Scam letter(s) from Valentina to Del (England)

Letter 1

Hi! I am really happy that I have the possibility now to write you the first letter. It is always difficult to tell something about myself when you have so little knowledge about the person but the rigid information have awakened the interest in me anyway and I do want to become a friend to you or even something more who knows? I want to remind you that my name is Valentina (they say that my name is the variant for woman of the name of the famous priest who was uniting loving people even though it was forbidden so I do hope that I will also manage to find the love which will overcome all the difficulties. I should also say that my friends and relatives call me Valya and you can do the same if you want), I let you to choose and way to address me as it does not matter for me at all. I live in Ukraine, my city is called Lugansk and it is situated in the eastern part of Ukraine. My city is not very big but it is rather important industrial city and I am happy that I was born there as it is my native place. I think it is enough to tell you for the first time and I truly hope that we will get along with you. I want to know you as good as it is possible so you are welcome with any story about your life, please, write me on my e-mail.
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