Letter(s) from Karia Fay to Brad (Canada)

Letter 1

Do everything without complaining or arguing, so that you may become blameless and pure, children of God without fault in a crooked and depraved generation, in which you shine like stars in the universe as you hold out the word of life...
Philippians 2:14-16a

Hello Brad,
Greetings to you in the matchless name of christ our good lord and saviour.it was with great pleasure reading from you today.any way i just wanted to be the first person to say good morning to you.please i'm sorry for the delayance to reply your mail.but i don't like your mail you sent to me.you know i also have things to do and this place is not like Europe and America with good connection or communication.please yesterday the connections were very slow,that was why i diidn't reply your mail.once more thanks for your pics,they are very nice and you are a very handsome guy.please i will really like to know more about you.wut you like and wut you dislike.your hobbies.wut you do on your spare time.well like i told you i'm as open as a book and you are free to ask wut ever you wish to know a bout me.i think i got to go and i will be hoping to read again from you.please i was thinking if you've got a yahoo messenger so that we can meet online to have some fun and you know that is going to help us get to know each other better.
with love to you as always in christ

Letter 2

Hello Brad,

Greetings to you today in the mighty name of christ our good lord and saviour.it was with great pleasure reading such a lengthly mail from you.please i just want to say thank you for the mail and i will also pray to our good lord to always provide you strength to continue ,mailing me.well that was more than enough for me to read.please thanks for tellingf me more about you.so i now have your messenger adress,so we need to put a date and time for our discusion.you know meeting online is really going to make us get to know each other better.any way i just wanted you to put me into your prayers since i will be going to the canadian embassy for the approval of my papers on monday.well i will add you to my messenger and you will accept at your end so that we can chat.please if you are on the eastern time zone,i think i will be six hours ahead of you and the west ,i will be about 9 hours.please when are you always free?.well i got to go and i will be hoping to read from you again.

with love to you as always in christ


Letter 3

Dearest Brad,
Thanks for the lovely mail you sent to me.I am glad you are ready to let me know everything about yourself.We seem to have the same likes however.I am glad they way we are building this friendship.God will continue to bless us this our new friendship.He will be leading us on the right path.I know he has a very great plan for us that is the reason why he brough us together.God is good all the times.once more happy sunday and how are you preparing to go to church today?please when are you free so that we can meet online for a chat.

Good to know that i'm welcome at your place.I have never been in the canada before.But i have read so much about the opportunities one will explore there for a living.I have a good qualification that will fit the canadian job market.I will wish to exploit any decent opportunity over there for a living so that i will be able to reach out to the less fortunate in the future.I have had this desire to serve the LOrd through helping the street kids at the Ministry here in Cameroon.I am Glad God Has been blessing us with the strenght to look after these kids.Life in Cameroon is not the best.There is aabject poverty,little or no job.The unemployment rate is very high.I need to get out of here for other opportunities.Atleast God knows i have been doing much to the street ministry at the extend i could.

I used to have a distant cousin of mind who lived in the canada.She has been the person who has encouraged me to move to canada like i told you ealier.And for the last six months, i have been racing behind my papers for my visa application.God has been able to bless me with all the neccessary papers for my visa to be approved.But two things are pending;you know i told you that i was going to the embassy for the approval of my documents.

The embassy is needing me to show proof of an address where i will be living in the canada.you know i've never been to canada.so right now i don't know any body there.so please i think i will ned your help here.

Secondly, the embassy is needing me to show more proof of available funds on a travellers for my stay in the united states .These are the two things i am needing to show proof of for the embassy to be able to approve my visa.The embassy policy here stipulates 5000.00 CAD as the least amount to be carried on the travellers check to stand as a proof of funds.Brother, i hope you will be raising the prayers high for God to be able to bless me with my needs for my visa.God help me.please i was given 14days to proof this before i can be issued a visa.so i was given up till the 10th to proof this check.and all i have in hand as a travellers check is 2000.00CAD which means i'm still needing 3000.00CAD to complete my travellers check.well i think i have made you know all that is holding me now to get my visa.i got to go and i will be hoping to read again from you.please i will be online today waiting to chat with you.hope to me you online.
with much love to you as always in christ

Letter 4

Seek the LORD while he may be found; call on him while he is near. Let the wicked forsake his way and the evil man his thoughts. Let him turn to the LORD, and he will have mercy on him, and to our God, for he will freely pardon. "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways," declares the LORD. "As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts. Isaiah 55:6-9

Dear Brad,
Greetings to you once more in the mighty name of christ our good lord andd saviour.it was with great pleasure reading from you today.please i type a very long mail to you and when i was about clikcking on sent, there was power failure.ops i had to restart every thing again.please i'm sorry to hear tht you worked ever time yester and we missed each other.but i know the lord is going to provide another time so that we can meet to chat.please, since i don't know your work schedule,i will like you to fix another chating day and time so that we can really met online and have some fun.please i also want to se this mail as an opportunity to say thank you fro every thing you are about doing to me.please how would i ever pay you back.please i just pray that our good lord should continue to guide and protect you.please as concerning your questions,all i need as funds right now is 3000CAD since i already had 2000 here with me and the embassy is requiring 5000cad before the can issue mre a visa.please the money is to proof to them and collect me visa and not for my travelling expenses.please this money is going to be in my travellers check and we are going to catch the money as soon as i arrive canada and i will pay you back.this people at the embassy are just trying to reduce illegal immigrants.please i really need your help.please you know i've never been to canada so will also like you to send me the name of the nearest airport to your house and please if you are not going to mind i will also like you to do me a favour to come and collect me at the airport.please i wil be waiting for your contact adress so that i can use as one of theproofs at the embassy to optain my visa.please you are very nice to me.i don't know how to say thank you.

oh yeah i told my pastor about you and all you want to do to me,he said he will like to read from you and get to know you better.please he is a very nice man you are going to like him.here is his mail adress revmicheal45@yahoo.com. he told me about wiring informations.he said western union is the best means of doing transfer internationally.and that i will need you full contact adress to fill the form here with yor first and last names.so please here are the required informations

Please you are going to send the test question and the answer to me in a mail.please with the money transfer code number[MTCN].well please i gotto go and i will be hoping to read from you again.
with much love to you as always in christ