'm looking for a man whom I could take care of in any unfortunate times and share in the glory of the good times.
I am hoping for such a man. Could this be you? I think yes.
All we have to is to find this out so let's know each other better.
I think we can do a lot of good together. But I am not only looking for a person, I live my life and try to make it full of joy and little pleasures. It is pleasure for me to go to the institute and to get knowledge, it is pleasure for me to go with friends to the gym and to play there volleyball or tennis. I can't help living without sports! They give such energy and I feel better when I had a hard game, though exhausted to the end, but so much excitement! I like swimming very much, though i do it mostly in summer when we go to the river, and have much fun together, but I am lonely then, though I am not alone, I am with my friends, but I lack some special person, with whom I want to share all the pleasures of my life, cause all the joys shared, double pleasure from them.
I am hoping for my only and ever half ....
About my family,I must say that I live with my father and mother in two-roomed flat,we are a very friendly family,and we surely have quarrels sometimes but the reasons of our quarrels are always trifles. I have no brothers or sisters,but I have cousins.
I work as a manager in the firm dealing with the cosmetics. I like my job.
My favorite season is spring.
My favorite flower is rose.
My favorite color is blue.
A little about my interests:
I like music,may be except rap and heavy metal..some of my favorite groups are:Aha,Roxette, Depeche Mode,some works of Moby,may be Sting and few others.
I like to play tennis and volleyball.
I adore reading books. Specially about people's behavior...
I learnt English at school, I can speak it well but it is difficult for me to write English words that's why I have to use the help of the translator but I hope you won't stop writing me because of this, I am very interested in you and don't want to lose you.
Well,I think this is enough for now,hope you are not bored.
Hoping to hear from you soon,
waiting for more of your photos,
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