Scam letter(s) from Elena Shablakova to Wayne (USA)

Letter 1

I am Elena,blondy girl from Ukraine.
I am family-oriented,want to find my destined affinity,have kids,just to love and be loved.
It takes 3 seconds to say "I Love You" 3 minutes to explain it 3 hours to demonstrate it and 3 trimesters to produce it but it takes a lifetime to prove!
May be,let's try?
Please,write me back to the address:
Waiting for your speedy reply!

Letter 2

Hello my new friend,

Thanks a lot for your attention and for your letter.I was really very pleased to get it!

So,my dear,I would like to tell you more about myself and about my life.I'm Elena -a girl from Ukraine in Dnepropetrovsk,who is full of believes in the best features of people.I'm kind, tender and always try to follow my feelings.When I feel lost I listen to my heart,because it's my best adviser.
I am looking for a kind and understanding person.By my reckoning, a man must be strong
in charachter,easy-tempered and always be ready to provide for his family.
I like prudent people. I really believe that one day I'll find my destined affinity in YOU and I won't regret about it for all my life.
I am working as an assistent in the big supermarket.To tell you the truth,I don't enjoy my work
greatly,but I have to work.Since the childhood I dreamt to work as a veterinary,as I just adore
animals.But my dream is only a dream now....

As for my values and nature I am a Good listener and very understanding with calm caring big
heart. I have affectionate and romantic side I am very honest, respectful, caring, loyal, faithful, generous, thoughtful and loving... I am not an Angel but try to be :)). It is
hard I think to sum up what I am in a few words, trust is so important to me as well as
honesty. I have a romantic and loving nature. My personality is open and honest and I am
told I am fun to be with and care for others and not selfish.
My weight is 53,my height is 1.68.

You know I am not looking for the ideal man or a prince, I am looking for the man who can be
with me in joys and sorrows, i am not looking for the man who is rich, I am looking for the man with whom I can step by step make all our dreams come true and with whom we can help each other in achieving our goals, I want to be closer to the man who can be not only good guy and good lover, I want to see the soul mate in my man, I want him to be my friend, to be the man of my heart, to be my prince and to be my lover, I want him to be everyone for me. I don't care about the age, I care only about personality, I don't care about appearance, the beauty comes and goes but soul and heart is always with the man, I want him to be beautiful from inside. You can say that I amdescribing an ideal man but it is not true, I am describing the man with whom I want to build strong relationships,to whom i can always really one and be sure that he won't ever led me down.

May be my letter is becoming too long....
I must finish now.
Waiting for your next letter with impatience!
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